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FAQs on the Genus Bucephalandra

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Bucephalandra question       5/10/16
Hello all! I'm trying to learn a little more about Bucephalandra plants.
<Had to look up myself:
A lot of the pictures I have seen show a beautiful iridescence, but most of these were out of the water shots (i.e., the plant was wet but not submerged). I've seen one or two pics of submerged Bucephalandra that seemed to show the same iridescence. So, are only emersed plants iridescent?
<Appear to be so in good health>
Does it depend on the variety? Lighting? Water conditions?
<On all three I'd wager>
I haven't been able to find much information about this aspect of Bucephalandra so I hope you can help!
<Please see the Google citations linked above.>
Thank you,
<W. BobF>

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