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FAQs about the Business of Live Rock and Sand

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End of an era..
(Deb Smith)
<Mmm; so... no env. impact study, public input coming?
A shame; my usual question: "Who is served"?
See you and Walt next mo. in LV. B>

Hi Walt,
I’ve just received the following. Please go to page 61.
All the best,
John (Dawes)
http://digitalmag.petproductnews.com/petproductnews/august_2018?utm_source=ppn_digital&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=PPN_Digital_201808&pg=60#pg60 >

You haven't heard the new part...
We have no words left, as this is such a mess. One road block after another, and they Dept Of Env keep changing the rules.
Now they want an EIA for every area, every year. And we have 5 areas.
Must send out for public review and now charge a bond per area 5k to 500k
Getting pretty dumb, as we can't even export from our coral farms..
<Ah yes... cheers (and no taki time). B>

Bulk rock supplier  3/22/11
Dear WWM Crew,
Since this seems to be the place with all the hard to find answers I am writing to ask for help. I am trying to locate a good source for wholesale dry rock in bulk quantities. I am specifically looking for pukani, Tonga or other nice, light weight rock. Despite many hours of searching I am having trouble locating any sources for dry rock, any advice or suggestions? By bulk I mean by the ton or more.
<Mmm, are you in the trade? If not, you'll have to deal through an intermediary... not hard to arrange. How much total weight of rock are you considering by "the ton or more"? A friend, Walt Smith, does collect and ship quite large (cargo containers) of this material... I will cc him here for his response. Bob Fenner>
Any advice or assistance is appreciated.
Thank you,
Re: Bulk rock supplier  3/22/11
Thank you for your response. I am in the trade, I am setting up a wholesale and retail facility.
<Ahh! Congratulations>
As for the quantity that depends on the price and the most logical method of shipment. So far everyone I have contacted either sells it by the box or by the pallet (approx. 2000 pounds). Due to this I have been thinking in terms of a few pallets worth at a time but if it requires getting a significantly larger amount I am open to that possibility also.
<I see, and agree>
I have put in inquiries to Walt Smith already due to your recommendation of him in other WWM posts so I will wait for a response from him unless you have additional suggestions.
<Mmm, well, he and Deb have been doing their seasonal sojourn/month in Whistler, and are presently not at their "real work" in Fiji (are out here in Cal. getting other things attended to... though we'll all be out in Dallas, TX the end of the mo., then immediately back in OC, Ca giving pitches at the MAX event)... I do think he'll see the posts from us through WWM however and respond to you>
Thank you for your time,
<And you for your participation in our interests. Oh! I should mention that if it's convenient location wise, you might contact Dave Palmer of PAF re this. Will copy him here as well. Bob Fenner>
Re: Bulk rock supplier  3/22/11
Walt Smith International Fiji Ltd
(mailing address)
PO BOX 4466
Lautoka, Fiji Islands
+679 666 5045-phone
+679 666 7591 - fax
Fiji Gold, Inc
<Thanks Walt. B>

Finding Quality Live Rock   2/13/08 Hello WWM, <Matthew> I am wondering if anyone in the crew knows any contacts from Bali who can transship quality pieces of live rock individually wrapped in wet newspaper. <... Mmm, yes... though very expensive... you need to buy an LD3... many boxes to make this make sense economically> I went into a fish store in Los Angeles where I wasn't able to get specific information on that live rock supplier for obvious reasons. I would really appreciate any contacts you may have or know where would be the best place to find quality live rock from Bali or Indonesia for that matter. <... I won't give references out to strangers... This passes as an endorsement...> If not there, then perhaps elsewhere besides Fiji or Tonga? <Mmm... do send along a bit more information... Are you a store? Looking to buy a large quantity? There are friends in the marine wholesale livestock trade in LA... on 104th esp., who might be willing to let you poke about...> I would really like to get a hold of rock that has at least 2 different colorations of coralline, some macro-algae, tube worms, copepods, sponges etc... I am not really satisfied curing Fiji rock that ultimately results in only 1 color of coralline. I'd like to find a supplier who can provide much more biodiversity... Thanks for your help, Matthew <Mmmm. Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Re: Finding Quality Live Rock 2/13/08 Bob, <Matthew> Forgive me for not introducing myself to you earlier. My name is Matthew Martin and I am in the process of starting a Home & Office Saltwater Aquarium Installation and Service business for the Westside of Los Angeles called "Speedy Aquariums". <Oh!> I currently buy from Sea Dwelling Creatures and Pacific Aqua Farms. Their live rock is good but sometimes I don't feel like I am really getting the "best" kind of rock that I am seeing in some other retail outlets around here. <Mmm, well... I'd see, speak with Eric Cohen at SDC... and Dave at PAF re... they have access to the best of the best...> This is very important for my business because I want to be able to have short curing times which is more of a reality with high quality rock. <I understand, and agree... I STRONGLY encourage your p/re-curing whatever you buy, at your own facility... ahead of using in customers' tanks> If you are unable to give contacts I understand. <Would avail you nothing of value... Again, there is no economic sense in your trying to buy direct, or through transhippers... the LR available at/through the two dealers you mention is the zenith of what is available. Trying to import it yourself will prove this to you... at a large expense. For browsers, the "A" players get the best (and it is far below what a casual customer will pay) air freight rates... and are facile at CITES, Customs, other rigmarole involved in import...> It would be very helpful though. In the meantime, I just got some Tonga Branch Rock from PAF, looked great when I bought it, I hear that it is common for the rock to go white during/after the curing process. I would like some better insight on how to maintain coralline algaes throughout the process...do I lower temp to around 74-75, salinity 1.021-1.022? <Mmm, no... I would keep SPG NSW strength... need to boost, maintain biomineral AND alkaline concentrations... All posted on WWM> whats your best recommendation on maintaining alk/calcium for this process in a gray titan bin with a top fathom 300 skimmer running on it? Thanks, Matthew Martin speedyaquariums.com <Again... this information is archived, available through cursory searching/reading on WetWebMedia.com... Bob Fenner>

Re: Finding Quality Live Rock Bob, <Matt> Much appreciated for your help thus far. I will see what I can do to maintain biomineral availability AND alk. for curing liverock. I had been keeping the sg 1.024-1.025 and temp 77-78, and replacing evap water with Kalkwasser. I will speak with the suppliers and see what tips they'd recommend and also look into Walt's Fiji Gold live rock supplement and experiment with its effectiveness. Good day, Matthew <Mmm, okay. I'd given him a different formula for... instead of the finally ground up natural... Even this should be of some value. B>

Re: Finding Quality Live Rock Bob, <Big M> Thought I should let you know of an obvious mistake I had just realized about my 200 gal. LR cure vat... There was only a Rio 1400 UL/420gph pump running the circ. Woops! Turn over needs to be at least 5 times per hour I think.. so am <am?> looking into getting a Hyperflow ~1200 gph to better circulate oxygen, calcium, alk. better and reduce nuisance brown which is starting to coat everything in there. Also...ive read somewhere not to keep the 175w 10k metal halide above on for 12 hrs....more like 3-4 hrs per day if any during the curing process to prevent burning them. Thanks for your thoughts and opinions on these observations. -Matthew <Welcome. B>

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