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Phony Wholesalers/Wholesaling:

Example Letter Manufacturers/Distributors


Bob Fenner  


President/CEO's name

Corporate Address



Pet Industry Manufacturer/Distributor,


I am writing in an attempt to bring about clarity regarding your company's involvement with one of your "wholesalers" here in Your Town, State; give name of wholesaler if known). It is our understanding that (number) retail store's) have been masquerading through this wholesaling front and possibly other fronts; selling only to themselves thereby trying to manipulate the local market by selling near or below "wholesale".

Are you aware of this? Do you believe this practice results in your products being well represented? Do you believe this practice, in the long run moves the most inventory, generates growth or repeat

sales? Of course not!

My name is , Title of (Your company name). Over the last twenty years we have put up many pet stores for others and ourselves and currently operate two; (name). I am writing to urge you to investigate these practices here in (your town). We are alarmed at how small and backward the aquatics-pet part of the industry is here, due in large part, in my opinion, to the loss of integrity in the relationship between manufacturers, distributors (wholesalers-jobbers), retailers and their customers.

Will you help us to ensure us fair enterprise and competition? If this cartel is merely receiving a volume-discount; may we all participate?

Please respond as to your company's position with this association; and your rationale for allowing this practice.



(Your Name)





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