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Brown Slime killing my reef! Please Help!   6/13/06 Ok I am in dire need of some assistance! First my plate coral got brown slime. I did an iodine dip to no avail. It is on a steady decline and I am taking it for dead at this point. Then my colt got it! <... root cause/s here? Something amiss with your water quality perhaps?> I got a frag of it off that is doing really well, and did an iodine dip on the rest of it, but it is very pale in color, and seems to be just barely hanging on. The polyps still come out but the color is just awful! NOW MY XENIA HAS IT!!!!!!! <Very unusual for such disparate groups of cnidarians to fall prey to this contagion> I cut off some parts that seemed to be doing crappy and had the brown stringy stuff on it...what is at work here?! <The six bazillion dollar question> How did this get introduced to my tank? It is just moving from coral to coral, how do I stop it?! <Fix the environment...> The iodine dips are not working!! I am terrified of losing my entire reef to this. PLEASE HELP!!!!! Or maybe its not brown slime?! It's this brown stringy stuff...like snot, that seems attached to the coral and waves about in the current. But the coral that has it does not like it one bit. I seriously feel like crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All my time, effort, and money is quickly going down the tubes!                                                        --Brandon <... Brandon, where's the info. re your water testing? Your set-up gear, history? Please take a read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/cniddisfaqs.htm and the linked files above... and write back with more data. Bob Fenner>

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