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FAQs about Dendrophylliid Coral Identification 2

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Coral possible Balanophyllia   12/31/09
Hi Crew
<Big T>
Noticed you listed a possible Balanophyllia with interest with one that looks like mine but the picture was smaller.
Do you think mine are Balanophyllia, they've been in three months, came on some new live coral rock and have never been treated to any spot feeding, but they have spread to about 3 times initial colony
<Could be>
Size each arms length is approx 7mm
<Are beauts! And testimony to your good, consistent maintenance/care. Bob

Type of coral? 12/16/2009
Hi Crew! I've been searching the internet for days trying to figure out what kind of coral I have! He looks like an LPS of some kind and I'm pretty sure he stings since the mushroom next to him had to be moved.
<Should not have been placed so near/adjacent>
I've had him about a month and he has 4 new babies growing on the sides. He seems to love my tank, but I just have no CLUE as to what he is! Can you help?
<Need better/more resolved image/s, but appears to be a Dendrophylliid at this point. See here:
and the linked files above>
The guy I bought him from said he isn't very common and got thrown in by accident with the shipment but he never told me what it was. I've attached a couple pictures (sorry about quality, all I've got is a phone but I did the best I could).
<Mmm, maybe borrowing a better...>
He gets really fat and bloated when he eats, sometimes his tentacles are green, sometimes they're peach, and he can suck himself back into his stalk. He's about 1 inch tall normally, 2 inches if he really stretches out and is about 1/2-3/4" in diameter.
Any help would be appreciated!
<Enjoy! Bob Fenner>

Coral Identification 02/08/09 Hi, I have a coral, which I have thought was a Tubastrea (Sun Coral), but some people think it might be a Dendrophyllia (Dendro) <Just for clarity of those reading, both Tubastrea and Dendrophyllia are in the family Dendrophylliidae. It's confusing I know. In any case, this coral could be either... it's pretty much impossible tell these apart without looking at the exposed skeleton under a microscope.> or Duncan because it looks fairy different than the common sun-corals I've seen. <It doesn't look like a Duncan to me.> I'm guessing it's just a less-common variety of sun coral, but there has been quite an extensive discussion about it amongst some local hobbyists as I've started to trade out some frags. (It is doing very well) It seems to act like a sun coral, naturally only coming out at night, unless I entice it out during the day with feeding. This picture is after feeding a bunch of mysis, and after lights out. <I do hope it's a Tubastrea sun coral... the Dendrophyllia are much more difficult to care for... Best,
Sara M.>

Mmm, RMF

Coral ID   1/8/09 Hi Bob, <Hello Beta. Minh at your service.> I have attached a pic of the coral that I need an ID on. I don't much have info on the specimen as the pic was sent to me by a friend. <I assume you are referring to the brilliantly colored yellow encrusting hard coral in the right center of the photograph, correct? At first glance, one could pass this coral to be Porites sp. (perhaps Porites cylindrica). However, upon closer inspection, the polyp size and extension in comparison to the Turbinaria peltata on the lower left indicates another coral from the genus Goniopora in the Poritidae family. The size and extension of the polyps as well as the growth form of this particular specimen resembles Goniopora stutchburyi. However, the coloration of this specimen does not appear to be natural and I'm afraid it could have been dyed. Unfortunately, I have seen similar corals often imported to our local fish stores in the states. More information about dyed corals including a photo of a close matching specimen can be found here: http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-09/eb/index.php. Also, more information about care of Goniopora stutchburyi can be found in detail here: http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2005/10/aafeature2/. I have been researching Goniopora care for a few years now, so feel free to write back with more information on identification or care of this genus.> Regards
<Good luck. Cheers, Minh Huynh.>

Coral identification & gigas clam shell formation question 9/23/08 WetWeb Staff, First I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a wonderful service. <Welcome> I just have two quick questions. First, regarding Dendrophyllia, I purchased a few heads from two different online vendors and can only positively identify one colony as Dendrophyllia. I suspect that the second colony might be Tubastrea, but I am really not sure. I was hoping that you wouldn't mind taking a look at the picture attached and offer your best guess as to what the second colony is. I know that the only true way to determine the species is to examine the skeleton, but your best guess would be greatly appreciated. <The photo sent appear to be of the genus Dendrophyllia> My second question is concerning the growth of my gigas clam. Once again, this was an animal acquired from an online vendor. I have had it for just about 3 months now and it is doing fine. I have noticed about a half inch of new growth, but what concerns me is the unusual shape of the shell. I'm guessing that since the clam is doing so well, I really don't need to worry about it, but I am curious to know if the growth pattern has a chance of harming the clam as it grows larger. Pictures are attached for your review. <Not to worry... growth will slow, the shell change a bit going forward> Thanks in advance for your response, and thanks once again for providing invaluable service. Marc
<Again, welcome. Bob Fenner>

SPS ID  1/25/08 Crew, Please help me ID this neat little coral I found in the bottom of my trashcan used to cure rock. I assume it is an SPS, Montipora of some sort? It was not this size when I found it, but after putting it in the main display it opened up and seem to instantly start encrusting over what appears to be a dead piece of skeleton that resembles its structure. I'm glad I found it when I did, not sure how much longer it would have lasted in the trashcan. It has some nice color too. Lucky for me, I'm in the middle of slowly converting the display over from a LPS dominate to a SPS dominate tank. It will fit in just fine with the Acroporas. See attached picture. <Looks to be Turbinaria reniformis and is often thrown between LPS and SPS classification. Good lighting and general SPS conditions and you should be fine and have a fast growing hardy inhabitant. See here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/dendrophylliidae.htm> Thanks,

Dendrophyllia ID please 01/21/2008 Hi, I'm wondering if you can indentify this coral. I bought it December 26th as Dendrophyllia but the exact species was unknown. It was not advertised where it came from, but the shipment also contained Rhyzos and Monomyces. The shipment arrived very rough. I was actually looking forward to getting my hands on a Rhyzo but for $500 I wanted a healthy one. So I passed and took the other "safe" "rare in the hobby" coral. It didn't open much for the first week or 2. Only enough to feed. Now that its much more settled in its opening every night and looks amazing through the night and early morning. However as soon as the lights fire it starts to close up. I was under the> impression Dendros have little to no reaction to light. <This is incorrect'¦ though many are noted as being weakly photosynthetic> This leads me to believe it could be Tubastrea, meaning I grossly overpaid. The store I bought it from is pretty legit as far as having "rare in the hobby items" I know they aren't rare in the wild but if they don't sell them in shops I'm not going to have them in my tank. Here are the time lapsed pics. I turned on my lights after it had opened up at night to see if it was just a timing thing. MH firing> http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y234/andrewkw/dendro/1.jpg > light fully on (250w 14k)> http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y234/andrewkw/dendro/2.jpg> > > shortly after> http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y234/andrewkw/dendro/3.jpg> > > approx 2minutes later> http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y234/andrewkw/dendro/4.jpg> > > approx 2minutes later> http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y234/andrewkw/dendro/5.jpg> > > 2 more> http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y234/andrewkw/dendro/6.jpg> > > just 2 more minutes and they're closed> http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y234/andrewkw/dendro/7.jpg> > > this is about 30-40 minutes later> ]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y234/andrewkw/dendro/8.jpg> > If any other pictures would be helpful let me know. If this is sun > coral I grossly overpaid and will be very disappointed if I can't > enjoy it during the day time. I'm currently feeding daily either Cyclop-Eeze, pe mysis, or my own blend of misc uncooked seafood plus  Cyclop-Eeze. Thank you for your help Andrew Kwon>  <This does look like a Dendrophyllia species to me, likely D. arbuscula; but am going to ask SaraM here for her input re. Bob Fenner>

Duncanopsamia axifuga, Whisper Coral, Duncans -12/25/2007 Hey Bob, hope this finds you well and having fun. I most certainly am. First off... thank you for all your input on my elegance and after reading a few tough emails your way, I would just like to say " with my dumb luck and your excellent advice my elegance is doing wonderfully." ( I would rather be lucky than good, good only gets you so far!!) <<Sara here now. :-)>> Second...I think it cool that you have one of my pics adorning the masthead of one of the pages on your site :>) and now my question...any information on this animal, Duncanopsamia axifuga, Whisper Coral, Duncans. <<Ugh, these common names can be annoying sometimes. The first time someone told me they had a "Duncan" it was actually an Acanthastrea. So then I thought a "Duncan" was just a name for a type/color variety (or origin description) of Acanthastrea. But, anyway, thanks for the clarification by including the Latin name.>> I truly believe I have searched the site and other areas to no avail. <<Hmm, try searching the spelling "Duncanopsammia" --two m's. ;)>> I am to the understanding this is coming out of Australia and that it is tank cultured and pretty much grows like a weed, is this correct and other knowledge you can lend would be much appreciated. <<According to Veron's "Corals of the World," they're from the family Dendrophylliidae and naturally found around the northern and western coasts of Australia and in the South China Sea. But unlike their Tubastrea cousins, they ARE zooxanthellate. From what I've heard/read, they prefer swirling water flow and generous feeding. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find much more detailed hobby-focused articles or captive-care information on them.>> This coral seems to be showing up a lot for it to be "not seen often." Again, all thanks, and Merry Christmas Ron <Don't know much re this particular species care... Am asking SaraM here to reply. BobF> <<Unfortunately, I don't know that much about them either... but am quite curious now. Merry Christmas, Sara M.>>

Re: Duncanopsammia axifuga, Whisper Coral, Duncans -12/26/07 Sara M. Thank you, the extra "m" was exactly what I needed. <Ah, good.> I found lots of info. IMO this is a very beautiful coral, reminds me a little of a Catalaphyllia jardinei but it is not so rare, other than recent arrival to the States. Beginning to think more buzz than anything else. Even still I bought one and am happy I did:>) <They do seem like interesting/beautiful corals.> Ron :>) <Good luck,
Sara M.>

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