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/Diversity of Aquatic Life Series

Anemones for Aquariums: use, husbandry

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By Bob Fenner


Yes, more than just an anemone system, full-blown reef set ups can incorporate several types of stinging-celled life, giant clams, compatible fishes. Bob James 375 gal. in Toronto, Canada at sixteen years set up
Anemones are beautiful
Decades, milennia... some folks have speculated that anemones may be immortal, only perishing from adverse environment, predation, a dearth of food
The vast majority of captive anemones perish within a few weeks of collection; mainly from the general sets of criteria above.
These are absolute yes/no decision making statements
Nor artificially dyed.
Ask prospective purchases to be fed in front of you, what you will be feeding.
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