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FAQs About Jobs/Careers in the Business of Pet-Fishing

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Your New Aquarium: Tips For Beginners - WETWEBMEDIA       8/10/18
Hi dear sir or madam:
This is Karlin Tian from Foshan Yingfa Factory , i know you have engaged in production and sell the Aquarium tank etc .
Our factory are specialized in providing composite waterproof boards for Aquarium furniture , Aquarium cabinet , Aquarium stand etc .
Follow have some our client’s finished products for your reference .
If you need this waterproof board contact me get more .
Thanks and best regards.
<Hello Karlin; we don't manufacture or-resell aquarium gear, but I will post, share your note and link for others perusal. Fortune passes everywhere. Bob Fenner>

Store opportunity.... REALLY needing to read      5/7/16
Hi Bob,
I am not a business major by any means, nor have I ever owned one.
A local lfs shop is selling his shop, the reason given is his parents are giving him their grocery store, which is in a city area and very profitable. A guy who knows him better than I verified this reason.
I work a retail job, as a manager, so have an idea about time management, dealing with the people, inventory etc.
<A big job>
With all the fragging going in in peoples homes, people wholesaling fish in Craigslist, live aquaria (the Internet in general) is owning a store still a viable career, or is it going by way of the dinosaurs?
<Not for the faint-hearted I assure you...>
My father and I are going tomorrow to ask some questions, any particulars should I ask ?

<..... READ: http://wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/Biz%20Index/Biz%20index.htm
from the top down

Fish store/glass for sale        2/18/15
Hi. I Worked with Wil Nelson of Reef Keeper Supply in Arlington Wa. The store is now out of business and I am selling all the equipment from the store. I also have the tank building business equipment of over 200 sheets Starfire, beveled, drilled glass panels to sell. if you know anyone interested in this area, could you please FB me, email me at avantidiane@gmail.com  or call 360-436-XXXX. Ty, Diane Goodman
<Bob Fenner Do you know Jeff Turner? Don't see him listed here, but can/will introduce you if you'll write me at XXXX.
Oh! Di; if you'd like I will post your for-sales on WetWebMedia.com
Just your email address unless you'd like to have folks call. BobF>
Re: Fish store/glass for sale

That would be excellent and w/just email.
Thanks so much, Diane
<Will post on the morrow. B>

Employment information    12/23/14
<Hey David>
I am looking for information on finding job opportunities in the Pet ( specifically Tropical fish) Trade. I've had a online store for a few years and do OK, but it's a part-time gig.
<Have you considered aquarium set up and maintenance? You should peruse our Business Subweb:
http://wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/Biz%20Index/Biz%20index.htm >
I live in Central Illinois and cannot move at this time, but can travel as much as needed.
I have a BS degree in MIS, 20+ years in the IT industry (including sales and management), but have been pretty deep into the hobby for 40+ years. I currently have over 40 tanks, and have spawned everything from Discus to Bumblebee Gobies.
Any idea on where to look or whom to contact?
<Mmm; yes... I'd send this same msg. to as many of the companies you hope to work for, in what capacities... There are "Buyer's Guides" (industry pub. spin-offs) that list pertinent info, including jobs available on their sites. Let's see: http://buyersguide.petbusiness.com/
is one... Fashion a letter of introduction, and send along if you'd like my review.>
Thanks in advance.
David Zink
Central Illinois Pets
(309) 287-7398
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
re: Employment information
Thanks for the reply. I was hoping there was a site somewhere (like Monster) where collectively companies were posting their openings.
<Not as far as I'm aware in the trade... best to contact folks you know; ask for leads>
Cold calling (or mailing/emailing) 1000 companies does not seem very efficient or most likely effective.
<Actually; this and physically attending industry trade shows is about it.
I can list several folks that have been successful going this route. James Gasta, Adam Jackson, Steven Pro... others who've been associated w/ WWM.
Thanks for the info!

I am looking for a job.        2/3/13
Dear Sir/Madam
My name is Takeshi Umazume. I've just moved in San Diego from Japan.
Because my wife got job here, I also got workable L-2 Visa with me.
I have 6 years solid working experience at Aquatic Laboratory in Japan.
I have well knowledge about Aquarium fish and I would like to use my experience here.
Since my wife works full-time, I think I might start working as part-time or any. If there is anything I can dedicate to your company, please take a look of my enclosed resume and cover letter.
I would really appreciate for your time, and feel free to ask any question about it.
Takeshi Umazume
<I will post your msg., including your email address on WWM in the hopes that someone w/ useful input will respond to you. I don't know of existing positions here; but there may be others who do. Cheers, and good hunting.
Bob Fenner>
Re: I am looking for a job.        2/3/13

Thank you for your quick return and helping.
I really appreciate your.
<D'oh tashimashiite Takeshi-san. Have you asked Chris Clevers (of Hikari USA) for reference, referral as yet? I would.
Re: I am looking for a job.        2/3/13

Yes. I have kept in touch with Chris-san.
Unfortunately there is not any position for me right now.
Thank you anyway!
I amazed You know some JAPANESE.
<Hai; wakarimas... shosh. Cheers, B>

California, ornamental aquatics work poss.s    5/4/12
Hi Crew,
My name is Zach. I am a 21 year old college student who has been in the aquarium hobby for over 10 years. I have also been familiar with the legendary Mr. Fenner and Mr. Calfo probably since I was middle school and I have also contributed to WWM for years throughout my progression from guppies and tetras to Sargassum anglers and LPS reefs. Anyway, I am graduating from college in one year and I plan on moving to California, likely Orange county or perhaps Los Angeles county if necessary. But, I was curious about what kind of jobs there are in the fish industry out in those counties?
<Mmm, retail of various qualities, kinds... and Wholesale in/about the LAX area... and some institutional if one is very lucky>
 I know Live Aquaria has a facility in Los Angeles.
<Really? I didn't know this>
I am sure there are other warehouses and wholesalers in those areas as well. I have worked at a smaller retailer in Long Island, New York called Aquarium Adventure for a summer when I was in high school and I had a good experience. The hobby is one of my passions and I love learning new things.
I can only imagine what a large warehouse wholesaler has to offer. Please let me know what your experiences or knowledge is of the wholesale and retail industry out in that area. Thanks in advance.
- Zach
<Best to have you chat w/ folks that have recently, and currently work in the trade et al. Let's see if AJ (Adam Jackson) has some time to offer input here. Bob Fenner> 
Re: California   5/4/12
Cool. Thanks a lot Bob!
<Welcome. Do make it known when you'll be about, visiting, planning to move to CA. If I'm about, I'll introduce you to folks in the trade et al. BobF>
California, AJ's response/useful input    5/4/12

> Hi Crew,
> <Zach>
<<Hi Zach and Bob>>
> My name is Zach. I am a 21 year old college student who has been in the
> aquarium hobby for over 10 years. I have also been familiar with the
> legendary Mr. Fenner and Mr. Calfo probably since I was middle school and I
> have also contributed to WWM for years throughout my progression from
> guppies and tetras to Sargassum anglers and LPS reefs. Anyway, I am
> graduating from college in one year and I plan on moving to California,
> likely Orange county or perhaps Los Angeles county if necessary. But, I was
> curious about what kind of jobs there are in the fish industry out in those
> counties?
> <Mmm, retail of various qualities, kinds... and Wholesale in/about the LAX
> area... and some institutional if one is very lucky>
I know Live Aquaria has a facility in Los Angeles.
<Really? I didn't know this>
<<First off Zach I would really look into where your living the greater Los Angeles County spreads from Ventura and San Bernadino Mountains to as Far South as Long Beach. The Orange County stretches as far east as Riverside to as Far South as the San Diego County Border.  My point being there is a lot of space, the counties are very spread out.  One show works in the South Bay or West LA for example would prefer not to work in the Valley or Orange county, you'd be looking at a 2-3 hour total commute. (We are verified the city with the most traffic in the world.)  Thousand Oaks for example is pretty far North East of what is LA city (LAX/Downtown/West LA) area.  To my knowledge the live aquaria thousand oaks facility is mostly just a drop shipper, rarely hiring, very little turn over rate.  Haven't seen a job posted there in over 2 years.
Here is my run down of entry level positions for bio/marine bio in LA and a little history about me and my experiences here (born and raised local):
First off welcome to SoCal, I've grown up and lived in the West LA and South Bay areas my entire life.  As Bob mentioned I recently made a career shift, was in law school working at a police department - hated it. So now I'm going back to school to purpose marine biology/zoology, in the meantime as Bob mentioned I have been attempting to work in either the ornamental aquarium trade or public aquarium/marine bio research to gain experience.  Being in Los Angeles we do have seem great opportunities as many of the industries importers, online retailers, and product companies (JBJ) are adjacent to LAX (a good spot to cut down on shipping expenses).  Quality Marine always has postings, including one for marine aquarist at the moment, on their website, they are very picky though and have a very, very low turnover rate, and from my observation prefer to higher people known to them through other employees or businesses before reaching out to the "public/strangers." I didn't qualify for the aquarist position there because I don't have my degree in that field quite yet…again they are picky but I believe it reflects very well in their company model, the warehouse is beautiful and I've rarely heard a retailer complain about the quality of animals shipped to them.  Two other wholesalers (located on the same street as QM actually) are also hiring still according to their websites, Sea Dwelling Creatures and Pacific Aqua Farms, both I believe have sales positions open.  I applied and was hired at SDC but ultimately there were scheduling conflicts which didn't allow me to take the job.  I interviewed Pacific Aqua Farms, very professional, very fair people - they elected not to hire me because they were looking for someone more sales oriented where as my experience is more educational/content provider/husbandry oriented. There is another "fake" wholesaler a few blocks from these great organizations I feel the need to mention, Aquatic Outlet/Aquarium World owned by "Lek Bunya," avoid this business like the plague (as most in the hobby/business in this area do). In my "infancy" into the trade I worked for this establishment and it is well known the owner is an international thief and liar who has cheated out customers/retailers/exporters numerous times. Bob can tell you I say that not as slander but as fact from what I have personally, seen, heard compounded my things others have told and shown me.  One of the large online retailers not to far from you in Orange County "Marine Depot" (A WetWebMedia sponsor by the way) is looking for sales staff knowledgeable in trade products and biology that can provide content for the website as well as provide customer assistance, they no longer sale live animals though I'm told they keep some on site for testing new products (mostly the new trendy LED lighting). Onto public aquaria, the LA county's premier public aquarium is with no contest the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach California, I currently intern here (unpaid) in the California temperate husbandry gallery and am on the waiting list to be interviewed for a part time husbandry position in the tropical gallery.  It is a very, very competitive work environment. There are 1,000 employees (staff) here with only 500 on payroll.  The intern staff of 100-200 is turned over every 3 months with old ones with less qualifications being replaced with new ones quite often, or the old ones are relegated to the volunteer staff with less opportunities and responsibilities.  The one division I can say this isn't the case is in the Dive intern and volunteer program, they have relatively little turnover with many Divers having been at the aquarium for over a decade.  As far as I know however there are only two paid positions in the dive gallery and both are filled. When new positions become open here they are almost always given to interns or volunteers, they only seek outside candidates for "specialty" programs (example being our relatively new residents arctic foxes and South American penguins.)  I love the experience I am gaining here and would love to work here someday but I am realistic in that it is extremely difficult to get a position.  One positive note is that there are many volunteer opportunities open at the moment during the week in the dive program. The other two larger public aquaria settings in Los Angeles is the Cabrillo Aquarium hand Marine research center across the bridge from Long Beach in San Pedro, they utilize a very antiquated LA county website, so I can not say if any positions are open…I haven't looked into them to be honest.  The third largest public aquarium in the area is actually in the heart of Downtown LA near the USC Campus (not a place you want to walk around at night alone FYI) and this is the California Science Center, and they currently have a large position available; Aquarist and Aquatic Director (http://jobview.monster.com/Director-of-Aquatics-Job-Los-Angeles-CA-US-106775465.aspx) The qualifications are pretty stiff and it's definitely not an entry level zoology/husbandry job.  You may also want to check around with the local dive shops and commercial boating outfits in Rainbow Harbor (where the aquarium is located) as well as Belmont Shores (a suburb of Long Beach) they are often looking for experienced diver or those knowledgeable about local sea life to assist in "tourist guiding" roles.  I'm afraid that's really all I can offer as far as job insights at the moment in the area. If you need any other information about the area, even not related to work please feel free to add me on Facebook, call, or e-mail.  My family lives in South Orange County, I live West LA, Intern in Long Beach and grew up in Redondo Beach, so I am very familiar with the greater area and am usually in one of those spots on any given night.>>
> I am sure there are other warehouses and wholesalers in those areas as
> well. I have worked at a smaller retailer in Long Island, New York called
> Aquarium Adventure for a summer when I was in high school and I had a good
> experience. The hobby is one of my passions and I love learning new things.
> I can only imagine what a large warehouse wholesaler has to offer. Please
> let me know what your experiences or knowledge is of the wholesale and
> retail industry out in that area. Thanks in advance.
> - Zach
> <Best to have you chat w/ folks that have recently, and currently work in
> the trade et al. Let's see if AJ (Adam Jackson) has some time to offer
> input here. Bob Fenner>
<<It's all above, any further clarification or detail needed feel free to email me directly  I will say as a last note I can't stress how many opportunities volunteering and internships will open up for you, I understand the necessity to have a paying job but many of these institutions, even hobbyists directed wholesalers, seek those with experience and in my experience working just in retail may not be enough at times.  Perhaps with Bobs permission you'd like to join the WWM crew? Get comfortable with writing and eventually write for CA Aquarist or other publications to get your name out and about? -Adam J>
PS to Bob
The talk with UTAH reefs went moderately to very well, I'll likely be returning to speak again at their trade show in November.
<Ahh, thank you for your reply and input here. BobF>

Full Steam Ahead! Friends working together in the retail trade    10/27/11
Hello Bob, I hope my email finds you in better health then last week! I just wanted to update you again as I secured a position of employment at Old Town Aquarium in Chicago. The owners know you personally Jim and Ian.
<Ah yes. Fine fellows. Hello to them>
I first spoke with Jim last week and he liked me enough to invite me to lunch with Ian, the store manager and himself. As this is an uncommon practice I was both nervous and excited that Jim thought I was worth special consideration.
The lunch just ended within the hour and I just received the phone call, "Because we are at full staff I'll need a week or so to work out the schedule with you being on full-time!" Also had my school orientation this week. Like you've stated previously, a journey begins! I cannot thank you enough sir. The extra motivation I needed was your encouragement. I do believe in myself in this endeavor and look forward to talking(potentially working) with you more and more. You are like my foster parent in this and for that I am grateful. Be well, Bryan.
<Thank you my friend. Cheers and congratulations! Bob Fenner>
Re: Full Steam Ahead!   10/27/11

I will definitely pass on the hello. Thanks again sir, talk to you soon.
Feel free to fill me in on the health, hope that's well!
<Getting better all the time. Life to you Bryan. BobF>

Job Opening in CT!     6/7/11
Hey Bob!!!!
<Hola Rob!>
A couple of weeks ago, you mentioned you might be able to post something on WWM for our job opening here'¦.I am losing my best retail guy to the warmer climate of Miami!!!!
I have the following ad running on the AZA site, and I am looking via Craigslist as well'¦..posted here and there as well. I am thinking maybe WWM may get the most hits out of anybody!!!! Would you mind posting a version of it for me'¦.any suggestions (other than stealing them from my competitors???!!!!).
<Will gladly do on the morrow>
Would love to get together to discuss the many challenges of running this business'¦.you are always a huge help, just haven't found the time'¦.maybe next LA trip I'll pop over to see you!!
<Sounds great>
Hope all is well!!! rb
<Thank you my friend. BobF>
Job Opening in CT!     6/7/11
Organization: House of Fins 
Location: Greenwich, CT, us   

House of Fins has been the choice of aquarists since 1957 and is regarded as the premier provider of aquarium design, installation, maintenance and products throughout Connecticut, New York and all of New England. Our retail store is a landmark for aquarium hobbyists and enthusiasts because of our complete range of freshwater and saltwater marine life with an emphasis on the exotic, and our knowledgeable staff. Our service division develops, installs and maintains some of the most sophisticated and elegant corporate and residential aquariums in the area. Additionally, our custom installation division works with clients to design custom aquariums to fit their exact needs-- creating the finest in vibrant, interesting and advanced aquatic environments.
We are currently looking to hire passionate and advanced Ornamental Aquarium Specialists for our Retail Store. A good applicant would have several years experience keeping reef aquariums and be well versed on the latest life support equipment and lighting. SPS and LPS coral husbandry knowledge are necessary for this position.
'¢ SEVERAL years experience maintaining personal saltwater reef aquariums. A Bachelors Degree in Marine Biology or other Environmental Science is helpful, but not necessary for this position.
'¢ Experience with keeping ornamental freshwater and marine fish, and invertebrates.
'¢ Applicant must possess a thorough knowledge of disease recognition, daily tropical fish aquarium husbandry, food preparation, nutrition, and water quality.
'¢ The ability to lift and move up to 50 pounds is necessary.
This is a full-time hourly position which will include hours on evenings and weekends.
Duties to include:
Assisting customers with their aquariums in a high-end retail environment.
'¢ cleaning & maintaining hundreds of freshwater, saltwater, and saltwater reef aquariums.
'¢ monitoring the health of fish, and medicating as necessary.
'¢ cleaning & maintaining all filtration components and equipment.
'¢ testing and maintaining proper water parameters.
'¢ preparing food portions and feeding fish, invertebrates, and coral.
'¢ the sales and installation of aquariums and related equipment.
The Company offers an outstanding compensation and benefits package (health insurance, paid vacation, and 401k with 25% match). We are an equal opportunity employer. Limited relocation packages are available to qualified applicants.
Instructions for sending applications: please email resume and relevant personal reef aquarium experience to rbray@houseoffins.com 
Robert A. Bray
House of Fins
99 & 209 Bruce Park Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
Tel 203.661.8131
Fax 203.422.2901
Cell 203.253.6766
"Creating Unique Aquatic Environments Since 1957"

Can we post: Dream job opening in Fiji!   4/12/11
Bob, It is official, Chris has asked to leave by the end of June. Would you be able to post this job opportunity on WWM?
<Ahh, will do on the morrow. Tis a shame. I had actually hoped to work w/ both he and you... sending livestock down from Labasa. B>
Dear members,
I have an opportunity for a livestock and coral farm manager to work and live in Fiji. I have recently been notified that my aquaculture manager in Fiji wishes to return to the USA as their children are getting older and need more schooling. I will need to replace him soon and was hoping someone in the hobby might like to apply for this position. The applicant must have a pretty thorough knowledge of various coral species (especially Acropora) and be willing to work for a commercial enterprise. You must also be a qualified diver with some experience growing coral.
As you might know I have pioneered coral farming on a commercial scale since 1998 and introduced man made cultured live rock a year later. House (with pool and view) and vehicle are provided along with all that Fiji has to offer.
This position would require full time work load and the commitment to live in Fiji for at least two years under contract.
My personal contact would be best to use walt@waltsmith.com
If you are interested in this position please email me your background of experience any other information you feel would be appropriate.
Thank you,
Walt Smith

job opportunities in the southeast?  8/11/10
I would like to ask for your help. I am looking for a new career in the marine aquaria products industry as a sales/product rep in the Atlanta area. Can you point me to a website or industry trade magazine that may help me find companies looking to expand or hire new representatives.
Thank you.
J. Fuller
<Mmm, yes... I'd suggest you contact the fine folks at SeaChem... They're based there, of good size, excellent reputation, and have excellent sales/support staff. Bob Fenner>
Re: job opportunities in the southeast?
Thank you for your help.
<Certainly welcome Jay. Do contact Johnny Rodriquez there re your involvement. BobF>

Nature Merchandise Inquiry. Some very nice tees   7/22/09
My name is Vanessa Moylan, I am with JSR Merchandising. The reason for me contacting you is because I was wondering if you are interested in any of these t-shirts that I have attached for you. I have also sent the product list with the prices for you. They're $5.00 wholesale. We know times are tough, so we are offering great quality merch for this low price. Suggested retail price is $10.99 and they are sure to fly off your shelves!
There is NO minimum to order & what ever does not sell for you is 100% returnable. You can return it for credit, get a refund OR exchange what ever designs that are not selling for you, for ones that you think would do best for you. Most people returning items usually go for the exchange option.
If you are interested, I would be your direct contact here at JSR. I am here Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 5PM Eastern Time. Feel free to contact me by email or by phone. All of my contact information is below in my signature for an easier find.
We have other nature designs that can be found here:
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask :-)
Thank you for your time, and we hope to do business with you.
P.S. We also offer name drop options.....feel free to ask me!!!!
<Vanessa, we/WWM don't sell merchandise, but we'll gladly post your msg. on our general website or the aquatics business subweb if you'd like. Bob Fenner>

Employment Opportunity 5/15/09
Hello Bob and crew,
All is going very well here at AquaTech Imports, Inc., a direct importer and wholesaler of high quality and rare corals, as well as healthy fish and inverts. We are a science-based company that caters to the aquarium trade.
We are looking for one good salesperson that is knowledgeable in coral, fish, and invertebrate ID and husbandry, and is personable as well. An attractive compensation plan will be offered to qualified applicants.
Please spread the word for me, I do appreciate it. All applicants can look at our website for further information about us, www.aquatechimports.com, and can contact me directly at greg@aquatechimports.com. Thank you!
Gregory V. Appleton
Chief Executive Officer
AquaTech Imports, Inc.
6344 Winside Dr.
Bethlehem, PA 18017
484-281-3124 phone
484-281-3367 fax
<Will gladly post. Bob Fenner>

Cool Job offering... Australia's Hamilton Island... 6 mo.  01/13/09 commitment for fun, adventure and poss. launch of media career Hi everyone! <Kerstin> I hope you're staying warm and dry, and thought this might be fun... <It is!> Have you seen this listing for your dream job? <Not till now> http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20090113/od_afp/lifestyleaustraliatourismoffbeat_20090113032028 According to NPR this morning, they have actually only received about 150 applications so far... Kerstin:-) <Is a good PR program in my estimation... I couldn't get a link to open up to apply myself! Thanks for sending this along. Bob Fenner>

Re: Cool Job offering...  1/14/09 Hi Bob! I heard another article this morning - and NPR mentioned that since this article became public, the server for applying has been swamped and in fact crashed...which might explain why you couldn't get the link to open. <Ah yes. Likely> (Although apparently enough people have gotten through that the number of job applications has risen drastically). My husband thought that if this were a lifelong job, he could easily become a beach bum and let me work...ah well, not to be, I think. Kerstin:-) <Heee! I think six months away is long enough! Bob Fenner>

Ad inquiry... Aq. Svc. biz for sale... but where?  -- 07/11/08 Robert, I'm brokering an aquarium maintenance business for a buddy of mine. Do you have a classifieds section? <Mmm, not per se, but...> Would you consider a free listing in exchange for 1% of sale price? <We'll post.. on the Bus. Opportunities areas... please send along contact info. or stmt. authorizing posting of your here> The business did $111K in service last year and is for sale for $240K. Best, Adam-- Adam Harreld <Bob Fenner>

Re: Ad inquiry Robert, <Adam> Thanks. To ensure you get your 1% if we sell to someone who finds it on WWMedia...we'll make the initial contact go to you. Then you can email me the potential buyer's info. Here's the classified: Aquarium maintenance business in southwest USA for sale. $111K in revenue in service alone in 2007. Also comes with over $25K in inventory. Priced at $240K with $100K down. For more info, please contact Robert Fenner at Fennerrobert@Hotmail.com Best, Adam <Real good... will post, forward contacts to you at the above addr.. BobF>

A career research question for Mr. Fenner, thank you!  11/06/07 Hi Bob, I hope this letter finds you well...You might not remember me, but you have advised me on job options a few times and we've met at I.M.A.C. <I do recall> After years (yes YEARS) of searching for the correct job in this wonderful industry, I finally sucked it up and moved to Los Angeles from Louisiana. <Congrats! A daring path/move> I worked at an Internet coral boutique for a while, but it just didn't work out. Finally I've landed (what I believe will be) my dream job with a wholesale company. Except my job details have been mailed to me and (Gulp!) I'm quite afraid of screwing up, because it is much more then I bargained for. Don't get me wrong I'm very grateful. I just want to do the very best for the animals, my boss, my customers and myself. <Good> My question is this-I have a surplus of cash to spend on books for myself to study at home and I was hoping you could go over my job descriptions and please give me some recommendations on books to buy that would help me the most. I have already ordered Veron's set. <Mmm, the Ford compilation? These are mainly for ID...> My main literature quest is a book that EXPLAINS to me how to identify coral... not an atlas.... a book that would teach me all the different techniques of discerning between species... number of septa, diameter of calyx etc. Also what is he best book for coral disease? Are there any books specifically written about treatments for diseases of coral? and invertebrates? <This last is not to be found... doesn't exist. The general ID works you have in Dr./Charley Veron's tomes... along with Bornemann's efforts, Svein Fossa and Alf Nilsen (Modern Coral Reef Aquarium V. 2, Perhaps the soft coral guide by Phil Alderslade and Fabricius...> The problem is that there are so many books geared towards the home hobbyist but very few resources for us 'wholesale rookies'. <None specifically> I thought about trying to buy Marine Biology textbooks but honestly couldn't find any worth buying. And another problem is I don't know enough about the different authors to discern between what is a book worth buying and one that is not. I am waiting on Anthony C.'s new prop book, and his invertebrate book. <These are worthwhile> Anyway I'm being long-winded :) sorry. Here is my job description...if you don't mind please recommend some good books for me to buy or even Internet resources :) Thanks so much Bob-Niki Englerth (Livestock acquisition & husbandry) 1) Oversee all incoming coral shipments a. Correctly identify all specimens b. Develop arrival treatment protocol and implement new procedures to prevent pathogen transmission c. Assist in a comprehensive shipment report 2) Daily upkeep of invertebrate system a. Feeding b. Treatment c. Mortality d. Consolidation e. Inventory corrections 3) Lab work as needed (disease identification) <Do see/get Ed Noga's work: Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment... about fishes, but worthwhile nonetheless... as you'll see> 4) Prepare medicated feeds as needed <For this for instance> 5) Documentation of Husbandry Procedures: a. Suggestion of new treatment options. b. Development of new treatment protocol (Web maintenance & documentation) - Web site: o Assist in the creation of new ?Featured Products? and ?Company News? listings and post them to the web for approval. o Assist in filtering through relevant news articles on the RSS feed. o Help to format and post articles written by other sales staff to the website. o Articles ? Requirement to produce an article (species spotlight or featured article) every ?x? amount of weeks. - New species identification and new number creation: o Increase the accuracy of our product catalog. o Each modification of an already existing item requires an ?Item Change? document which must be posted at the packing tables so that employees can become familiarized with the changes. o New items can be created using the established system for creating numbers. - Support the ongoing updating of our picture database: o Take new photos of livestock and use Photoshop for post picture editing to size them correctly according to our standards. o Help to design and implement a new tank or tanks designed solely for picture taking. <Do feel free to write me re specifics. Cheers, Bob Fenner, who, living in San Diego, does travel up north to visit the trade occasionally... We may meet!>

Re: a career research question for Mr. Fenner, thank you!  11/07/07 Thanks so much. It makes me feel a lot better to know that if I get stumped, I can seek your advice. Your 'Conscientious' was the first book on SW I ever read cover to back, (in fact I was studying it tonight!) It truly inspired me and I continue to reference it. If you ever pop in at Quality Marine, please don't leave w/o saying hi :) -Niki Englerth <Ahh! An excellent company, with many fine personnel, and an inspired owner (ChrisB)... I will look you up there, as this is one of my almost-always visits when near 104th. Cheers, and good life. Bob Fenner>

Re: personnel. Employment Opportunities in the Pet-fish Trade in Qatar!   7/21/07 Dear Mr. Fenner, I would really like to post at your web site, I have included below a kind of post could you please see if it's ok and if it need any corrections if you don't mind. <I will go ahead and post your message as you send it> I would like to introduce myself my name is Tariq Almana Director of finance in the www.almanagroup.com we are one of the five largest groups in Qatar. Almana group deals in all kind of business trading, industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, agencies, contracting. I have set up a new company dealing in aquatic products and services called pet Zone, I already have these products sole in Qatar (Hikari, ADA, Seachem, CaribSea, Akva-stabil, Pangea Rocks, ASP, Tropica, Aqua-medic.....). I'm in search of a good and professional team to help in introducing this new company strongly in the market the competition is so minimum that if I have the pro's that manage and provide excellent service the business can take over the market in Qatar and also the middle east not to forget to mention that I have the product for all middle east except for Hikari in UAE (Dubai), Qatar is in a real boom in economy and construction a lot of hotels commercial buildings are coming up in the next few years for example we have two new cities coming up ( Lusail city www.lusail.com , The Pearl Qatar www.thepearlqatar.com ). I will accept reply from persons (store managers, service manager, other staff). And companies with a business interest. Thanks Best regards Tariq Almana Tel:+9745528333 Email tariq@almanagroup.com, toalmana@qatar.net.qa Again please do take care of this message and tell me what you think. <I wish you success in your venture/s. Bob Fenner>

Re: personal. Qatar   9/25/07 Dear Bob, <Tariq> Could you tell me when are you going to put my post and is it going to be in the personnel section. <Have done so. Is here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/workopsind.htm> Also if you can add this e-mail : toalmana@qatar.net.qa Thanks Tariq <Will do so. Bob Fenner>

Employment Opportunity in the Pet-Fish Business 8/10/07 Hello Crew, <Howdy> My e-mail in in reference to an e-mail to Bob Fenner from Aubrey at Fritz Ind. He was detailing the current state of the aquatics industry and the problem he is having with finding qualified aquarium professionals to hire. The e-mail and posting on your web site did not show a date, so I am not sure how current it is. <Is ancient... am not even sure that the co. still has much presence in our interest> I am very interested in contacting Aubrey about a position with them. Is there some way you can put us in contact with each other or forward my request on to him. Bob may remember me from one of the following: Captive Reef Systems, ROWA USA or the MARS club here in Sacramento, CA. <Ah yes... Please call them per here: http://www.fritzpet.com/contact_form.html I thank you in advance for anything you can do for me. Have a great day, Bruce Azzarito <Thanks Bruce. Bob Fenner>

Discus farm... RMF NOT a directory  9/25/06 Hello, I have a 88000 sq ft. land at a prominent place on National Highway 4 in India. I want to set up a discus farm. I'm an amateur in the field but am looking forward to seek guidance from experienced person like you. I have read a bit about Lo Wing Yat the discus breeder from Hong Kong. I have plans to visit Hong Kong in the coming months as you have been making your purchases from him I would like to visit him. Please provide me with his address and contact number. Also I'm looking for financial partner from any part of the world for the project. I hope to receive your guidance and kind co operation. Thank you, With Best Regards, S. D. Desai < http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=PCTA,PCTA:2006-31,PCTA:en&q=Lo+Wing+Yat+the+discus+breeder+from+Hong+Kong BobF>

Refractometer, aquarium equipment, PH meter   9/26/06 Dear Sir,              How are you! You are known from the internet. I'm sorry for disturbing you. with this opportunity, I'd like to introduce our company and our products: We are professional manufacturer for various industry instruments and meters. Our main product include Hand Help Refractometer and Aquarium equipment and PH meter etc.    For further information, pls visit our website: http://www.china-meter.com.cn We should be grateful for your trial order, I'll offer you the lowest prices. We assure you of our best services at all times. Our quality is very good! Thank you very much and looking forward to your early reply!                    Best Rgds! Yabin Chen General manager Yabin (china) instruments co., ltd Tel:0086-769-21339290   13669877749   Fax:0086-769-22508409 website: http://www.china-meter.com.cn e-mail: sales@china-meter.com.cn       Address: Ste.1302,Youhe Mansion,No.1 Hongshan West Road, Dongguan 523012,China <Will post. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Florida Fish Farm for Sale  - 09/02/06 Hello; We have just listed our 6 acre freshwater fish farm for sale in Yankeetown, FL for $650,000. There are two wells - one for the house and one for the farm. There are over 150 ponds, vats, tubs and aquariums operating on a flow-through system. A representative the Aquaculture Lab in Ruskin visited on 4/21/06 and documented the following parameters from the water test: >Temperature: 73F > Ammonia: 0.1ppm > Nitrite: 0ppm > pH: 6.75 > Alkalinity: 205ppm > Hardness: 342 ppm > Salinity: 0.2ppt The ponds are stocked with koi, guppies, mollies, platies, swordtails, blue lobsters, snails and Gambusia. The air blower was just replaced and we've added a new water pump to filter the "show ponds" where customers view the fish. There are 3 greenhouses plus 2 permanent structures on the farm and all of the equipment needed to keep it operational. The home is 4000 square feet with 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a 1200 sq. ft. partially finished area on one end. It has a brand new roof, water heater and CHA system. Please direct any questions or comments to Dawn Easter via email, post to 4726 Hwy 40 W, Yankeetown, FL 34498 or call 239-494-7553. To access the realtor info directly go to: http://www.realtor.com/Prop/1066464433. Thank you, Tom & Dawn Easter Freshwater Farm <Will post on WWM... looks like a very nice property... and very fairly priced. Bob Fenner> Thanks for helping us get the word out!!! We appreciate it. Tom & Dawn Easter <Happy to be of service/help. Cheers, BobF>

Employment opportunity with Fritz  8/23/06 Dear Mr. Fenner, <Tom> My name is Thomas Roberts and I have been a chef for the last 15 years. <A hard job...> I have been an aquarist for 12 years, <Much easier...> the last 2 specifically reefkeeping. <Well, not much more...>   Recently, I have started working for my LFS gratis so I could learn about the fish industry from a local level. <Very good> When I saw your plug for the Fritz position, I got excited. <Oh... Tom, this is an old posting... Worth checking with them... The company about went out of business, but is coming back since...> I am out of the restaurant business as of today and I thought I would send you an email to express my interest in the sales rep position.  My customer service skills are very sharp from a lifetime in the service industry, and I have been told I have a talent for connecting with people instantly, which is an important trait for the professional salesman.  So if you would forward this along, I would sincerely appreciate it.  My contact info is as follows: Thomas Roberts <... Do contact the company directly... www.fritzpet.com, 800-955-1323. Would you consider relocating to the west coast? LA? Bob Fenner>
Fritz inquiry       5/16/16

Hey Bob,
While reading thru the site, which has become a daily happening for me, I came across the fritz inquiry about sales reps.
I did not see a date in conjunction with the write up.
How recent was that..and if recent, I would love to be forwarded to it.
Thanks, bob
<Should be date stamped... it's ancient. Fritz left the pet field and is now back... write them. B>

How to Sell an Internet Business?  7/14/06 Hello, <Howdy> 6 Months ago I started an Internet business selling corals, fish, inverts and liverock nationwide.  The majority of my time over the past six months has been mainly administrative and included design and development of the e-commerce site, securing high-quality suppliers (which nearly bankrupted me through trial and error) and building the appropriate infrastructure to support the business. <I see> Another opportunity outside of this industry has presented itself and I have chosen to pursue it.  In light of this I am looking to sell my business.  I wondered if you could provide any insight into the best method for advertising the sale of this type of business?  The cost to purchase is going to be very low and everything is negotiable: Price, Assets, Consulting Services etc.. etc... <Ah, yes> I really do not know where to turn to in the interest of ensuring that this offering is seen by the right people. Thanks for your help Steve <Well... a few things to state. One, it's hard to sell such "new", not-super-well established concerns... Two, if it were me/mine and I had no other avenue, I would try a "Business Broker" outfit that specializes in etailing (with a non-exclusive contract)... Third, perhaps a whirl with trying to sell it yourself (with a note on your site, perhaps a classified in the print mag.s.... Do you want us to list your URL, email addy for contact? Bob Fenner>

Re: How to Sell an Internet Business?  7/26/06 Bob, <Steve> Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  Listing my url would be a huge help.  The website can be found at www.sixfeetreef.com and I can be contacted by any interested party at sfauth@comcast.net <Real good. Will post along with your original correspondence... on our Aquatics Business Subweb> I have read many inquiries into your site regarding interest in establishing this type of a business.  In fact, when I was putting all of this together, I used WetWebMedia as a guide.  A whole lot of work went into this and it will truly be a great opportunity for the right person. Thanks for all of your help, Regards, Steve <Good luck in your endeavor/s. Bob Fenner>

Jobs in the industry in L.A.  - 05/29/06 Hello Mr. Fenner! It was nice to meet you. Hi, it's Niki from Louisiana. I was one of many, many people that you met at IMAC. I am not sure if you remember me, we have emailed before.  We spoke on a couple different occasions. I had been planning on opening a farm here but after consideration I believe I will be looking to move to Los Angeles in the near future. <A big change!> My question to you is, do you know of anyone over that way who is looking for help? I have extensive experience in retail, management, wholesale, maintenance and propagation for wholesale. Truthfully, I would rather not do retail or maintenance but of course I would not look down on an opportunity for employment in either area. <There are possibilities... I encourage you to contact Eric Cohen of Sea Dwelling Creatures, Dave Palmer of Pacific Aqua Farms...>   And of course I can provide references and more detailed information. Thank you for your time, Niki. <Be seeing you, Bob Fenner>

Job Opportunity, service tech. in San Diego   4/25/06 Bob, Could you put a note out that we are looking for a aquarium service technician to service marine and a few fresh water aquariums and some nice koi ponds in the San Diego Area. We pay pretty well and provide small service trucks for the technicians to do the routes in. Thanks! Hope all is well, & Jim says Hi! Danielle Shields Office Manager California Aquatics 10161 Buena Vista Ave Santee, CA 92071 ph: 619.562.0802 fax:619.562.2654 www.californiaaquatics.com <Will gladly do/post. Is Jim Dorsey still involved here? Hello back to him. Bob Fenner>

Employment opportunity for Tulsa OK folks or people moving there 8/24/05 Hi Bob, Just found this site and I am amazed that you have time to do anything else.   <I key quickly> I will be opening a retail fish store in Tulsa OK and thought I could post in your employment search. <Okay> We met a variety of times over the years at trade shows.  I used to be the sales manager of Seachem.  Then children came to us and I decided it was time to get off the road.  Over the last 6 years I built an aquarium service and custom install business in Atlanta.  I sold it and we moved to Tulsa 2 months ago to get closer to my wife's family.  We all know how difficult it is to find good employees (fishgeeks) an I was hoping you could send this out.   Great site!!! Thank you Scott Kosciolek Premier Aquatics of Oklahoma scott0615@sbcglobal.net <Will gladly do so. Congratulations on your store, the move, children. Bob Fenner>

Aquascaping/water features, aquaculture jobs 7/29/05 Dear Dr. Fenner: <Just Bob, please. I have no doctorate> I know your very busy, but if you have the time I would appreciate a reply to this inquiry.  I recently moved to San Diego with a degree in business, however my true passion is in aquariums, aquatic design, and interior escaping with water features.  I wanted to get your input or any leads on working for a aquarium designer/installer/seller in the area and the possibilities of making a living in the marine trade.   Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Justin Allen <Mmm, there are plenty of folks, businesses in the field you might join... or if time to develop your own... Unfortunately I don't know many of the current ones well... You might give Dan Shoemaker a call at Aquatic Life Services to see if they need/want help... Or cold-call the companies listed in the "Yellow Page" directories... better to make appointments, go and visit as many as you can. Perhaps give Ron Elander a call at retail shop Octopus' Garden re what he knows re jobs, availability. Bob Fenner>

Scrounging for pet-fish work in PNG 7/19/05 Hey there bob.  How are things?  I got an email a few days ago from Maurice and he was saying that possibly New Guinea Papua may have something to offer, for there was a new company trying to sort out a station over there?   Was wondering if you knew if that was fact or fiction and if there were some true hopes in scoring a possible link to them?  Let me know what you think about it and if its a possible insight to some work......                   Ryan <Have not heard of this possibility. Will post on WWM in hopes that someone else has, will chime in. Bob F>

Personal preference about traveling 07/01/05 Mr. Fenner,   I was wondering if you could help me on the beginning of a search. My wife and I are currently living in Sacramento, CA and we are out here having an adventure before we settle down to have kids. (originally from South Carolina). I wrote you a few weeks ago about some tropical fish store ideas and I really appreciated your advice and quick response!   Well, my wife and I are planning the next phase of our adventure. It's a dream of mine to hang out/live on one of the beautiful South Pacific islands. I would first love your input as which one to visit if you had only one chance. <Mmm, would need to know your backgrounds, desires... some of these islands are pretty "rustic"> Also, I would love any information or contacts I might be able to use for the possibility of a job. <... What sort of skills, knowledge do you have to share? Are you well known to folks in the trade here?> I thought I might be able to work with a company that collects fish. Do you have any ideas about who I might be able to get a job with or is this a VERY far fetched idea? <Not far, or very far... but I would communicate with prospective employers, visit them by yourself first...> We would only plan on staying 6 months to a year. I'd love any advice you could give. Thanks so much and I hope you have a great 4th of July weekend.                        - Jacob <Right off I would suggest targeting Fiji... there are some six "pet-fish" companies there... involved in live rock production, collection... corals, fishes... are "foreigner friendly", and a very nice country to boot... the rule of law applies, low crime, happy people for the most part... far more "adjusted" than Americans. But, again, what would you do? Bob Fenner>

Looking for Gary Bagnall Again - thanks, and I have yet another question. I'm trying to get in touch with Gary Bagnall/Booksellers to request a catalog, and the only number I can find is a fax number. Do you have an current phone number, or does he have any kind of web presence yet?   Best Sarah <Have you looked, tried Zoo Med, his company? Bob Fenner, just back from Bonaire>

Mystery Job Here's a rare job offering for someone you might know. Cheers, J <Wow... and in San Diego... my experience has been that these jobs have already been promised... Bob F>

Question on employment I'm graduating from college soon with a degree in finance and I already have an associates degree in business administration. I was just wondering if there are any large name retailers in the aquatic/ pet business that you know of that may be hiring within the northeastern tri state area NY, PA, NJ. Just looking for future employment opportunities but I noticed in my searches that no one in this field posts for jobs. Just looking for some help, Stephen Ruane <You might try contacting PetSmart, PetCo... a few of the other large chains that have more than a handful of stores in the area... If you really want to work in the trade, I'd expand your search to include the large/r manufacturers in the interest... These can best be identified, contact information gleaned, by reading through the industry magazines (these are listed on WWM), particularly their annual "Buyer's Guides"... Contact HR, Marketing heads, ask them re possible employment, for an opportunity to interview with them... as a rep.... or? Bob Fenner> 

Mike Bryant and WWM Crew, Fritz job/s Mr. Fenner, Hello, my name is Mike Bryant and I am a friend of Jeni Tyrell. I was an employee at a local fish store that she used to frequent. She has told me about the wetwebmedia site and I have found it very interesting. She has suggested that I email you in regards to volunteering my services as a point of contact for various aquatic questions. I have been working in the pet industry for 4 years and have a B.S. in Earth Science. I have bred everything from discus, angelfish and various African cichlids. My main focus and love being with saltwater fish, corals (propagation) and aquatic chemistry. I could continue on about what I have done but I think the list would be too long. If you would like I could draft a list of my experiences but I would like to defer at this time. Also, I saw your post about Fritz looking for sales representatives for their business. I tried to look on their site but could not find any additional information. Any additional information would be appreciated. Please find the attached resume for your review and consideration. Thank you, Mike Bryant <The Fritz (Pets, Industries) post is quite old (a few years) buy you might contact them just the same: http://www.fritzpet.com/index.html re your interest in employment. By your description of experience, relation to Jeni you are welcome to join our crew in responding to queries.

Possible pet-fish job of a lifetime... Dolphin International 9/04 Hi Bob <Hello Steve> Hope all is going well for you.  Guess you always busy traveling and writing. <Quite a bit... though is the gardening season, have a few "home improvement projects going"... the "biz of life" (cooking, cleaning, sleeping...) takes up about all available resources. Let's go diving!> It seems most young folks coming into fish industry now their passion is marines.  When I was a kid a lot (but that was a long time ago)  a lot of us were freshwater hobbyists as I was. <Still a lot of good folks about. Especially away from the west coast, when I'm traveling about giving pitches at hobby groups, am almost always pleasantly surprised to find an enclave of earnest freshwater aquarists with many tanks, breeding fishes, culturing aquatic plants, engaged in "scientific" enterprises>     At dolphin we are always looking for knowledgeable fish folks, who are hard working, caring, know a lot about freshwater fish both in caring for them and good customer service on the phone. <Oh! It's Steve Lundblad... duh! Of Dolphin International, the world's largest tropical fish transhipper> Bob you meet a lot more people in the aquarium hobby area in a day then I meet in a year,  if you happen to know of someone wanting to join the tropical fish industry in the LAX area who really cares about this industry, is moral and honest and capable and hard working we are always interested to talk to him/her. <Will gladly post on WWM re> A lot of us at dolphin are getting older now and we have to think about getting some younger folks involved for the future.   <Hee hee, I guess we all are> Knowledgeable, caring, and good people oriented freshwater tropical fish people are just hard to find. Hope to hear from you soon. <Steve... do you want to post your email addy for contact? Steve@dolphin-int.com or your co. URL: http://www.dolphin-int.com/> Thanks for any advice or anyone you can steer our way in advance. Steve Dolphin <Wish I was younger (who doesn't!?), would gladly join up with you for the adventure!> p.s. the other Steve in Portland I had met him some years back a real nice person with a good business, ours is not a common name  like Smith or Jones etc, so two of us with same name being in tropical fish industry for so long is quite amazing. <Yes... met him at Sacto's last "Findig"... a surprise to find "two of you" in the same interest for sure. Luckily, fortuitously met up with Chuck Rambo who graciously helps us here> I have been dealing in tropical fish since 1966 so that's 38 years now the time sure does go by fast, <Have been "involved" for a few years more... but hey, we've got Bob Holley, Dr. Bob Rofen and Ross Socolof to point at as being even "older timers!". Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Fritz Industries Bob, How would I go about getting in touch with Aubrey in order to forward a resume to him? <Actually, her. Look up Fritz Industries URL... see who is in charge of HR there currently... contact them. Bob Fenner> Thanks, Andrew 
Fritz Industries employment 
Mr. Fenner,  <Mr. Doan>  It seems a little strange after reading your books and hearing you speak as well as coming to your website on a daily basis that my first question for you would be this. Would you please forward my resume to Aubrey at Fritz Industries, INC. I would be very grateful.  Thank you,  Jeremy Doan  <Actually, no. Would be best or at least better for you to contact the company, find out who in turn to forward, mail these to and do yourself. Bob Fenner, who has not been in contact with these folks for a few years>
Fritz inquiry       5/16/16

Hey Bob,
While reading thru the site, which has become a daily happening for me, I came across the fritz inquiry about sales reps.
I did not see a date in conjunction with the write up.
How recent was that..and if recent, I would love to be forwarded to it.
Thanks, bob
<Should be date stamped... it's ancient. Fritz left the pet field and is now back... write them. B>

Work experience Dear Mr. Fenner My name is William Sullivan and I am currently living in England studying for a National Diploma in Fishery Management Ornamental. I am really enjoying the course and I am currently looking for work experience during the 20th of June until the 12th of September and would love an opportunity to work in America to gain some different techniques used. During my work placement during vacations, I gained some retail skills and I'm positive I will bring some ideas and enthusiasm to the job. I have enclosed my curriculum vitae for your consideration. Yours Sincerely: William Sullivan. <Mmm, well, WetWebMedia is a "virtual" (Net) co., but do have several friends/associates who are directly involved in the ornamental industry's livestock ends that might take you on. Do you have particular specialties (fresh, marine...)? Your CV does not tell much here. Please write back and I'll cc a few folks re. Bob Fenner>

Replying about work experience Dear Mr Fenner It's William Sullivan here, thanks a million for replying so quickly and yes my major interest is in marines. I intend to propagate Acropora species and clownfish in the National Aquatic training centre in college in September 2004 and I would love to gain some experience this summer. I have visited TMC's hatchery/wholesale facility in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire with my course in October 2003 and found it absolutely amazing and I would love this kind of opportunity in America. I know my CV is basic, what other details would you like to know and I will quickly inform you. Yours Sincerely William Sullivan. Eric.B in TX who Anthony Calfo (he's visiting right now) says has a grant to study, culture Atlantic Acroporids... Wishing you good fortune, adventure,. Bob Fenner> <Sounds great, thanks a million Bob, hope to here from you soon, all the best, William Sullivan > <<Ahh, one further note. If time, resources permit, do consider attending the InterZoo show in Germany in May... very worthwhile contacts to be made. Hope to run into you there. Bob Fenner>

Employment opportunities I have read your article about employment opportunities with fritz. I'm not in the retail pet market but I have been in the hobby for some time. I live in Prince George, British Columbia and if a need is required for this province, I would be happy to discuss it. Thank you, Ken Johnson <This is an "old" post... of a year or two back, but nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes. Do contact them via the Net and ask re employment chances. Bob Fenner>

Outside Sales Rep Position - New England & Mid Atlantic States Bob: <Ron> Attached is my cover letter and resume for your review.  I have 13 years of   extensive successful outside sales experience in retail, medical, commercial and private markets in the Pet Industry. I would appreciate your reviewing my experience and informing me of any job opportunities that would match my expertise.  I can be reached on my cell phone 401-580-8016 or via E-mail. Thank you for your time, Ronald G. Vinhateiro <Mmm, well, your cover letter and resume look fine... I do wish you had sent this a few days back. You've just missed the "Christmas" Backer Show in Chicago... which I would have suggested you attend and ask about re employment. Have you considered independent rep'ing? If you can afford the time, trouble, you might solicit small manufacturers (to larger) in your region who otherwise have no representation (some folks post "business wanted" ads in magazines like Pet Business to solicit these acct.s... Otherwise, perhaps a stint with Central...? Bob Fenner>

Searching for business partner Dear Bob, <Hello> Currently I have an existing inactive farm based in Bayuwangi (much nearer to fish sources comparing to Denpasar exporter farms). I understand even though there are many Bali and Bayuwangi exporters but the fishes are still in great abundance. I'm looking for serious partner who can help in providing capital in starting-up my existing Bayuwangi farm and do exporting as biz partner. Currently I have approx 100 tanks in my farm holding with available manpower. Can you help? Or are you able to post this in discussion forum? Thank you. Cheers, Ong Kian Huat Mobile : 62-81361619260 <I will post your note on our root web, WetWebMedia.com in the hopes that someone interested will contact you. Bob Fenner>
Re: Searching for business partner
Hi Bob again, Sorry could you pls delete XXXX when you post my message on your site? Just use Ong Kian Huat as contact person and lpfong@tm.net.my  as contact email address. <Will do so. Bob Fenner> Thanks Cheers, Ong Kian Huat
Re: Searching for business partner
Dear Bob, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! Cheers, Ong Kian Huat <Welcome, good luck, life to you. Bob Fenner>
Re: Bali Farm
Bob, I saw the post from Charles and am interested in the possibility of forming a partnership with this gentleman. A little background is in order, I am currently a plant manager of a large manufacturing facility here in the states that has recently announced the closing of this plant. As such, I am at a crossroad in my future and do not look forward to working out the balance of my career in manufacturing. I would dearly love to become involved in something I have enjoyed since adolescence which is fish keeping and raising. If you can could you put me in touch with this Charles individual since after my severance from my present company I will be in the position to invest more than a modest amount in starting a business back up. His post is pasted below to refresh your memory. Thanks in advance for any help you can give! Sincerely yours, W. Ray Rodman <His contact info (cell and email) are listed here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/workopsind.htm A grand adventure indeed. My usual cautionary remarks here: do try to "get about" and visit with folks in the industry in your area, travel to the location, meet with these folks... before making final, large commitments. Good luck, and you can reach me here if I may be of assistance. Bob Fenner>

RE: Bali Farm Thanks Bob for the quick response. I have already penned an e-mail to the gentleman and will wait to see what his answer is. Naturally I would do a complete background check and definitely would visit the area before committing to anything. Thanks again, Ray Rodman <Ahh, gratifying to understand... as you appreciate, my responses try to encompass general scenarios in future (as they are posted). Will be interested to hear/read how your business develops. Bob Fenner>

Bali partnership Hi Bob, <Charles> Thanks for directing Mr M Ray Rodman who's interested in becoming my uncle ONG KIAN HUAT's Bali exporting biz partner. He has emailed my uncle. However after I have replied him back on my uncle's behalf, I haven't heard from him for next 2 days. I have emailed him again a while ago. Let's see what happen. <Indeed. Hope all works out well for everyone. Bob Fenner> Thanks for your great help. Greatly appreciate. Truly, Charles

Career Opportunities Hello Bob,     First of all I want to say that I just received a copy of the new book and I think it is wonderful; I'm eagerly awaiting the next books in the series. However my main reason for writing is for information about career opportunities in aquaculturing. My brother is just about finished getting his Master's degree in Marine Biology at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. He is doing his thesis on the feasibility of commercially breeding a certain type of damsel, (I forget which maybe c. cyanea) and has been working there at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute taking care of the broodstock of Clownfishes for the aquaculture company that operates there. <Oh yes, ORA> What kind of opportunities are there for someone with his experience and a Master's Degree in this field? His ideal job would be trying to commercially breed new species. Any general information you could provide on types of jobs, salaries, location, or even specific opportunities would be much appreciated. I think the West Coast would be his preference for location, so any information specific to the industry out here would also help. <Much to state... perhaps it would be best to have your brother contact me re this? There are but few going commercial ventures in the field... it might be that he (and possibly partner/s) could break into the business with anew. There are government and NGO positions to be had with all the usual shortcomings of civil service. Bob Fenner> Thank you, - Eric

Sales Positions 3/19/03 Bob: <Anthony Calfo in your service> Do companies such as Quality Marine, CA. utilize Sales Representatives?   <yes... most all large wholesalers do... quite a few "big fish" on and near 104th street in LA where QM resides> By this I mean individuals who call on retail dealers in a given, protected territory and both expand the territory and "maximize" it's potential? <correct> This is a common methodology in many markets including the one I have been in for the last 14 years (electronic automation) and I would like to approach some firms about this to see if I could earn a living and enjoy my favorite hobby at the same time! Thanks, David <is such sales are your shtick... you can indeed make a living here... although it is not so dearly paying as sales of other commodities. Yet... being happy and making a reasonable living is good enough for most of us :) Best regards, Anthony>

Re: internship Hello! I am a biology degree student at Nottingham Trent university and am looking for a marine research company that could provide me with a placement for the year beginning around September 2004, <We (WetWebMedia) are not exclusively marine, don't do original research per se, and are all volunteer staffed> I am passionate about marine studies and am aiming to do a PhD and masters degree in the subject after my biology course, please could you let me know if your company provides placements for students and if so how i could go about arranging this. <You could try out answering queries for the root web> I am a very capable and professional student and would be willing to take part in any job involving my passionate subject in order to gain experience. <Likely very worthwhile.> I have previously kept fish at my home with huge interest and regularly read magazines related to the marine science. regards Kerry Hulme <Do take a read over WetWebMedia.com and make it known if you'd like to join in responding to queries an hour or so per day. Bob Fenner>

Aquaculture jobs Just in case anyone knows anyone that's looking.. Better hurry though, the deadlines are soon Jf <Thanks James. Will post on WWM. Bob F> Applications can be found at: http://www.state.fl.us/dms/hrm/jobsdirect/app.pdf FLORIDA FISH AND WILDLIFE CONSERVATION COMMISSION SCIENTIFIC _____ Broadband Level: FISHERIES & WILDLIFE BIOLOGISTS - L3 Broadband Code: <http://www.state.fl.us/dms/hrm/BROADBAND/profiles/19-1023.doc> 19-1023-3 Pay Band: 09 Class Title: ASSISTANT RESEARCH SCIENTIST-FMRI Class Code: 5063 Position Number: 071041 Closing Date: 02/28/2003 Location: MANATEE County: MANATEE Annual Salary Range: $31,452.13 to $78,630.31 Contact Person: FL MARINE RESEARCH INSTITUTE FISH STOCK ENHANCEMENT FAC. 14495 HARLLEE ROAD MANATEE, FL. 342219620 Phone: (941)723-4505 Suncom: 516-0603 Announcement Type: <http://www.state.fl.us/dms/hrm/jobsdirect/employment_guide/announce.htm l> Open Competitive Opportunity An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We hire only U.S. citizens and lawfully authorized alien workers. If you need an accommodation because of a disability in order to participate in the application/selection process, please notify the hiring authority in advance. The State of Florida does not tolerate violence in the workplace. Preference shall be given to certain veterans and spouses of veterans as provided by chapter 295, Florida Statutes. _____ Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: A bachelor's degree with a major in one of the biological sciences and two years of experience in a field or laboratory program required. Experience with personal computers and fish marking and tagging is highly desirable. Knowledge of: fish propagation methods, intensive and extensive aquaculture methods, and re-circulating aquaculture systems. Ability to: design and conduct statistically valid experiments; collect, analyze and report data, communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, establish and maintain effective working relationships, and swim with sufficient skill to save oneself in an emergency. Skill in: the safe operation of vehicles, trailers and vessels up to 25' in length. Class D Florida Driver's License is required. Special Notes: Hiring rate: $1576.84 Biweekly. Supervise and assist with marine finfish propagation and rearing. Supervise and assist with the design, construction, repair and maintenance of re-circulating and flow-thru culture systems... This Agency is not accepting electronic applications for this position. You may submit a hard copy of your application to the address indicated in the announcement. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND CONSUMER SERVICES SCIENTIFIC _____ Broadband Level: FISHERIES & WILDLIFE BIOLOGISTS - L1 Broadband Code: <http://www.state.fl.us/dms/hrm/BROADBAND/profiles/19-1023.doc> 19-1023-1 Pay Band: 05 Class Title: BIOLOGICAL SCIENTIST I Class Code: 5033 Position Number: 005436 Closing Date: 02/27/2003 Location: LEON County: LEON Annual Salary Range: $22,281.45 to $55,703.63 Contact Person: MS. SUN KIM 3125 CONNER BOULEVARD LAB 9, L-29 TALLAHASSEE, FL. 323991650 Phone: (850)488-4407 Suncom: 000-0000 Announcement Type: <http://www.state.fl.us/dms/hrm/jobsdirect/employment_guide/announce.htm l> Open Competitive Opportunity An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We hire only U.S. citizens and lawfully authorized alien workers. If you need an accommodation because of a disability in order to participate in the application/selection process, please notify the hiring authority in advance. The State of Florida does not tolerate violence in the workplace. Preference shall be given to certain veterans and spouses of veterans as provided by chapter 295, Florida Statutes. _____ Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: A BACHELOR'S DEGREE FROM AN ACCREDITED COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY WITH A MAJOR IN MICROBIOLOGY; OR A BACHELOR'S DEGREE WITH A MAJOR IN BIOLOGY, FOOD SCIENCE, ANIMAL SCIENCE, OR OTHER NATURAL SCIENCE WITH EQUIVALENT MICROBIOLOGY COURSEWORK. TRANSCRIPT MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH APPLICATION. CERTAIN POSITIONS WITHIN THIS CLASS REQUIRE INDIVIDUALS TO MEET SPECIFIC FEDERAL OR STATE REGULATIONS AS IDENTIFIED BY THE EMPLOYING AGENCY. This Agency is not accepting electronic applications for this position. You may submit a hard copy of your application to the address indicated in the announcement.

Hey Bob, Remember Me??? <Yes John, good to hear from you.> It looks as though you have been very busy. I have too. I have been working afternoons at the Chula Vista nature center as a volunteer aquarist.  I am thinking about getting out of automotive electronics and back into culturing\management end of the pet fish biz. I was wondering if you may have any ideas or suggestions where I might begin looking.   <None specifically... there are possibilities to grow live plants, stinging-celled animals, marine algae... import and distribute dry-goods lines... Bob Fenner 858-549-XXXX> Thanks, John Gardner 619 596-XXXX

Selling (LFS) business Mr.. Fenner After great contemplation, we are considering selling our business.  We started this business as our secondary business and it has grown at a tremendous rate.  Thus our time involved has grown with it.  Although we enjoy the business and have started to see the swing to a profit, we can not maintain it and our primary business.  We really had planned on just having a small aquarium store to help other hobbyist, and now it seems that it has grown and grown to the point that we can't keep up with everything.  We have a good location ( 2 years left on lease), have yellow page ads, web site and a good customer base.  (I would have to say that I our customers are great.  They are very loyal and a real joy to work with)   To the point, do you know of a way to advertise a business for sale?  We are in the Dallas area and we have asked some of our vendors if that know of anyone interested in purchasing an established business.  I had thought of contacting our local marine club (very active group) and seeing if they could put the word out.  I would hate to use a broker, as I feel that they jack the price up too much.   Thanks for your input. Jana Coyle Aquarium Mart 14438 Midway Road Farmers Branch, TX 75244 (972) 458-8900 <Mmm, will place your notice on our site (on the Daily FAQs today, business subweb tomorrow). I encourage you to try "word of mouth" for now as in DIY advertising on your local paper's "Businesses for Sale" classifieds... to ask your employees (if they have interest, means...), and to at least interview the business brokerages for valuable input on pricing issues... Also, do look into your leasing arrangement... two years is not enough time to sell/buy a business... will the folks take assignment? Will they grant an extension? They will likely require application by the new buyers. Bob Fenner>

RE: Selling business Thank you for the quick reply.  Also, thank for posting to the sites. <A pleasure> The landlord has agreed to work with us on the lease.  We are moving our other business out of the aquatic store (offices and some storage) and the landlord has even agreed to tear up lease if we rent another location from them for our primary business.  (thus the aquatic business could be moved, but seems foolish since all the advertising is for this location) <Yes> We will keep you updated on the progress. <Real good. Bob Fenner>

"the business" Hello Robert, Anthony, and Steven, <whasssup?> I have a couple of questions for you guys, but first off, congrats to Anthony and Steven for a great talk at the MASM conference.   <thanks kindly my friend> I think having some speakers really ignites interest in a club, and gets more people involved.   <agreed... and it inspires us just the same!> I also enjoyed looking over the promo copy of your book, it looks like it will be great book! <danke> My questions are about how to make a living in this hobby.   <hmmm... too bad... I thought you had the answer for me <G>> I have many ideas, but it is always good to talk to people who have "been down the road" you are planning on going.  I know that between you, you guys have done pretty much everything you can do to make a buck in this hobby! <wow... there are so many jokes to be made from that last statement... not the least of which involves an incident involving a sequin covered speedo and a gravel siphon> I've worked at a store for 8 years, have a degree in biology, and have done maintenance and installations as a side business for the last 3 years.   <the maintenance business is hard work but one of the most profitable sides of the industry. Especially after you get 5 -10 years into an strong customer base and can subcontract good workers to expand> I've considered doing maintenance full-time since this is the cheapest way to start out.   <and great profit too!> I've also looked into starting a wholesale operation (just livestock).  But this is very daunting because of the cost.   <whoa! No wholesale at first bud... requires a very long term plan/goals... a lot of capital to start up and low profit. Can be good over time... or you could just loose 100k+> Now I'm thinking of selling corals and fish on the Internet. <risky if you seek a full time living. Can be done, but the service business is far more sensible, reliable and profitable. And do sell your cultured livestock to your accounts!> I have some web-development skills, so I could make a website for this.   <there's far more to E-business than this> I've acquired the necessary  import/export permits to obtain the animals directly from overseas.  I have also been emailing suppliers in Egypt, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Fiji.  My question is which of the many suppliers are good? Particularly in Egypt and Sri Lanka? <that's an easy question... none. At least not for you to tranship animals to Michigan. Its irresponsible and unprofitable. You will kill far too many animals that can barely navigate importation through 20-30 hours just to get to the coast. Forcing these first to trek longer increases mortality, and weakens the survivors (longer term morbidity). Think about it, my friend. There is a reason why we are not up to our ears in wholesalers in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. We have a much stronger market and economy to support tropicals than Florida or LA (ask any local aquarists about the quality of shops near these areas). Still... few exist much beyond the primary ports of entry because the fish cannot safely (and profitably!!!) make it much farther into the country. Transhippers outside of Florida and LA do not have my respect or support. It is an unfortunate reality. Besides, reselling animals is a weak long term plan. Legislation on wild collected animals in the next 5-10 years could wipe you/your livelihood out. Farming home grown stuff is far safer and more lucrative in the long run... Especially is legislation comes down> My understanding is that the quality of fish in these areas is better than Indonesia.   <very subjective and seasonal... cannot be categorized as such> I obviously do not want to support a company that uses cyanide or unsustainable methods! <my advise is don't support any... grow your own <G>> I've also read Bob's FAQ on acclimating fish from long shipments.  I've setup a "small" 600 gallon system for shipments.  I also have some quarantine tanks setup if I should need to use antibiotics.  Would you recommend running copper all the time for this system? <I would recommend ozone and FW dips on standard. Meds as necessary. Methylene blue can be quite handy for dips and O2 saturation> I know copper can be rough on some fish.   <copper is a very limited "medication". Too labor intensive to dose 1-3 times daily and testing 1-3 times daily to maintain therapeutic levels. Useless for more parasites than not. Fine for common Ich though> I want to use this system for quarantining fish for the store I work at, my customers, and possibly selling online. Sorry this email is so long, but I really could use some advice! Let me know if a phone call would be more convenient for you than a long email. Thanks! Brett Harris So much to talk about here bud. First and foremost, I would not recommend trying to make a living reselling wild caught animals so far away from LA. It requires huge capital and is a lot of aggravation (like a retail store!). Maintenance or coral farming (obviously <G>) gets my vote for safe and reliable income in this industry. Do make your way to several industry trade shows and conferences yearly if you are serious. Great elbow rubbing and networking to be had. We can chat for hours at the bar about business this way :)  Best regards, Anthony>

Re: Marine Science Education and career choices Mr. Fenner, <Craig> It is with great joy I discovered the Wet Web Media website today.  I read The Conscientious Marine Aquarist a few years back and finally dusted it off and reread it (laughed like hell when I saw the Hash House Harrier reference on the last page!) <Am just about out the door to a run now, On On!> In any event, great job on the website.  I cannot stress how great I think it is that you actually find the time to personally answer questions from people across the globe. <Have plenty of good help!>   With that in mind and the fact I am certain you are quite busy I'll get to the point of my e-mail! I'm working on a degree in Biology (1st year) and planning on getting my masters in Marine Biology later.  What kind of advice could you give with regards to people aspiring to become marine scientists? <Study, apply yourself diligently... Find, make your niche... do "in-service" work as much as possible, over as much space time-field wise as you can... ally yourself strategically to people who share your values, ambitions... Go to gatherings of all types (business, hobby, scientific/technical) in and about your "major"...>   If you had to do it all over again, how would you go about your education? <... this may seem a bit odd... I "went" enough years, course-work to have graduated under four aliases... and still go (and teach)... I would, intend to just keep "going"... Mmm, let's see, perhaps to have strived to get out of the U.S. as an academic...> I realize this is a subjective area as peoples interests will vary and that pretty much determines what and where you may have to study, but I thought any light you could shed in general terms might be interesting to other people besides myself. <Glad to share. Bob Fenner> Thanks in advance! Craig Carlino

Coral Propagation for Commercial Venture What would the best be to construct a green house? I live in west Florida, lots of sun. How could I do it, propagating corals that is? <These questions can not possibly be answered completely in a simple email. Before you begin this venture, please invest in a good book. Anthony Calfo's "Book of Coral Propagation" is explicitly intended for this purpose. You can find it here http://www.readingtrees.com/ along with various other online retailers.> Thanks a lot, Rob <Best of luck to you! -Steven Pro>

Pet-Fish Career Possibilities I am looking for an opportunity in the fish business to make it into a career. This has been my goal for many years. I have a degree in Zoology which I originally had plans to attend graduate school. Instead, I have been working as a chemist for the past three years. I am interested in the >breeding and/or farming of marine species. Are there any opportunities for me. I am not sure where to start. Also, I would like to continue to learn as much as possible. Do you have any suggestions on how I can keep up to date with the latest science in breeding, etc.? <Travel to the sites where the work is going on, the schools engaged in research... attend business, science, hobby conferences... and read like a fiend... What I do> I do currently subscribe to Aquarium Fish Magazine and the Breeder's Registry's publication. <... I receive about 3 dozen publications, counting quarterlies in this interest... about the same volume outside. In fisheries science en toto, aquaculture, fish parasitology, nutrition... Do you have a specialty you'd like to pursue (aspect, species group)? Willing to travel, live somewhere other than the U.S.? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Ron Looker <Happy to assist you. Whereabouts (State) do you currently reside? Bob Fenner>

Pet-fish propagation careers I am in Ohio. I am especially interested in aquaculture and parasitology. Do you have publications that you recommend in these disciplines? <Yes. J. of Fish Parasitology, J. of Aquaculture, Copeia... Do you belong to the prof. associations like the AVMA (Aquatic Veterinary Hospital Assoc.?)... Much more importantly, have you tried to gain work in the field, done any in-service work with an institution?>  I am not really sure how much I want to relocate. I know Ohio is not too close to the ocean. Thanks again, Ron Looker <Well... this is a BIG factor... but you may not have to be near the ocean... instead you might bring it to you... Do take a look-see about, see if anyone is "doing" aquaculture near you (Are you familiar with Inland Aquatics in Terre Haute, Indiana? Tropicorium? Considered propagation on a small, but profitable scale there? You may be ready for self-employment. Bob Fenner>

Seeking and offering guidance in our interest... commercial Propagation is something I have taken into serious consideration. I am not exactly sure where to start, such as what is profitable, etc. <A starting point... chatting up, gathering notes on what others are currently doing... next, a "game plan" meaning both a business and marketing plan... then consideration of the five critical elements of any business venture: location, financing, personnel, set-up, stock... then operational concerns...> I looked for a couple of journals online with no success. Do you have any contact information in regard to the journals and the Marine Vet Assoc.? <Yes... but... "Who are you"? "Where do you want to go"? Any ideas of how you're going/getting there"?... Sorry to seem/be so obtuse... but I am fearful of leading you astray... if you get on over to a large/college library, you will be able to find all you've asked about so far... We need to start back... in your experience... perhaps have you engage yourself in what areas of ornamental aquatics (or other culture) you're now or will become interested in.> Thanks once again for your time and information. Sincerely, Ron Looker <Have you worked in the trade? The field en toto? Bob Fenner>

Anything a Lawyer could do? Hey guys, I have a different question; for reasons beyond understanding I am going to law school (probably U Mich. or Duke) and what I was wondering if Lawyers are ever used and in what area of marine aquatics? <I imagine there are areas... perhaps just associating with this sort of customer base... am aware of manufacturer disputes that have gone far, too far...> Just wondering what area I can take classes in to help myself because I love this field, and have been volunteering for the U. of Florida marine collector and absolutely love marine aquatics and want to help if I ever could (just got back from Sea Horse Key Marine Lab). Just a off the wall question from a bit of an off the wall person. Thanks for the input and the great info your site gives. Rob Holborn <Keep your options open academically/career-wise... suggest you include an occasional (every semester, quarter) course in something related/unrelated to law... there are "fisheries lawyers"... but not ornamental ones as far as I'm aware. Bob Fenner>

Looking for fish aquaculture position Dear Mr. Fenner, I'm an Italian PhD student in marine biology working on tropical fish reproduction. considering the fact that my PhD course needs a externship I'm looking for a fish farm, institute or university where to ask to spend a few months working on this topic. have you got any suggestion for me or some addresses or names to contact? Hope in your help, Ike <I will send your name, request about in the trade, and post it on our sites... unless I hear from you that there is a better email et al. addresses you'd rather use by the end of the day. Ciao, Bob Fenner> Dr Olivotto Ike Inst. of Marine Science University of Ancona via brecce bianche 60131 Ancona, Italy tel 071 2204990 Fax 071 2204650

Subject: SEEKING MARINE FISH AQUACULTURE POSITION Dear Dr. Olivotto, I have received a copy of your e-mail via Bob Fenner. I have, in turn, forwarded a copy to two of our members who are involved in captive breeding projects on ornamental marine fishes for their information. Should they be able to assist, they will be in contact with you direct. Wishing you success with your internship, Best regards, John JOHN DAWES SECRETARY GENERAL ORNAMENTAL FISH INTERNATIONAL APARTADO DE CORREOS 129, 29692 SABINILLAS, MANILVA, MALAGA, SPAIN. TEL:+34 95 289 1975 FAX: +34 95 289 0895 E-MAIL: secretariat@ornamental-fish-int.org www.ornamental-fish-int.org <Outstanding. Thank you for your input John. Hope to see you at Aquarama in May. Bob Fenner>

Re: Seeking Marine Fish Aquaculture Position Bob, I would suggest this fellow contact the Oceanic Institute on Oahu. A good search engine should yield the contacts. There is some proposed 'cage' aquaculture off the Kohala coast, however, this project is likely a ways off and involves food fish. Dana <Thanks Dana. If you have his e-addr. will you send this note along? Bob Fenner>

Re: Seeking Marine Fish Aquaculture Position Dr. Olivotto, You should try contacting the Florida Tropical Fish Association: PO Box 1519 Winterhaven, FL 33882 FAX (813) 299-5154 Good luck, Susan <Thanks Suze... I got an email from Scott Fellman re his article acceptance. Any interest in Barbara Taormina's "Best of FAQs" series? I could provide pix if you'd like. Bob F, missing you>

Re: Red Sea Biotope articles, pix Bob, Que tal, mi amigo! <Fine my friend, muy bien y tu?> I trust all is well with you(?) I have been largely indisposed with all manner of projects to generate employment. I started a landscape business to go along with the tree farm that has been around for about 6 years now. Starting slowly but adding to the income. <A good plan> I want to make a steady and persistent push towards getting reinvolved with the fishy business. You've probably passed me by on getting articles prepared. <Mmm, writing all the time> I did notice the Email you received from Aubrey concerning the search for qualified sales help in the business. Not sure how old the mail was but think I would enjoy this. How do you see this need and what type of person would be required to fill it? I have the business and people background....how about the level of petfish knowledge? <Do contact them (Fritz)... the trade needs good people. You know enough to start> Hope to strike up more conversations again. WWM is looking very fine. <Thank you... it's due to good folks like yourself building it. Be chatting, Bob Fenner> Regards, from David A. Bell

Re: Experienced Koi Breeder (Career, travel, adventure possibility) Bob, We communicated some times ago seeking your assistance in finding an experienced Koi breeder for our farm in Jamaica. I suspect we may have lost some communications since my mail sever experienced some problems have been unreliable ( hence the msn account) Please let me know if you were able to find someone as we as still searching. Thanks Norman mmfarms@cwjamaica.com <Will re-post your note on our sites. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia>

Fish Hi I'm Tyler.  I'm 13 I really love fish and when I get older I want to own my own store and I want to do what you do. I know everything about fish.  I study I love fish I'm starting my own fish tank and I love it so if you can give me any info I'll love it have the greatest day and good luck <Tyler, do take the time to read through the Aquatics Business articles and FAQs here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/indarts.htm Perhaps you can ask your parents/guardians if you might volunteer at a local fish store or even a public aquarium. It may be possible to get a work permit from your school for credit for some of this experience. Bob Fenner> TYLER

Perry's input on SG work possibilities Dear Bob, My name is pankaj mungekar I live at India ( Mumbai ) here I am a breeder , and wholesaler I want to do some job at Singapore what do you say do you know any body who can help me I am trying to come to Singapore for the job . with a great hope I am writing to for help and expect sure help from you. I have organized a exhibition in Mumbai ( INDIA ) but due to some problem it failed and the partners put their burden on me and ran away and I have to bear the finance matter , any way now I am not interested in doing any thing here I want to come to Singapore as I have heard that Singapore is the best places for aquatic carrier and I need your address for the visit. <A very nice country all the way around. The rule of law applies, not too much government, a populace that are educated and civilized... I am sending your note to a friend there, Perry Chong, in the hopes that he may know where in turn to refer you. Bob Fenner> Thanking you and awaiting you the positive reply Pankja Mungekar ( MUMBAI < INDIA )

Just Get Me Outta Here! Dear bob writing you again Mr. Aubrey, Fritz Industries, INC. HE have written you for the jobs person kindly recommend for me Pankaj Mungekar <Won't do this as I don't know you well enough. Do contact Fritz directly yourself and offer to send your resume and application. Bob Fenner>

Re: Perry's input on SG work possibilities Hi There, <Hey Perry> The majority of Singapore's tropical fish businesses are small family owned ones. I think Pankja Will stand a better chance by sending his resume to this company called Qian Hu.Go to www.qianhu.com for more information. It is the biggest breeder in Singapore and probably the first in the world that is listed on a stock exchange. Stock analysts reckoned that they supply about 40% of tropical fishes sold in the local market. Last year they made about Sing $8 million according to reports files with the Singapore Exchange. Regards Perry <Thank you Perry, hope to see, dive, do some underwater photography with you soon. Bob Fenner>

Re: Employment Questions Thanks for your prompt reply. It sounds as if there at least is the potential to make money in this industry. How would I get started in the business? <Please read through the Business Index articles, FAQs posted on WetWebMedia.com... particularly the "Five Critical Elements of Business"> Would I have to relocate first and then just look for available jobs?  <Practically, yes. Much, much easier to "sell" oneself in propria persona> I would much rather have a job first before moving. Also I would not want to be stuck in an unchallenging, futureless position. I feel that if I were in a position that did not require me to use my intelligence constantly, I would become very unsatisfied. <Mmm, strongly agreed... Make your own "job"/career, future... for me the field/s (ornamental aquatics business) have been greatly satisfying... though admittedly there are many other "types" of occupation that for sure "pay more" monetarily (selling securities, commercial real estate...). Are you more of a corporate pogue, or civil servant? If so you are better suited to fields that call for less self-initiative than ours.> I guess I am just asking what are the steps one would take to find a job in this industry that has both financial and intellectual potential. Are there any jobs that have yearly salaries as opposed to being paid by the hour?  <Some... management in mom and pop fish stores, the chains... a few in manufacturing, distribution...> I will purchase the book by Jay Hemdal that you recommended, but any more of your advice would be appreciated as graduation is approaching. Thanks again, Mark R. Christie <Much to relate... do seek out at least some (even volunteer) work in the field where you are. Bob Fenner>

general/ career advice Hi Bob, Bit of a long shot, but I wonder if you may be able to throw a few suggestions my way. I am a diving and reef keeping enthusiast. I have read your book and articles with interest and wondered how one turns a hobby one is passionate about into a career. <Mmm, a few ways... the "difficult" part you have already achieved: the drive, knowledge, skills and direction of your interests... now all that remains is the paying application and execution towards this process> I studied Animal Biology but have somehow ended up working in the Chemical industry. I am currently working as the Technical Service Manager for a wood care company in the UK. I have thought about working as a diving instructor or working in the Fish keeping trade, however I am about to start a family and couldn't afford a drop in wages. Writing appeals to me although I wouldn't by any means classify myself as an "expert" on reef keeping. <You will become one through your writing, likely complimentary photographic efforts... Do start with your first "piece"... an outline first maybe... about yourself, your entry, development in the hobby. If there is time, consider operating your own "Service Company"... a good deal of room in the field, which is growing, flexible in time commitment, and offers good pay and other remuneration> Any ideas, websites, company names etc. would be very welcome....even if its just to tell me not to bother! Thank you for your time, Andreas Kistler <Much to say, discuss my friend. Please do read through the "Business Index" on WWM for now: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/indarts.htm including the FAQs files... keep your mind open, particularly re your possibilities... be positive in your outlook, especially re your future... strive incrementally toward what makes you happy. I will help you. Bob Fenner>

RE: general/ career advice Thank you for your speedy response and your kind words of encouragement. You have inspired me to start work on writing my first piece. <Ah, good. Do let me know if I can help in some way. Do write to Practical Fishkeeping, other for-pay publications in the UK and western Europe (I have written for several), asking for writers guidelines (spacing, if you can send submissions electronically...) and guidance re what sorts of content they may be looking for> I was also interested to read your comments on the possibility of running a service company. I will research further. I guess in Britain we are several years behind the States. <In some ways, areas perhaps... others vastly ahead> It seems to be a fast growing hobby though, with more and more aquatic shops opening up a marine section. I will keep in contact. Cheers, Andreas <Looking forward to it. Bob Fenner>

hello WetWebMedia crew (pet-fish career paths) this question is for Bob! I have been in the aquarium hobby/trade for about 8, years, I really enjoy the hobby.  <Me too> I also started my own aquarium maintenance service. IM knowledgeable in freshwater and marine aquaria! I have my own business license and resale permit. I am just a one guy crew, which is me by myself. IM trying to come up and get big in this industry, but the problem is that I don't have money or enough clients to expand myself in the industry! <Ah, another "Catch-22" situation... Best to go slow, build step-by-step... Steve Pro here has his own service business as well... I will cc him here for his input> I would really like to get into exporting my own livestock, so that I can make a profit. or importing if that's the correct phrase?  <Mmm, depends on which end you want to be on... But, I assure you, this aspect of our trade is not simple or easy... Much to discuss, many potential problems, pitfalls... You would be much better off developing aspects of your present business that reward you> I'm a real enthusiast in this hobby! I met bob at the western marine conference in seaside, California. at the embassy suites. he knows who his buddy is :0) anyhow I was wondering if you could give me any leads in to contacting importers/exporters?  <Many... but... marine, freshwater, Koi... live clams, corals... what do you want to do here? Who will you sell to? Do you have a holding facility?> I'm in Salinas, California. I would also like to ask if you know of anybody that can use me in their company that works solely in aquaria and fish.  <I don't... but would check with the local retailers and other companies in our field for leads in the area> I would like to get my foot in the door and make a career out of this kind of job because it is my passion and I strive daily to put my aquarium skills to good use. bob, if you know of anybody willing to help me out and lend me that helping hand, so that I can help myself, I would be very grateful to you. IM hoping that they will be close to me in Salinas, California. sincerely, your fish friend Carols! <Do read through the WetWebMedia.com Business Index articles: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/indarts.htm including the FAQs files... and chat with the local retailers re possibilities in the trade they're familiar with... Your path will become more defined with your seeking. Become yourself. Bob Fenner>

Re: hello WetWebMedia crew (pet-fish career paths) hi rob yes I do have a holding facility. I am interested in clams and corals. <Ahh, a good area, group of species to get involved in. A friend in the local hobby club just started a clam business. Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/tridacnidfaq.htm> any input would be appreciated.  <Whom do you buy from now? Do you know of Sea Dwelling Creatures, Walt Smith/Pacific Aqua Farms in L.A.?> one more thing bob, can I be part of your WetWebMedia crew? or do I have to be in san Diego?  <No need to be in Southern California. No "space", need for more help right now, but do keep us in mind... as WWM continues to grow, expand. Bob Fenner> thanks in advance, Carlos

Re: hello WetWebMedia crew (pet-fish career paths) one more thing I am gonna sell to retail outlets, or persons with aquarium service licenses. <Good markets. Bob F>

Help? (Making pet-fish related work a career) Hello, I have no idea what I am doing so if I am on the wrong track here, please forgive me. My bf is works for a company that goes out a services aquariums in homes and businesses. He has been doing this for over 1 year almost 2 and before that he worked as an assistant manager in a fish store for about 2 years, He I started to go to school for Marine Biology but stopped, I am not sure why or how far he got. He is currently making $13.25/hr. He wants to make more than this but has no idea what he can do, or where to look or go. Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks, Michelle <If he has the drive, acumen for business, he might consider working for himself in the service side, perhaps being an importer, even a maker of products in the field. Please have him contact me. Bob Fenner>

Employment Questions Hi. I realize that you probably get hundreds of e-mails a day, and so I appreciate your taking the time to read mine. I will be graduating from Boston University in May with a degree in Biology w/ a specialization in marine science. Which is everything a biology major is except we get to take graduate level classes at Woods Hole for a semester. Anyway, I decided to put off pursuing a PhD for at least a year as I am a little burnt out. I should also mention that I have been a hobbyist for eight years or so keeping and breeding freshwater fish, marine fish and reef tanks. I am applying to all sorts of marketing and business related jobs in California to establish residency and make some money. <I understand> I recently stumbled across your amazing web site and quickly read most of the articles in the aquatic business section and I optimistically began thinking that perhaps there would be a way to make some money while doing something that I love.  <A very clear path> Obviously I can not start my own business as I do not have the funds, nor the experience necessary to do so. So my questions are: How much does one make as an aquarium technician (i.e. someone who services other's tanks, and set them up?)  <Some folks just enough to support their pet-fish habit... many of my friends, six figures> How about managers of stores?  <More to the middle of these figures... a few to a handful of tens of thousands of dollars per annum> It seems to me as if there is a lot of money to be made on Koi, as you know, but how would one get involved in that industry? <Mmm, not so on both counts. There are very few people who make "good money" in nishikigoi... takes many years of experience, study, associating in the field, travel...> To be honest, I would need to make between 30 and 35,000 dollars a year to give up going the business route (not that this isn't business). Does that seem feasible? Do you have any contacts or positions that you would be willing to refer me to?  <A few... but need to know people better... or just take you around and let you make your own introductions. Perhaps working with someone in the service side, even through a retail outlet would grant you experience, sufficient monies and satisfaction...> Thank you very much for your time. Mark R. Christie <Please take a quick read through Jay Hemdal's new book: Aquarium Careers: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/aqcareers.htm for at least some other and more insight. We'll be chatting. Bob Fenner>

employment HELLO, Have had aquariums for about 36 yrs, Used your fritz enzyme in the salt tanks and never had a problem with many fish in a aquarium same day it was set up. So I will now get to the point, Saw that you were looking for employees and I know your products work unlike 90% of what is offered to people that go into a fish store to buy a good product. I live in new Hampshire if there is anything I can do for your company please let me know. THANK YOU, ALAN LEMAY <Mmm, actually, you are likely trying to reach the folks at Fritz down in Texas. Do contact them re. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com>

hello, Robert! "fritz employment opportunity" hi, rob, I'm asking if you can please let fritz pet products know that I'm interested in working with them as a sales rep. in Salinas, California. my home# (831)771-2548 please have them call if they have any questions! thanks rob! happy holidays. :0) <Please see today's FAQs: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/dailyq&a.htm or the Links pages on WWM. There's their link, and I'll send along your message to a friend there. Bob Fenner>

Email Listing (Fritz offering employment opportunities!) Robert, I got the above notice off your website. Is this a current opening? I am looking for a sales opportunity in the aquarium industry and would be interested. I am located in the Detroit, Michigan area. Thanks for your reply. Merry Christmas, Dan Wilcox <Don't know if Fritz is still recruiting, but will send your note on lickety split here (including your email address). Their URL to check: http://www.fritzpet.com/ Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

graduate school advice Hi Bob Fenner, I understand you once taught college and was wondering if you could give me some advice. <I'll gladly offer my viewpoints> I have a B.S. in biology (chemistry minor). I graduated in May 1994 from a 4 year state university; and I took the GRE in April (?) of that year. College was interesting to me, but I was more interested in partying and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so I just settled for a degree in biology because it was interesting to me. <Wow, I studied like a fiend to get my first life science degree.> Unfortunately I didn't study TOO hard and my grades were not too good. I graduated with a 2.75 (roughly, can't remember the exact number). Not good, I am afraid. Since graduating I have mostly worked in the chemistry field, in various water quality labs, even substitute teaching and waitressing.  <Good to be "well-rounded"> I am now employed by a company which makes chemicals for the semiconductor industry. Chemistry is alright, but I don't love it. I will be the first to admit, and regret, that I have not chosen my career, I have allowed it to choose me. <You are wise to realize this... and to do what you want to seek to change your path> So I start setting up this saltwater tank in April, and thus began studying fish, inverts, and water quality. The more I learn about it, the more I want to know. I have even started studying about oceanography. I have been reading books on the subject as well. I have found what interests me and I would love to spend a career working in this field. I do not know if any graduate school would accept someone with such poor grades to study with them. How can they know that I was a dumb kid then and didn't really care what grades I made; and now, at 31, I am sure I can do much better.  <Perhaps this is unimportant... compared with an earnest desire to improve oneself, the apparent capacity to do just this... Your suitability will be obvious. All you need do is apply and apply yourself> My success in building and, so far, stocking my aquarium is one indication to me that I can make a commitment to learning and mastering certain levels of achievement. But how will they know all of this? Do graduate schools just look at grades and GRE scores (which, by the way, I am studying for my GRE again, since I took it too long ago to count anymore)? <Worthy schools look at these benchmarks and much more. I strongly suspect you can make a good presentation in your support> Or is post-baccalaureate work a good option to prove to them that I can learn, retain, and apply information? <Ah! An important question/point... Much depends on you, secondly, but critically important are your graduate advisor, thesis committee... the folks who will "coach", direct you in your studies> I know this letter is lengthy, and I know you are a busy man, so I apologize for this.  <No worries. There is time> Thanks for all your advice, my aquarium wouldn't be what it is without you. Little update: I have Ole the Kole tang and he is doing wonderful after defeating his ich battle. He is about ready to go back to the main tank. My two little damsels have a new, permanent home in a 10 gallon. (They are the two luckiest damsels in captivity if you ask me). The main tank is doing great. I have so many critters in there, I see something new everyday. Thanks again, Mr. Fenner Peace, Jana <And to you my friend. Bob Fenner>

Seeking work with fish... Dear Robert Fenner,  I am currently working at North Uist Fisheries in the Outer Hebrides (the first part of my two-year working holiday in Britain) and I am now seeking work in aquaculture of ornamental fish species in England. <Ah, much cooler than Vanuatu!> At North Uist Fisheries I was involved in feeding, selecting brood stock, grading stock, harvesting, site maintenance, and cleaning of hatchery tanks.  <Yikes, "been there", "scrubbed that"> I have a Diploma in Natural Resource Management (Australia) and during my studies I was able to obtain an industry placement at Queensland's freshwater fisheries for a one year period. <How nice... good collective experiences> Whilst with the department of fisheries I was able to learn many skills concerning freshwater fisheries including fingerling tagging for a barramundi recapture study and post stocking electro fishing surveys for the endangered Mary river cod. I also worked with otoliths as part of a study designed to determine the age and growth rates of eels. <For browsers, these very hard "ear bones" (sacculus, lagena, utriculus if memory serves) are invaluable records of growth... some even able to be used from "Indian middens" (old trash heaps) for determining species, sexual make-up of fishes caught, consumed...> In my spare time I am a very keen aquarium hobbyist and angler and feel that I would be an asset to you.  <Yes, well, not to "us" I suspect (we don't do production of livestock)> Please do not hesitate to contact me if any opportunities arise or if more details are needed. I would appreciate any guidance you may be able to offer! <Can, will gladly help you to become more familiar with possibilities in the U.K. through my friends, associates in the trade there. Please contact Paul West at TMC: tmc@tmc-ltd.co.uk  as I will as well, and ask his assistance. A review of their business can be found on our site here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/tmcpropc.htm If they don't have prospects currently for someone of your background, talent, desires, I am sure that Paul will be able to direct you to other possibilities. Bob Fenner> Yours Sincerely, Ruan Gannon (Aged 26)

my LFS Dear Bob, I've written to you previously with questions about my own tank. By the way, it's doing well. To refresh, it's a 75-gallon reef that now has the following inhabitants: 30 hermits, 10 snails, 1 serpent star, 1 brittle star, 1 cucumber, 1 sally lightfoot, 2 emerald crabs, 1 bicolor blenny, a feather duster, some pulsing xenia, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 colony of Caulastrea, tons of pods and something that I won at a marine society meeting that looks like fatter mushrooms and is found in Florida (I'll have to ask again about them!). <Perhaps Ricordea> Anyway, no losses yet except a cleaner shrimp that my hermits ate! Still looking for a pair of tank raised Banggai Cardinals... Anyway, my question is not about my tank, but how to help save my LFS. It's a small store that opened a year ago. The owner lost his full-time job about six months ago, and then with the economy and the horrible events in New York, it's been all downhill recently. <Yes... and the usual "Summer Doldrums"... > It's a great little store with good advice, nice products and nice livestock. They concentrate more on having successful hobbyists rather than making the big sale and setting people up for failure.  <This is the best way to build a business> But now, they're thinking about closing the store. I've talked to the manager about putting it up for sale instead, as all of the set-up money was paid up front and not financed. Therefore, a new owner could pay a smaller down payment and the current owners could self-finance it. I'm hoping that they consider making it through the holidays in order to give it time to find a new owner. Do you have any suggestions on how they can "make it" through, as well as any ways to find a good buyer for the store? <Am a self-professed "idea person"... Many suggestions are placed on the "Business Index" of our principal site: www.WetWebMedia.com for instance the doldrums mentioned: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/bizsummerprom.htm Know that most retail outlets in our interests are not profitable for their first couple of years... That the "season" of December through February/March accounts for a huge(50-70%) of new and continuing sales... Are the challenges facing your friends/LFS purely economic? I suspect not... and STRONGLY entreat you to aid them mentally/emotionally... do volunteer to come in, help during an evening or weekend day period if you can dedicate the time...> I've already given the manager the name of a broker that I bought a business through as well as made suggestions to e-mail members of the DFW Marine Aquatic Society. I think they might list it on a couple of "business for sale" websites as well. But since you've been in this industry for such a long time, I thought I'd pick your brain for any ideas. <Much to discuss my friend. Let's continue with specifics> Thanks for all of your help...I always check your website before I consider adding things. So far, I've found out not to add any tile fish or tangs to my reef! So I have a very fat and happy blenny (named Benny, of course!). Kind regards, Misty Johnson PS One other quick question...I've heard conflicting reports about whether or not a mechanical filter (biobags with charcoal used) is a nitrate factory and in fact NOT good for a reef. I have a Remora skimmer and about 80 lbs of live rock, 4 inches of (now) live sand. Should I use the mechanical filter or now? Your thoughts? <Mechanical filters in addition/adjunct to enough/proper biological can be a great asset... Especially in your new store settings... to remove the mass of wastes. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

again... (a dream... unfolds) Hi again, Bob...I sent you the question about how to save our LFS. Then I found this post. Anyway you can send David a message about it? There are several "David Bell" listings in the phone book. And I'm not sure when he sent you this e-mail. But he sounds like a good candidate! If you are able, please have him contact me and I can give him more details. My daytime number is 214-874-XXXX. <Will do so my friend. Bob Fenner> Thanks again, Misty Johnson Message from board: Ah, that would be the life....actually working at something so totally enjoyable. What a concept. This area is ripe for it and I'm sure you know several other areas. When you're ready....... <When you're ready my friend. Can't do this with you, but can help/guide you.> Even with the affluence of the North Dallas area there are too few shops specializing in marine systems and critters. North Dallas Aquarium is fairly close to me - well kept, always packed with customers, moving much equipment and stock. There is a more recent pop-up called Saltwater Solutions. I have not quite figured out what they're trying to accomplish - very impersonal, almost always closed, messy bare bones shop, and acquiring/keeping large stock but many species that they shouldn't. There are a couple of installation/maintenance businesses as well to cover a very large area. <Sounds like "opportunity knocking" to this pet-fish boy. Bob Fenner> Regards, from David A. Bell

Some call this providence (I'm from Northkingston, R.I.) Bob my good friend.... Methodically meditating on this aquarium installation and maintenance gig. We may need to talk more just so I don't forget something of paramount importance. It may interest me to the point of actually doing something about it......just thinking aloud. <Many good things coming to you my friend. Bob Fenner> Regards, from David A. Bell

Job opportunities with fritz industries? Bob, I noticed that you have career board on your site, I have been in product sales for 5 several years and would love a career change. If you could please tell how I may contact Aubrey at Fritz Industries, INC. It would be greatly appreciated...oh and thank you for your timely response to me email regarding the hiding triggers! Ryan Petersen <Ah! Will gladly email her at Fritz for you, and you're welcome my friend. Bob Fenner>
Fritz inquiry       5/16/16

Hey Bob,
While reading thru the site, which has become a daily happening for me, I came across the fritz inquiry about sales reps.
I did not see a date in conjunction with the write up.
How recent was that..and if recent, I would love to be forwarded to it.
Thanks, bob
<Should be date stamped... it's ancient. Fritz left the pet field and is now back... write them. B>

Re: Life, freedom, pet-fish work Ah, that would be the life....actually working at something so totally enjoyable. What a concept. This area is ripe for it and I'm sure you know several other areas. When you're ready....... <When you're ready my friend. Can't do this with you, but can help/guide you.> Even with the affluence of the North Dallas area there are too few shops specializing in marine systems and critters. North Dallas Aquarium is fairly close to me - well kept, always packed with customers, moving much equipment and stock. There is a more recent pop-up called Saltwater Solutions. I have not quite figured out what they're trying to accomplish - very impersonal, almost always closed, messy bare bones shop, and acquiring/keeping large stock but many species that they shouldn't. There are a couple of installation/maintenance businesses as well to cover a very large area. <Sounds like "opportunity knocking" to this pet-fish boy. Bob Fenner> Regards, from David A. Bell

Future Career Questions Hello Bob, Hope you had a great trip!!! I will be graduating in the spring with a BS in Animal Science from Berry College in Rome, GA. After graduation I will actually need to begin life in the real world and get a job. I love the idea of possibly working in an aquarium somewhere (I am not picky, I am ready to get out of GA and AL, Washington DC or around there would be nice) or a zoo. Do you have any suggestions about where I could look for jobs in aquariums. <Mmm, yes... do contact the ones you're interested in, better to actually visit... and ask them re jobs opening up... There are a few web-links that include a bunch of these. Ours: http://wetwebmedia.com/links.htm> I would rather not work in a retail store but work in large public aquariums where I could work with the animals and help raise awareness about the animals in our oceans. Any ideas? <Both settings and others will "get you there/here"... Perhaps a stint in the Aquarium Install and Service industry, perhaps manufacturing... maybe Aquaculture...> I am not SCUBA certified but I would be willing to do that if it was a prerequisite (sorry I can't spell) for the job. Thanks!!! <All helps> Olivia Guthrie PS thanks to your wonderful advice and your book my salt water tank is slowly going from a FOWLR to a little reef! Everyone is healthy and happy. Oh, I do have one question. I bought 24 blue legged hermit crabs from FFExpress and 24 Astrea snails a couple of weeks ago, with only 2 losses due to shipping I think. Will I need to provide more shells for these critters to move into in a couple of weeks, months?  If so, where can I acquire them? Thanks again! <Yes, many folks sell these... shell shops, retailers in the pet-fish fields, etailers... supply them now, as in ASAP for the Hermits. Be chatting my friend. Bob Fenner>

RE: Employment opportunity for an experienced Koi breeder Thanks Bob, I do appreciate any help you can offer. Norman <You're welcome... do have many industry contacts, an old but large experience in the field overall... And perhaps very importantly... have "seen" the future (after writing that "ponds are going to be big in the U.S." for eighteen years in the trade press...) and there will definitely be a market for good quality Koi. The water quality (I know the temperature will be fine, but the hardness, pH...) you have will hopefully retain/enhance Hi and Sumi markings? You will hopefully avoid the pyxocephalic (square head) problems of so-many domestic breeders... Have you been to visit places in the industry in Japan? Much to discuss. Bob Fenner>
RE: Employment opportunity for an experienced Koi breeder
Bob, I have been to Japan and to the U.K, and also some farms here in the U.S.  <Ah, excellent> If you can refer someone, I will pay a referral fee if we hire the individual. <Appreciate the offer. Will look about. Will only refer people I know to be proficient, honest, truly desirous of doing the job. Bob Fenner> Thanks

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