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FAQs on Carpet Anemone Disease Diagnosis

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FAQs on Carpet Anemone Disease by Category: Diagnosing,  Nutritional, Social (Allelopathy), Trauma, Pathogenic (Infectious, Parasitic, Viral) Predatory/Pest, Treatments 
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... where does it live? Is there sufficient chemical nutrient base to support photosynthesis? I.e. measurable (but not excessive) NO3, HPO4?

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Carpet Anemone; stkg., hlth f's         9/4/15
Hi There,
I am so impressed by the information on this site. As I was researching, I came across your archives. So great!
<It is for folks as yourself we have labored to present it>
Anyway, I am a seasoned Aquarist and have a 220 gal reef tank. It is well established and is thriving. The water parameters are perfect. When I was starting with saltwater and did not know what I was doing, I hastily bought a Haddon carpet for too small of a tank that perished. I fell for the species in the meantime and was devastated by the loss.
<Ahh; an almost always result of folks trying Stichodactyla species>
Years have passed and with my 220 gallon, I figured that it was time to try again. I have 2x250 watt metal halide lights and 8x t5 actinics. I researched and spent good money on my lighting. I have a 70 gal sump. The system is great. My newly delivered (to my doorstep) anemone seems to be doing well on day 2, but he is opening his mouth and seems to be expelling waste. A gaping mouth scares me knowing what happened before.... during their acclimation process, is this considered normal?
<Is not normal... would dose a few times over the proscribed iodide-ate supplement; and keep a close eye on it>
Just trying to stay on top of it! Thanks for reading.
<And you for sharing. Bob Fenner>
Re: Carpet Anemone      9/5/15

Great. Thank you so much. He expelled quote a bit of waste last night and his mouth is now closed. I will dose today!
<Good and good. BobF>

Re: Carpet Anemone        9/6/15
This is how he looks this morning. Inflated and mouth closed. Do you think that I should try feeding yet?
<Only a bit.... some chopped, meaty item/s, sprayed gently toward it>
It is day 4 in my tank. By the way my clowns have not found him yet.
<Mmm; they may not>
Maybe that is a good thing so he can adjust.
<Welcome. BobF>

Haddon's anemone; hlth       12/29/14
I have a Green Haddon's Carpet Anemone which was purchased about 9 months ago. The first six to eight months it doubled in size and really looked good. The past 6-8 weeks it has been declining to the point where it will not eat (not sticky anymore) and is down to about half its size.
<Has anything changed? New livestock added?>

Everything else in the tank is doing great. My question is this: having read about allotropic responses, I removed a RBTA to another tank,
but I question the presence of a significant quantity of Pom Pom Pulsing Xenia on a bommie about a foot and a half away.
<Either could be at fault here>
Other information: three 250 watt MH, four 96 watt PC's (PAR reading at the anemone is 100), 1.023,
<Would raise to 1.025-6>

nitrate 10ppm, nitrite 0, alkalinity 250, pH 8.3, in a 220 gallon tank with skimmer/sump established over 5 years.
<Any HPO4? Need this>
The tank has a significant fish load,
<Ah, good>
with two hosting and bonded Clarkii clownfish. I realize this anemone does better in a tank by itself, but it was doing so good for the first 6 months. Any insight would be most appreciated.
Jim Wedel
<Do read through what we have archived re this species en toto on WWM...
I'd be using a pad or three of PolyFilter, adding a triple dose of iodide-ate... Bob Fenner>

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