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FAQs about Dragon Moray Eels: Behavior

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Concern for Hawaiian Dragon... beh., hlth.   1/24/07 I purchased a 20" dragon for my LFS and he is currently in QT at the LFS.  I go up there almost everyday and feed on Wed and Sat (grouper, snapper, shrimp).  I have noticed that sometimes he is only using one pouch to breath. <Not atypical... not a large concern> I have smaller eels at home and they have never done this so I am really concerned.  The guys at the LFS don't know a whole lot about eels and I am getting scared.  Please Help!!! Thanks D <I would not hold off on buying, moving this Moray on this basis, and would feed it more like twice a week at this size. Bob Fenner>

Re: Green Moray Eel, now Gymnothorax castaneus (Panamic green), sel.  - 04/14/08 Hey Marco, <Hi.> Yes I do really like Gymnothorax castaneus as well but heard they were horribly shy and hide all the time so I took them off my list. Have you had any experience with them? <Not from the aquarium trade, it's not imported over here so far. <Germany> I strongly doubt it is generally much shier than G. funebris given how many photographs of it in nature exist, and how often they are seen by divers. This is among the top predators in the rocky reefs of its distribution with not many enemies as adults. I'd expect exactly the same as with G. funebris: The young often hiding, but the adults quite outgoing and curious. These two species are closely related.> I have a Japanese dragon eel in one of my tanks and they say they can be shy as well but he's always out and a bout and one of the least shy eels I've ever owned so guess just comes down to the individual. <Exactly. There are general statements possible and published about each species, but not all moray individuals seem to read what we write.> I sent a picture of my dragon eel with his purple Rhinopias roommate cause you seem to be a pretty big eel nut like me lol. <How did you come to this conclusion? Mmm'¦ looking around you may be right. Thanks for sharing the picture!> Anyways thanks again for all the advice always like to have all the info before I start a new tank. <Very good. Cheers, Marco.>

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