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FAQs about Dry Goods in Business 

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New Products      3/11/17
Hello WWM Crew,
I am wondering if anyone at WWM has ever used or have heard of Aquaforest Products. My two LFS are pushing these products and I would like to get a non bias opinion before I try them. Any information would be appreciated.
Thanks for the wonderful service you provide to everyone.
<Think I responded to this last week. Yes to these Polish products. Are real; do work. Bob Fenner>

FYI: Important Vertex News, Please Read  3/17/11
Hi guys,
Effective immediately, Vertex will be extending an open invitation to all stores showcasing pictures, videos, or reviews of their Vertex products to have them uploaded on the Vertex website, as well as the Vertex Facebook page, for free advertising and links to their store's contact and website information.
Vertex will also have a separate section on their Facebook and Vertex website which will provide a list of links and contact information for all stores which 'like' the Vertex Facebook page. The link can be found HERE: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vertex-Aquaristik-GmbH/339077275866?sk=wall 
After you've clicked the 'like,' please forward your store's contact / website info to any of the page administrators so they can upload it as soon as possible.
Secondly, a comparison thread is now up on Reef Centrals, comparing the Illumilux, the ReefBrite Blue, and the CurrentUSA TrueLumen Pro. Check it out ASAP:
Last but not least, we will be receiving our Vertex restocking order the end of this month. We had a delay in receiving the shipment, so there will be heavy strain on our incoming supply. We're accepting orders now, and all backorders we receive will get top priority when the shipment arrives. Specifically, we'll be getting in fresh stock of the Vertex INs , the Rx4s and Rx6 Duos, the Universal Media Reactors, and the Biopellets. You won't be paying until the product ships, so please just let me know what you'd like us to set aside for you when it comes in.
Best regards,
Andrew Simon
Sales and Accounts
Proline Aquatics Inc.
phone: +877.682.3474 | fax: +604.279.1474
email: andrew@prolineaquatics.com 
<Will share/post on WWM. Bob Fenner>

Quality Aquarium Marine and Pond test strips at a very affordable price.  3/17/11
My name is Richard Perkins from Precision Test Solutions and we are a leading manufacturer of test strips and water analysis solutions.
Our company has been manufacturing and distributing test solutions since 1932 and our extensive range includes :
* Water quality tests, Aquarium Marine and Pond.
* Indicator papers
* Taste test papers
* pH test strips
* Sanitizing test strips
* Quick Response test strips
* Decomposition powder tests
We offer a quick, accurate and low cost test monitoring of various chemical solutions and our existing markets include:
* The Aquatics Industry, including, Swimming Pools and Spas, Water Authorities, Fish Hatcheries, Farms and the Pet Fish Industry.
* Health, Science and the Food Manufacture / Processing /Preparation Industry, including, Restaurants and the Fast Food Industry.
* Associated fields of Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry, including, Universities / Schools and Research & Development Laboratories.
We use a unique tub that allows easy access to the strips via a flip top lid and each tub has the desiccant embedded into the tub ensuring the strips remain in perfect condition.
Our high quality colour charts are printed on water and chemical resistant labels which ensure easy reading giving optimum results.
From our manufacturing facility we are able to offer rapid delivery of our strips and for bulk orders we can offer an own branding service.
Please note, that as a distributor you qualify for 50% off the list price.
Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon
Best Regards
Richard Perkins
T: 01604 686250
F:01604 697035
<We don't sell/distribute test gear, but will post your offer on WWM's business SubWeb. Bob Fenner>

new aquariums   9/23/10
Dear Sir or Madam,
We have learned your company from the internet, that you are in the market of aquarium products. We would like to take this opportunity to enter into business relationship with you.
<Mmm, we're a media co.... Don't sell, distribute other lines, goods>
Our company is one of the biggest manufactures of aquarium tanks in China. We professional produce REDSUN brand aquarium: cabinet aquarium, wall aquarium, table aquarium, painting aquarium, mini aquarium, filter, light, pump and so on. We specialized in this line for more than ten years, and have a good variety of color and sizes to meet different needs. With the excellent quality and reasonable price. we enjoyed a good reputation in the world market.
Enclosed is the latest catalogue and pricelist of our products for your reference. And you're also welcome to visit to our website:www.chinam-dream.com.
If any of the items be of interest to you, please let us know. We hope to promote our future cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit and common development.
If have any question please don't hesitate to contact us through Tel:086-571-86631132 or Fax:086-571-86631139 or E-mail:info@chinam-dream.com
We are looking forward to your favorable replay.
Yours faithfully,
Sales department
<Will post your listing on our Business Subweb. Bob Fenner>
Company: Haining Redsun Aquarium CO., LTD .
Hangzhou M-dream Import & Export CO., LTD .
Website: www.chinam-dream.com  
Thanks a lot   9/25/10

Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you for your E-mail and sorry for the mistake. We are a manufacture and exporter of the aquarium products. If you have some friends or companies in the same line of our company, your kindly introduce will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
Best wishes for you and your esteemed company.
<Will accrue/post. BobF>
company: Haining Redsun Aquarium CO., LTD .
Hangzhou M-dream Import & Export CO., LTD .
Website: www.chinam-dream.com

Just a quick question, Re: Neat tees for sale, distribution    8/3/09
To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Vanessa from JSR Merchandising. I'm just doing a quick follow up to see if you have received the original email promoting our shark, dolphin and orca designs and if you would be interested in selling them for your shop. If you did not receive it, let me know and I'll resend it for you! :-)
Thank You & Take Care,
Vanessa N. Moylan - Sales & Marketing
JSR Merchandising
1 Washington St.
Dover, N.H. 03820
Phone: 603.742.4377 Ext. 224
Email: sales2@jsrdirect.com <blocked::mailto:sales2@jsrdirect.com>
Fax: 603.742.4707
http://www.jsrdirect.com <blocked::http://www.jsrdirect.com>
<Yes... rec'd and posted... BobF>

Petsmart selling non-aquatic plants?  5/26/08 BOB - I used to get "regular" plants at Petsmart with no problems. Out of USA for six months, now back - setting up again. <Always an adventure> Saw your previous feedback on the Petsmart "tube system" for selling plants (as of 2006 I believe) as being OK in Europe for years. Well - that might have been OK in 2006, but... <Am out in Germany, now... at the end of the industry's largest trade show (Interzoo)... and such plants are not sold from Europe (and Tropica, the innovator is still going strong... even having moved last year), but the tube system plants are still about in the US> Just for fun got several at Petsmart I didn't recognize. Went to web for info before planting as there is no information at all on the tubes. It turns out that several I cannot even find using Latin or common names, but on various websites there seems to be significant concern with Petsmart selling terrestrials as aquarium plants - Kyoto Grass Plants (Ophiopogon Japonica) as one of several examples. Umbrella Plant (Spatyphillum Wallisii) as another. Actually I saw NO tube plants that I could even recognize except for an Amazon Sword. I just assumed a Google search or an Aquarium Plants search would turn up appropriate info that the TOPFIN company had been to lazy to supply and Petsmart couldn't bother to detail. Now I suspect I know why - they are not "normal" aquarium plants at all, or at least not for the average hobbyist. This is bizarre... <Mmm, the mass merchandisers do change their assortments... too often... and most all of their buyers are decidedly NOT very aware aquarists> The tube system seems excellent in concept and I don't object to that, but selling unusual plants with no supplied recommendations from either TOPFIN or Petsmart is BAD, then finding out that most seem to be not suitable for aquarium use is even WORSE. Comments? <Cave canem... no, wait... not beware of the dog, but let the buyer beware... too many folks, big stores and independents, selling non aquatic plants... for submersed use. Bob Fenner> 

Refractometer, aquarium equipment, PH meter   9/26/06 Dear Sir,              How are you! You are known from the internet. I'm sorry for disturbing you. with this opportunity, I'd like to introduce our company and our products: We are professional manufacturer for various industry instruments and meters. Our main product include Hand Help Refractometer and Aquarium equipment and PH meter etc.    For further information, pls visit our website: http://www.china-meter.com.cn We should be grateful for your trial order, I'll offer you the lowest prices. We assure you of our best services at all times. Our quality is very good! Thank you very much and looking forward to your early reply!                    Best Rgds! Yabin Chen General manager Yabin (china) instruments co., ltd Tel:0086-769-21339290   13669877749   Fax:0086-769-22508409 website: http://www.china-meter.com.cn e-mail: sales@china-meter.com.cn       Address: Ste.1302,Youhe Mansion,No.1 Hongshan West Road, Dongguan 523012,China <Will post. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Supplying the refractometer  - 09/14/06 Dear Sir/Madam, we are manufacture and export all kinds of optical instrument, such as refractometer, microscope, photoelectric colorimeter, telescope, gem tools, ects. Please go to see our URL, www.newera-optical.com. Should you require further information on our products or services, please send email us. We will make prompt reply. <Will post your URL, offering. Bob Fenner> Best wishes, Norna WU Hunan New Era Industrial Trade Imp. And Exp.Co., Ltd. 417 Bayi Road, Changsha, Hunan, China Tel: 86-731-2252760 Fax: 86-731-2250570 E-mail: james_dai@hneco.com URL: www.newera-optical.com msn:nornaruyi_wu@hotmail.com

Wholesale Acrylic Tanks in North Carolina?   8/2/06 Hi guys, <<Logan>> I'm a long time reader of your site and I finally have a question for you that I can't find in the FAQ's. <<Alrighty>> I own a LFS in Salisbury NC and am looking for a good wholesaler of acrylic tanks, preferably in our region.  Any recommendations? <<Mmm, not off-hand.  I am in Columbia SC and the stores here have "custom" shops in Georgia provide their acrylic tanks "by special order".  I don't think any of them "carry" acrylic tanks as routine but for the smaller "nano" tanks, if even then>> Neither of my dry-goods wholesalers carry large acrylic tanks (anything over 20gl) and I need someone willing to work with a small outfit like mine.  I just can't afford 20-30 large tanks, let alone have space to store them. <<Yes, I can see where that would be a problem.  Have you considered a custom fabricator? ...would this fill your need?>> I'm looking for some decent sized ones, but not overwhelming, say 50-250gl range.  Any leads on a wholesaler that would allow us to purchase say 2-6 tanks a month? <<They're not in your region, and this may be a path it sounds like you've already pursued, but have you tried contacting Tenecor in Phoenix AZ to see if you can become a dealer for their acrylic tanks?  Or maybe even just "sell" to you wholesale?>> Also, anyone asking me for the past 4 years about where to go for online info I've directed to this site, you guys are the best. <<Thank you for the kind words>> Thanx muchachos! E. Logan Bentley <<Logan, I'll likely see one of the LFS owners here in the next couple days and I can ask if they know of a wholesaler in your area who will work with small operations.  If you're interested, just send back a reply to this email letting me know and I'll get back to you this weekend.  Regards, Eric Russell>>

LFS, books - 2/4/2006 Thanks for your advice Bob; we really appreciate it. Next time I see my LFS manager, I'll ask him why they don't have your book! <Thank you. Most shops don't carry any to many books... a shame. BobF> Aqua C in the UK Morning Crew, <Henry> Quick question, I want to change my skimmer from a Red Sea to an Aqua C based on the poor performance of the Red Sea and the good reviews/info on this site regarding Aqua C Products. I live in the UK and can't find a UK distributor of Aqua C products, I have mailed Aqua C themselves a few times but got no response. I'll even settle for ordering online. Any clues as to a UK distributor of Aqua C products? Thanks John <I don't... but have cc'ed a friend at TMC re (Jayne, please forward this message to Paul West if you would), and Jason Kim (owner and manager of AquaC) in the hopes of not only a solution directly, but the urging of a liaison between their businesses. Bob Fenner>

Activated carbon Hi, <Gary> I distribute bulk quantities of activated carbon for industrial applications and am looking into distributing a line of activated carbon for aquarium applications. I would like to sell bulk quantities of 20 lbs minimum to 100++ lbs per order. <I'll bet you would> If I go ahead with selling activated carbon for aquarium applications, would you like me to notify you of my ebay auctions? <Nope> So that I can best serve the market, I would appreciate any information that you may be able to provide on the questions below. - Do you sell activated carbon? - Do you use activated carbon? - Who do you purchase from? - How much do you purchase per year? - What brand/type/specification is the carbon? - What size packages do you sell or use? - Do you or would you repackage carbon for sale to your customers? - Do you provide service/maintenance programs to aquarium owners? - Can you refer me to any other companies that might have the need for activated carbon in bulk quantities? I appreciate your help. Regards, Gary Robinson <Gary, we don't sell activated carbon, but many of the folks who peruse our site (about 14k per day) do. If you have a site/URL, do send this along... if you offer activated carbon of use to marine and freshwater aquarist use. Bob Fenner>

Start to business Dear sir, <Hello there> I have a general trading company in Dubai and we are active on aquarium accessories wholesaling and we worked with lots of Chinese factories before now please send me some information about your products to me as soon as possible yours sincerely A. Alikhani <Thank you for your inquiry. We only sell/distribute the aquarium books we publish. You can see these on ReadingTrees(.com). Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia>

Koi Pond Business - 8/14/03 Hello, <cheers> I'm seeking information regarding manufactures who build in ground plastic pond designs. I'm seeking to start a business in breeding, selling and landscaping ponds. <please be sure to navigate and read the many many pages and links we have on aquatic business starting from the home page www.wetwebmedia.com> I've been having trouble locating manufactures who build these plastic ponds (they produce many different styles). I'm also seeking information on manufactures that produce tanks to raise Koi fish. Any help would be appreciated. Anthony Hastings <your best one stop shop for this information would be a trade journal. Do seek a subscription to Pet Business or Pet Age/Pet Supplies marketing magazines. Also you might joint the industry organization PIJAC. These outlets will supply you with directories and indices of manufacturers and suppliers as well as announcements of the trade shows that you will need to start attending to get into the loop. Best of luck! Anthony>

Aquarium Heaters for sale (6/03) I contract with the Property & Casualty Insurance  industry.  Recently we had a clean water event during shipping and the result was as described below. So now I have the following for sale. Hagen Aquarium Heaters  A760, 50 watt -   3,136 each "            "            "            A761, 100 watt - 1,105 each "            "            "                    A762, 150 watt -    936 each   "           "            "            A763, 200 watt - 3,167 each Hagen or Askoll Repti Flo 250 Air pump 4.5 watt -        792 each The original masters were 24 count.  The heaters have been re-boxed due to the water exposure.  Most are still boxed as 24 count.  Photos are enclosed. Let me know your interest. If you could forward this email to someone you may know who might be in a position to buy this entire inventory I would appreciate it. I do not have the resources to deal with this in anything other than a one price takes all offer as I have many other recoveries to deal with. The inventory will be sold on a best offer basis and sold as is where is. <Will post your for sales on WetWebMedia.com and send it around to friends, associates in the trade. Bob Fenner> Thanks Bruce Grosso www.AssetRecovery.Net 67 County Rd. 274 Iuka, MS 38852 662-423-1886 Ph. 662-424-0202 Fx bgrosso@AssetRecovery.Net Equipment Recovery Specialists

Ken & Carl with ECO-Aqualizer Dear Bob, Thanks for the quick reply. Hope the 22 hour drive to Cali wasn't too bad.  <Actually a bit longer... another roadside repair, sigh...> Once again I (Ken) am happy that we had a chance to meet. We are currently preparing ourselves for whatever may come next in this "adventure" of ours.  <How exciting!> We have been talking with Tullio Dell Aquila and he is interested in manufacturing our product and helping us establish contracts with distributors, he supposedly has connections with (Dr. Fosters/Smith and Royal). However I'm not sure we want to be locked into dealing with his distributors this early in the game. <Actually... very prudent to start making all important contacts... including with your bank, lending association. Do ask about re who pays on time...> Also we recently discovered that he is closely associated with Mark Weiss and question whether or not we want to be tied with his "prune juice".  <You're wise here> As snaky as Tullio is it is a tempting offer to be so quickly and easily set up with national distributors, if he is all that and a bag of chips. <Well put. Again, I don't know him or his co. at all.> Well we will be talking to you soon. Once again thanks for your support. <Glad to help. Bob Fenner> Regards, Ken & Carl

Ken & Carl with ECO-Aqualizer Dear Bob, Just wanted to say it was an honor to meet you at the MACNA convention. We had a great time and enjoyed all aspects of the enthusiasm with all the hobbyists. It was a very good learning experience for our new company. <Indeed. A pleasure> We were especially delighted that you found the ECO-Aqualizer an interesting and exciting concept. With our 3 years of research and 1.5 years of testing we have found very quantifiable results and feel very confident that we are onto to something. But being new to the business aspect of the hobby instead of just obsessive hobbyists, we are very concerned about doing business the right way and not getting screwed over with our marketing and distribution channels. <You are right to be concerned here... the pet-fish industry is "a bit strange" in what works promotion-wise> I guess we are writing to ask if you would like to be our MENTOR. We were both very impressed with your realism and your knowledge with the overall industry. Your website is incredibly informative and we hope that you can help lead us into the right direction. <I will gladly help you in what ways I can, may> At the convention, we were able to make a lot of contacts, and many experts like Prof. Yehuda, Eric Borneman, and Prof. Sanjay Joshi, and his colleagues are currently testing our product to obtain objective results.  <Good choices> Many others are also in this process. But honestly, we were hit up hard by a few manufacturers/distributors and feel that your expert advice would be one that we would most welcome. We hope to establish a good rapport with yourself and most definitely would love to take you up on a dive expedition in the future. <Okay on all counts> I don't want to make this a long and boring email, so in ending, I would love to hear back from you at your convenience. I can be reached at 713-780-4045 or 713-412-4494 or info@ecoaqualizer.com <Please feel free to contact me at your leisure. The Net is best, but calls are okay as well> Best Regards and Happy Diving, Carl Denzer ECO-Aqualizer <Thank you my friend/s. Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Re: Cool Corals Products: Reef Secure Trial Follow up.. Hey Bob, Just checking in with you again to see if you or Maurice have had a chance to test out our product or if you needed any more.  <Will check with Maurice re. Sorry for the ongoing delay. Will cc your message here to Anthony Calfo, friend and coral culturist/writer to see if he has time, interest> We have the advertisement placed in FAMA now and should be in the JULY issue. <Mmm, not the best time of year... do extend the listing for another couple of months> We have lots of distributors and stores now carrying this product. We are having a tremendous response and everyone thinks this is a great product. I am looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are on this too. Thanks again for taking the time to test our product. PS-We will soon be releasing our next products to the market and we will be sure to inform you of those ASAP. <Real good. Chat with you soon. Bob Fenner> Dear Bob, This is Brad Kretzmeier, with Cool Corals Products. We have recently contacted you regarding a new mineral supplement we had released. <Yes, thank you Brad. Did receive, read over the materials... Sorry to have not responded as of yet, and have not tried the product. Am going to be away for quite a bit so am entrusting a close friend, Maurice Bullock who is in the trade, and the prez of the local marine hobby grp... point is he is honest, competent and has "tested" products in the past> I believe that you should have the information, pricing, and a sample by now. I am just following up to see if you have any further questions or information you might require. Also, a quick check to see what your thoughts are on the product at this point. Thank you for taking the time to test out our new product. I should be chatting on your site soon, we have been busy with a few new items for the industry that have been keeping us tied up. Hope to see you there. Thanks, Brad Kretzmeier Cool Corals Products 800 Main Street Lafayette, IN 47901 765-742-2936 coolcorals@aol.com <Thank you Brad. Please do keep me on the "tickler file"... am off for a few weeks diving. But will give you a small report when have some input. Bob Fenner>

Aquarium Stands Hello again, Just wondering what your recommendation was as to the best solid wood ( i.e., poplar, oak, etc.) stand and canopy product line for aquariums. The All Glass Modern Series is nice, but you cannot mount a retrofit lighting kit in their hood, so they aren't going to cut it. What's your suggestion? makes a nice line of stand and canopies. You may get some good ideas from looking at their models.> Thanks, Ben

Aquarium Stands Follow-up Steven, Actually, I was asking in reference to commercially made stands. I'm asking for a pet store that needs a new stand maker. Do cabinetry shops usually do this kind of work? Thanks again, Ben <I do not think my entire message was sent last time. Here it is cut and pasted from the daily file: Aquarium Stands Hello again, Just wondering what your recommendation was as to the best solid wood ( i.e., poplar, oak, etc.) stand and canopy product line for aquariums. <Popular is good for painting. Oak and Maple take stain well.> The All Glass Modern Series is nice, but you cannot mount a retrofit lighting kit in their hood, so they aren't going to cut it. What's your suggestion? <I would look at DIY sites such as http://www.ozreef.org/ Also, Oceanic makes a nice line of stand and canopies. You may get some good ideas from looking at their models.> Thanks, Ben <You are welcome. -Steven Pro> <Today's Reply> <I would look at the Oceanic models, but more importantly will be want the store's wholesalers carry. Custom stands can be very nice. Check out kitchen cabinet makers in your area. -Steven Pro>

sorry that I missed you (in Australia), and Commercial Aquarium set-up Sorry that I missed you. Too bad, it was a good opportunity for me. <"Next time" for both of us Mike> Do you know anyone that makes 20-100 gallon aquariums that I could contact to ask a few questions about how a commercial shop is set up? I am not as interested in the large custom ones now. <Mmm, actually only know of myself at this time... or Anthony, Steve at WWM. Fire away with your questions.> Thanks for your help and time. Mike <Chat with you soon. Bob Fenner>

RE: Fresh Nori We would be interested in US distribution of their products. I would like to here about their new products. <Then please respond directly to the company re their offer. Bob F> Thank you,

RE: Fresh Nori I have emailed them. Thanks for the economic link. <Many more to come. Bob F> Todd

Missing Eheim parts, other troubles with the new tanks... Todd, Daniel, very surprising from Eheim... but one of the two new Eheim Specialty Aquarium hood units has the same extrusion piece for the back panel as the front... very easy to see the dissimilarity in the piece/match with the front on the other tank top... And in the same mis-matched box was a power screwdriver(!) from Germany... still working... Todd.G took it with him. Will ask him to forward it to you... Any identifying marks, serials on the gear I should fwd. as well?  There were two packages (inserts) also missing from the one "bad" hood box versus the "good" (complete one). The six (23, 25mm) screws and a packet with green "U" tubes, other black/grey parts... Will ask Todd if it makes more sense to just switch the one complete hood box with parts (hopefully) for the one delivered last night. Also, on your site: http://www.eheim.com/, "Beachwood" s/b "beechwood" no doubt.  Per your rep.s visiting S. Calif. the first two weeks of February, have them contact me (858-549-4948) in advance and I'll gladly aid them in developing a visit strategy or take them about w/ or w/o Todd.Gs crew Be chatting, seeing you. Bob Fenner>

Eheims offer on their tank divider set-ups Todder... are you familiar with the above? Daniel.S said their pro III filter is currently included with the art-deco product... if the cost for the delivered units is close to the room-divider with the filter, would like to consider trading them. Bob F

Euro Reef 6-1 skimmer (e auction purchase... suspicious) I wanted to get your opinion on something. I made a bid on E-Bay for a EuroReef skimmer. The seller claims to own a video store and to be a hobbyist that decided to try and run a saltwater specialty shop, too. He got over his head (who would have thought it!) and needs to clear out the inventory. He has made me an offer to take 25 EuroReef CS 6-1 skimmers off of his hands. <What? Very suspicious... would check with Jeff and dad re this person... not likely there is such a standing inventory anywhere like this... sounds too likely like a scam to me> My hesitation is in the price. It sounds to good to be true, $XXXX each which includes shipping. I checked out his user profile on E-Bay. He has 82 positive responses from 64 unique users with no neutral or negative responses. Most sales are for video stuff, but I did see some aquarium related gear. He has a lot of sales of bulk aquarium items now, so it seems his liquidation story checks out. Basically, I am looking for other angles to double check. <Contact Euro-Reef: http://www.euro-reef.com/ (their site wouldn't come up... or else I'd be cc'ing Jeff> I want an invoice with business name, address, phone, and owner's name spelling out exactly what I am purchasing before I would send him my credit card information.  <Smart... don't do anything till you check with the manufacturer> I am also going to check with American Express as to what kind of protection I have with them. Do you have any contact info for EuroReef?  <Yes> Your link does not work.  <I noticed... let's see, where is their ad in FAMA? Argghhh, it's the same URL!> I was thinking of contacting them and asking if they ever heard of this guy. He claims to buy direct from them, so someone there should recognize him. Below is all of the correspondence to date. Thank You, Steven Pro P.S. You may not want to post this on your FAQ's as exact prices are involved or block them out somehow. <Will do so... and not so. Be chatting. Bob F>

Quinaldine 1/12/2001 Dear Sir, This has reference to the subject product, we would like to introduce ourselves as Manufacturer of the same in India. While going through the web we came across your site & found that Quinaldine is used for Anesthesia of Fish. <Mmm, for treatment as an anti-protozoal> We would like to have your help in the matter & would be highly obliged if you can provide us with the Name & Address of the manufacturers using this product for making the end product. We look forward to your earliest reply. Thanks & Regards Rupesh Kamdar R.K.Impex Office Address : 10/14, Garibdas Street, Ramesh Chambers, 2nd floor, Room no.11, Masjid, Mumbai 400 003 INDIA Telefax : 91 22 3429806 Tel : 91 22 3425910 <I will send your note about to friends/associates in the trade that may be interested, and post on our principal site, www.WetWebMedia.com Bob Fenner>

Re: Commercial fish food production, sales, distribution... Bob I was talking to this ex colleague of mine about harvesting the algae from the Dolphin Lagoon and local waters and turning them into some sort of fish food like the Tetra flakes that sell so well in Singapore. The EDB has this scheme whereby they will co invest in start ups together with third party investors. I hope you got the link that I sent you earlier to update you on this grant. For a start we are hoping to sell it in the local market first. After all Singapore produces about 30% of the world's supply of fresh water tropical fishes at last count. <The fish food industry is very crowded Perry... it will take you years to turn a profit... but it can be done> This is a knowledge intensive business and the EDB would look upon it favourably. My brother reckoned that getting the funds should not be the difficult part. Turning raw products into something that can sell is the challenge. He tried and failed -trying to sell waste and leftover tapioca products from his tapioca chip processing farm to Malaysian pig farmers. He thinks that it will not be easy to fight someone as big as Tetra. Remember Netscape versus Microsoft? <Yes... they're not in the fish food biz> My friend Jason thinks that we need someone with extensive knowledge of the trade to win the EDB technocrats over. You are the only one I know who fits the bill. <Mmm, well, actually I can direct you to folks who know the field> By the way can any sort of Algae be processed into fish food? <No... only certain species raised properly have nutritional merit> The algae that I see in Singapore resembles long thick strands of hair. Do you have any idea about the manufacturing process involved in turning raw algae into something palatable for our beloved tropical fishes? <Please have a local college lab do a work up... the species, caloric (bomb calorimetry is fine), nutritional content... Bob Fenner> Perry

chemicals Dear Sir, Glad to know you through trade bulletin. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading company of sodium alginate and mannitol. For over 30 years, we have been the biggest manufacturer of sodium alginate and mannitol and other seaweed products in China, enjoying a good reputation as a regular supplier to the leading factories and dealers in China. Annual output of sodium alginate 5000 tons, mannitol 2000tons,iodine 100 tons, seaweed powder 800 tons. We are being ISO9002 certified. The products are exported to USA, EC, South Korea and India etc. over 30 countries. We also can provide seaweed fertilizer/powder, alginic acid, carrageenan, agar, chitin, sodium hexametaphosphate, potassium iodate, potassium iodide etc. If you are interest in the products, feel free to contact us anytime, we'll do our utmost to cooperate with you for our mutual benefit. We believe it is your good choice as we are the largest in China who can supply good products regularly at good quality. Your early reply will be appreciated. <We don't sell, manufacture anything ourselves, but do know people who use emulsifiers, iodide-containing compounds. Will send your note around and post on our website (WetWebMedia.com) under the Business Index in hopes of introducing your company. Bob Fenner> Best regards, David Xing Qingdao Jiaonan Bright Moon Seaweed Industrial Co.,Ltd. 132 Tieshan Road Jiaonan, Qingdao, China Tel:86-532-8190011/8182212 Fax:86-532-8188099 Web:yssi.com other email: max_xing@hotmail.com

Hawaiian Hermit Crabs (John.H Book) Hallo, <Gutentag> I am looking for the book 'Hawaiian Hermit Crabs by John Hoover, 1997. I, II. FAMA 9, 10/97. Where can I buy it in Hamburg, Germany, und how much does it cost? <I will send your request to Sue Steele at FAMA and ask her to respond. They can likely send this work to you easiest.> Thanks and regards Cornelia Warneke-Cremer <Wiedersen. Bob Fenner>

Business in Egypt Dear the export manager We are very pleased to find your company name in Internet as one of Major manufacturers and distributors of UV sterilization field. We are specialized company in hospital supplies -- we have good market With governmental and private hospitals . pharmaceutical companies , Farms , chemical authorities , ministry of health , private clinics .. And more . If you are interested to market your products in Egypt and looking for sole Agent to represent you in the Egyptian market and Arabian countries Later on in future , we welcome to represent you - as you know -- according To Egyptian laws that all non - Egyptian companies should work through Egyptian Agents - we are ready to co --operate with you for promoting sales activities And looking after your clients before purchasing your products -- and after sales As well -- we have trained technical staff who can undertake services. Please send me your products catalogues , price lists and conditions of sales Also send me your agency draft . We will be pleased to forward us the name of your agent in Cairo if still existing To have business relationship with him for promoting and selling your products. We are very serious to have very long relationship with you based on mutual Benefits . Hope to hear from you soon My very best regards - - Kindly send your catalogues to our address as follows : Abu Simbel Egypt Company 31 El Tawshi Street, Abedin Post Code 11121 Cairo/Egypt Att. Mr. Mohamed Hamed Tel. : 00202/3 956 011 / 3 907 075 Fax : 00202/3 951 016 <I will send your message around and post it on our principal website (www.WetWebMedia.com) for others response. Bob Fenner.>

Oxygen generator and fish health concern hi I have a question I have a healthy emperor angelfish I put I little bubble thing for more oxygen in the tank and he loves is it bad for the tank ? thanks Miguel <Likely no problem. Bob Fenner

Looking for Ornaments Supply Catalog Hello, We are interested in wholesale supplies for our pet store. We are in great need of finding aquarium ornaments!!! If possible please send a catalog or any ordering information to our store. Our resale # is snipped... PET OASIS 43749 North 15th St. W. Lancaster, Ca. 93534 (661)945-3671 Thank You, Tim Harris, owner <Thanks for writing... don't have such products ourselves (just images, information...) but will pass this query along through the trade and post it on the business section/FAQs on our site: www.WetWebMedia.com Bob Fenner>

Fish Med.s Available out of China Dear Sirs, Glad meet you by this letter. <And you> We are in the market for disinfector. We are writing to you with a desire of opening a long business relationship with you. We are a state-owned company which mainly deal with Imp. & Exp business of chemical material & products, pharmaceutical material & intermediates, finished medicines and so on in Shi jia zhuang which enjoy excellent reputation through twenty years' business experience. The turnover of our Co.s USD$20 million per year. Our products are mainly export to USA, Europe, south east Asian market etc. If you have any enquiry ,please let us know. We have done long business relations with many suppliers of our country so as to quote you our competitive price upon receipt of your detail requirements. We are specialized in (Goldencryl Malachite Green) Basic Green 4. If you are interested in it, pls. let us know. Best regards, Wangguozhi (Pls be sure not contact me by Dear Sir. But contact titled by my name for me to receive your letter) ============================================== SHIJIAZHUANG CHEMICALS MEDICINES &HEALTH PRODUCTS IMP.& EXP.CORP ADD:NO.133 ZHONGSHAN E.RD. SHIJIAZHUANG CHINA TEL:0086-311-6032162 FAX: 0086-311-6032082 MAIL TO: wanggz87@hotmail.com ============================================== <I will send your letter around to friends, associates in the ornamental aquatics trade and post it on our site: www.WetWebMedia.com in hopes that this will bring notice, business to you. Bob Fenner>

epoxy adhesive hi rob, what is your take on the use of regular epoxy glue with a 3 hour setting period) for attaching pieces of tufa rock together...before it is placed in a marine aquarium? I've heard that it is safe to use??? thanks! <There are identical products to the ones sold on/in the trade... The folks at TLF, GARF et al. don't make them... they're re-labeled for aquarium use. Bob Fenner>


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