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FAQs about the Coral, Shell Skeleton Business 

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Sea Shells Business    11/29/06 Dear Sir/Ma'am <Dave>    Good Day!!! <And to you>    I am Dave R. Aque from Davao City Philippines.  I am a seashells dealer here in our place especially rare and common seashells.  My shells is came from Balut island, Saranggani Province, Talicud Island Samal, Davao Gulf.  I have my own fishermen and I provide them a tangle nets, trawl and compressor   for their own use to catch and get the shells.  Anyway I got your name in surfing the net.  Actually I supply  most of the stranger base right now in Cebu like Guido Poppe, JP Barbiere  and also local dealers here in the Philippines like Eddie Pagobo, Vicente Dungog, Quirino Hora , Bondi Primacio and Mildred Montilla.  And also I supply outside the Philippines like France, I supply Shells Passion, in U.S.A I supply Marty Beals, Otto Bochert, Rick Negus, Carlos Estevez. Richard Goldberg, Robert Lipe etc.  In Germany I supply Wolfgang Fischer.  In Russia I supply  Sergey Igaev Vitalivich and Leonid Tromifov.  In japan I supply Nagata and junichi nagashima, in Belgium I supply Jo   Vanheesvelde, in Canada I supply Rose Mayhew, in Uruguay I supply Jorge Broggi,  in Italy I supply Domenico Natale,  in Switzerland I supply Rudolf Sigrist (Helveticus), in South Africa I supply Ivan Hartwell,in Portugal I supply Carlos Afonso.  You can asked them about my reputation and dignity.   If you are interested to go on business with me just email me it's a pleasure to me.    Keeping you in touch    Dave Aque    Blk 26 Lot 20 Elenita Hts. Subdivision,    Catalunan Grande, Davao City    Cell no. 09275679717/09154056779    Telephone number and fax number:  63-082-293-18-11    Note:  if you want to visit here in the Philippines please don't hesitate to email me. <Thank you for this. I/we are not in the specimen or consumer shell business, but I will post your message to friends in the trade who are. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Who are the top aquarium decoration manufacturers in the US?  - 09/14/06 Items such as sand, colored rock, someone that can make custom pieces from plastics, center pieces, etc? <Mmm, none in the U.S. as far as I'm aware... Blue Ribbon et al. are made in the Far East...> Where can I locate facts and figures on sales numbers in the aquatic decoration industry? <Not collated by anyone other than distributors I'd guess... and this info. likely treated as proprietary... If you're interested in fabrication, sales/distribution in the trade, I'm willing to grant you what little recent insight I have... some friends have in the last few years "duked it out" in the making of artificial corals... There may be room for another "player" if what you have in mind is "nice", unique... not too-expensive... Have you asked about re distribution as yet? This is often a very useful way of determining whether your product/s/line will "make it". Bob Fenner> Thanks for your help. Shelly Newman Re: Who are the top aquarium decoration manufacturers in the US?  9/15/06 Can you give me the insight you have on fabrication, sales and distribution. <Will try... what do you have in mind?> What I have in mind is indeed unique, nice and not too expensive.... Also, don't know anything about redistribution. Obviously a novice with an "idea" and looking to make it big in the American way....or hopefully just make a living. Thanks for all your help. Shelly Newman <Best to "shop around" with what you have... some local stores... even on consignment... See if what you have size, shape, color-wise is viable... will sell... place some in their systems, on their shelves... And (the cheapest route to go) the Net... develop (if you haven't done so already) a logo, name/tag... and some pix of what you have on offer, price for purchase, shipping... If/when all appears to be "sell-able", approach some of the independent rep.s in the trade (can be found in the back of pet industry publications) and if nearby, one or two distributors in the trade (make an appointment, presentation, following a call or two...) and get their take on what they might be willing to do. Bob Fenner> New Plastic Plant Business  7/9/06 Hello WWM Crew! I am a fish store owner and have recently been contacted by a company called "American Naturals".  The "owner" just walked into my store and began explaining about his business.  He said that he had been in business (family owned apparently) for over 35 years. < Been in business for over 35 years and this is the first you have heard of him.> Their business is strictly plastic plants for both freshwater and saltwater.  Their products have a base made up of a pebble style rock with a "secret" resin to hold it together.  According to the owner, the resin has not been patented because "they would have found it out a long time ago".  He doesn't deal in silk plants - he said the silk has only been around for 10 years but earlier told me that the silk plants were introduced, by his company, over 25 years ago. Just wondering if anyone has been contacted, or has been in business, with this company and what their reputation is.  He said that they don't deal with chain stores or large pet stores - just "mom and pop" style.  Their company is located in White Cloud, Michigan. Their products seem great, but I am afraid to try anything from a person coming off the street.  They are not listed in any pet supplies directory, and he says that they do a lot of business in Michigan and Florida.  I hate being skeptical, but I have to protect not only myself and my store, but my customers as well.  He seemed very vague on a lot of his answers to my questions.  Was hoping that someone has heard of them or has done business with them. Thanks so much! Wendy Legeret Wendy's Blue Lagoon www.wendysbluelagoon.com < It is not unusual for a small manufacturer to try and want to deal direct. The big distributors/warehouse people really beat these guys down on their prices. I have never heard of them either. If it was up to me I would ask for references from at least six other stores. I would ask if he was selling to any other stores that I would consider competition. If I liked the product then I would try a minimum order and ask him to contact me again by email in a month. Ask for samples. If he truly is producing these then they really should cost next to nothing. I would talk terms. If they are in it for the long haul then they should back their product and be willing to wait for their money. Never prepay for an order. Try some of the plants out in your store aquariums and see how they hold up and how they look underwater. Hard to believe a family could make a living on plastic plants but I guess it is possible.-Chuck> <<Readers note: Chuck Rambo is a serious collector of "olde aquarium junk"... has a large collection, seeks out on the Net... RMF>>

Coral skeleton source  I found your articles and letters very informative. I have not been in the business for over ten years.  I can see a lot has changed and am having trouble finding a good decorative (skeleton) coral source either in California or overseas.  Please let me know if you can suggest a good California source to start with and a good exporter for after I get rolling. Paul  <The best was/is the same. Tideline in Los Angeles. Do you have Marty Beals address, number there? I'm in HI currently and addy book is in S. Cal.. Bob Fenner>

Wholesale Shells and such in L.A.  he. hope you can help me........do you know of a wholesale shell dealer in the Los Angeles area?.........I need a fairly large quantity of possibly sand dollars and some other shells very fast. can't seem to find a local wholesaler...hope you can help////thanks, Shirley <Hmm, yes, the best in the world actually IME, Tideline... Dennis Mok, Marty Beals, the owners, are friends: 310-641-9106... call them first... Bob Fenner>

Re: Tideline by the way are they on ISIS St..........having a hard time with the phone # <Yes, 640 South Isis... But please don't "just drop in" unless you are in the trade... do give Robin, Marty, Dennis a call... say how you've become familiar with their business (through me) and ask if they'd be willing to sell you... It's a BIG, very impressive place... beautiful displays out front... Bob Fenner>

Re: Tideline hi bob. I am in the trade. <Umm, the pet-fish trade... Though you will likely be well-received.> professional designer. I have a resale.....and I need this for a job I am doing. I am not a retail customer....I hope they are open today....probably trying too early...thanks again for your in put <Do call, go by... you won't be disappointed. If there is a sticky point, have them call me (they have the number). Bob Fenner>

Re: Tideline Hi Bob, I went there. it is fantastic. told Tony you suggested them. they couldn't t be nicer.......have to go back again when I have more time. will certainly use them more. a million thanks.....Shirley <Ah, knew you would enjoy Tideline. Marty, Dennis and crew are real good folks and an asset to the trade. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>


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