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Ornamental Aquatic Business Trade Shows


Re: ppt audio track Bruce Carlson high tech high!     9/24/18
And Koko and I are back too. The video just this minute finished uploading to YouTube. Play through it and tell me if you want to make any changes:
There is a “gear” icon at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to set the resolution at 720P or 1080P.
<Just back from Ms. B's and I's long walk Bruce!
Incredible Bruce. Thank you so much. Will post on WWM, FB... w/ credit to you. BobF>


Dear editors, Please include this on your news page and calendar of events. Thank you. PRESS RELEASE (AUGUST 2008) For Immediate Release AQUARAMA 2009 - THE INTERNATIONAL ORNAMENTAL AQUATIC EVENT OF THE YEAR! With many months still to go, Aquarama 2009 is nearly 80% sold out! As always, Aquarama 2009 will include a brilliant display of the latest fish, invertebrates and aquatic plants on offer to the international trade. It will also include a specially designated area with 1,500 tanks set aside for the highly prestigious and unequalled range of Aquarama competitions featuring fish, invertebrates, aquatic plants, ponds and water gardens. Aquarama is, however, more...MUCH MORE...than this. For example, it is also a premier showcase for a vast array of all manner of dry goods and services, from water treatments, to foods, to pumps and filters, to medications, to packing equipment, to lighting, to aquaria, to ponds...and every other type of aquatically-related product on the market, including the very latest models. In fact, Aquarama 2009 is the perfect and most important one-stop Asia-based all-aquatic event in the international ornamental aquatic industry calendar. All the top names in the trade will be there, including - among many others - Tetra (Germany), Eheim (Germany), Qian Hu (Singapore), Hai Feng (Taiwan), GEX (Japan), Ocean Nutrition (Thailand), Sera (Germany), Kyorin (Japan), TECO (Italy), Transworld (USA), Prodac (Italy), Tropical (Poland) - all exhibiting their latest products and technology. Many of the sector's new and upcoming players will also be very much in evidence at the next edition. Aquarama's now-famous pavilions will also take their usual high-profile place at the event, among these being pavilions from Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore and OFI. Backed up by an impressive Seminar Programme consisting of presentations on fish health, aquatic plants, ponds/water gardens and marines from a panel of respected international speakers, Aquarama 2009 promises to be yet another ground-breaking, unmissable event for every member of the international ornamental aquatic industry community. NOTE: Aquarama 2009 will be held on 28 - 31 May 2009 at Suntec Singapore. For further details, please visit the Aquarama website (www.aquarama.com.sg) or contact: Linda Tan, Head of Events at linda_tan@cmpasia.com.sg, Doris Woo, Sales Manager, at doris_woo@cmpasia.com.sg, or Esther See, Project Co-ordinator at esther_see@cmpasia.com.sg. CMP ASIA TRADE FAIRS PTE LTD111 Somerset Road #09-07Singapore 238164Tel: +65 67353366Fax: +65 67389644

India International Aqua Show 2006 10/28/05 Dear Mr. Bob Fenner, <Greetings Kamal> Sub: India International Aqua Show [IIAS], 2006 We have pleasure to inform you that the Department of Fisheries, Government of Kerala is organizing the 4th edition of the India International Aqua Show [IIAS] at Cochin, from 2nd to 7th February 2006. IIAS is an Ornamental Fish & Accessories Exhibition and Trade Fair organized in association with the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. Scheduled to take place at Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Cochin, Kerala State, India, the Aqua Show will attract exhibitors, breeders, traders and visitors within India and outside the country. It will be a unique opportunity for exhibiting and marketing ornamental fish and aquaculture accessories. As you are aware, Ornamental fishery is one of the fastest growing aquaculture industries in India. The growing interest in Ornamental fish keeping has resulted in a huge demand for ornamental fishes, fish food, medicine and aquaculture accessories. With the objective of developing ornamental fishery as an industry, the Govt. of Kerala has been organizing the India International Aqua Show since 2002. Every year the Aqua Show has grown from strength to strength and each show has succeeded in building up on the previous shows. The Show has inculcated a new tradition in ornamental fishery and aquaculture market in India and today the Aqua Show has become the best platform to reach out and do business with target markets. Further information on the Show and Registration details can be found in the event website www.aquashowkerala.com.  Exhibitor registrations have commenced and are proceeding at a very brisk pace. We request you to kindly rush in your exhibitor registration forms at the earliest. Stall allocations are being done on the basis of first come first serve principle and your early response will help you to secure a prominent stall location. The registration forms & payment DDs/ Cheques are to be sent to the Event Managers - 'Stark Expo', Trivandrum. Looking forward to your participation in the India International Aqua Show, 2006 and to meet you in Cochin during the show. With thanks and regards, Kamal Sankar Event Coordinator Stark Expo 15/64, Vellayambalam Trivandrum 695010 Kerala, India Tel: +91 471 2313955 Fax: +91 471 2312708 Email: info@aquashowkerala.com  <Will post your notice on WWM. Cheers, Bob Fenner> 

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