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FAQs on Snails in Freshwater Aquarium
Assassin Snails (Clea, formerly Anentome, helena)

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Oops, assassin snails     11/12/12
I just bought two assassin snails and now I'm scared.  Will they attack and kill or injure my small mollies?
I have two fry that are probably 1/8".
<Assuming the fry are healthy, the snails can't get them.>
I bought the assassins to help with pest snails but they look kind of scary and big when they're on the prowl and it they attached to a small fish I'm concerned!
<They are quite effective predators, but not that fast. Snails are food, and possibly very small shrimps. Fish eggs will surely be taken, and probably "wriggler" fry before the free-swimming stage. But livebearer fry should be safe.>
I figure if anyone will know the answer to this it would be you.
<Hope this helps.>
Also, I've been feeding once a day, is that good, or twice better?  They're little fish.
<More, small meals best; serious fish breeders will be feeding 6, 8 times a day! They can't actually digest much in one go, so several very small meals is good. In any event, Molly fry should be able to graze some algae as well.>
I'm not sure when to increase food amount for a small female Betta either.....  I've always fed Bettas 2 times daily in small amounts.  She hasn't grown much,  but the mollies are slowly growing.
Thank you,
<Welcome, Neale.> 
Re: Oops, assassin snails     11/13/12

Thanks Neil.
There's plenty of algae and this morning the mollies went to town on the squash I'd placed at night for the pest snails that the pest snails totally ignored! I clipped it to the glass as someone suggested to do with zucchini (squash similar and a little less expensive).....  It sounded like such a brilliant plan. Maybe pest snails prefer lettuce?  I'll try that and wake earlier to remove the lettuce.
<By all means. For what it's worth, "bait and remove" systems don't work particularly well unless you're prepared to do this every day for weeks at a time, and even then, a few will remain, so you'll have to do the whole thing again a few months later.>
I suppose glass fish would nibble at baby pest snails.
<Parambassis ranga? Never seen them eat a snail, and would find it hard to imagine they would want to.>
Would the little ones eat a larger assassin snail?
I've procrastinated getting some glass fish because the fry are still small...but really they're probably more like 1/4- 1/2".
<Parambassis spp are accomplished predators, and I've made the mistake of adding small fish to tanks of adults, and then seen the Parambassis swallow them up! To put this in context, I'm talking about an adult Parambassis around 5-6 cm long swallowing down a juvenile cyprinid around 2-3 cm in length.>
Hard to tell when they're swimming around!
<Cheers, Neale.>
Re: Oops, assassin snails a 11/13/12

<Welcome. Neale.>

Clea helena New Baby   3/15/11
I know I don't have a perfect track record of identifying new born snail species (I brought home pests on plants and had no idea back then) but I'm sure I'm right on this one. I have a new baby Clea Helena.
<Cool! They breed rather slowly, but yes, they do breed.>
Thing is, I only had one since November 1st. I haven't seen "mom" for a bit but that isn't unusual.
<Indeed not.>
There's plenty of empty Ramshorn shells that shows the job is being taken care of. This new snail though is extremely tiny.
<Yes; a couple of mm long, with a small brown shell, sometimes with the yellow stripes visible.>
So even though I haven't seen both together, there's no way it's the same snail. I'm talking about the size of a baby Ramshorn. I would never have seen it if it wasn't on the glass and it is so small I'm surprised it wasn't eaten.
<Somehow they survive!>
I'll get a picture later after the camera charges. I just didn't know how unusual this is to start with "one" and four months later have two. I know this is a rather new to the trade creature so I wanted to share my discovery.
<Thanks for sharing. Mine do breed, and to a degree, you should end up with a stable population. Better still, they help to keep pest snails in check.
Cheers, Neale.>
Clea helena New Baby
<PS. I have a photo of a young Clea helena about halfway down this page:
Cheers, Neale.>

Snails 3/28/09
Hello I could really use some help. Have a 90 gallon with Cyprichromis (15). I have an infestation of snails that just keeps getting worse. No live plants and unsure where the snails came from. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You have helpful to me in the past. Thank you. Phil
<Snails aren't that big of a deal in terms of fish health, and population explosions tend to reflect overfeeding and/or under-cleaning, so do review overall conditions. But more specifically, avoid snail poisons, and instead either use snail traps (e.g., the JBL LimCollect) or add some type of snail-eating fish or invertebrate. My snail-eater of choice is the Assassin Snail, Clea helena (sometimes called Anentome helena). It's a small, pretty snail that eats snails such as Malayan livebearing snails alongside bloodworms, fish food, etc. I can't recommend it highly enough. There are some snail-eating Malawian fish, but a lot of them tend to be highly aggressive (Melanochromis, Pseudotropheus, etc.). Labidochromis caeruleus is perhaps one exception, but being fairly small, it'll only take small snails, and then only when hungry. The same goes for Synodontis catfish. Cheers, Neale.>

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