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FAQs about Aquarium Decoration Accessories 

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Koi Pond Business - 8/14/03 Hello, <cheers> I'm seeking information regarding manufactures who build in ground plastic pond designs. I'm seeking to start a business in breeding, selling and landscaping ponds. <please be sure to navigate and read the many many pages and links we have on aquatic business starting from the home page www.wetwebmedia.com> I've been having trouble locating manufactures who build these plastic ponds (they produce many different styles). I'm also seeking information on manufactures that produce tanks to raise Koi fish. Any help would be appreciated. Anthony Hastings <your best one stop shop for this information would be a trade journal. Do seek a subscription to Pet Business or Pet Age/Pet Supplies marketing magazines. Also you might joint the industry organization PIJAC. These outlets will supply you with directories and indices of manufacturers and suppliers as well as announcements of the trade shows that you will need to start attending to get into the loop. Best of luck! Anthony>

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