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FAQs about Dragon Moray Eels: Identification

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Moray ID 9/14/03 Greetings,   I was wondering if you could help me with a Moray eel Id. The animal in question is shaped much like a Dragon Moray. The pattern of the animal is chocolate to black with nice sized white pearl circles all over the body. The eel also has a pair of horns much like that of a Dragon Moray, and the head is elongated. Overall the animal looks much like a Dragon Moray without the spectacular coloring. I have searched everywhere and have not seen any photos or descriptions of this animal. Any info. would be of great help. Thank you. Best Regards, Michael Castiglioni <Michael... without a picture, it is nearly impossible for us to say. Let suggest you do a search of fishbase.org using the genus Muraena. I suspect you will fin what you are looking for from this group of horned morays. Anthony>

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