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FAQs About Turtle Babies, Young: Compatibility

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Red Eared Slider problem? Incomp. /size  7/19/11
<Hiya - Darrel here>
I have a 4 to 6 month old Red Eared Slider. I do not know the sex as of yet.
<Also unimportant at this time>
What I am concerned about is it is shedding, but there is a soft area under the pieces that come off. It also has white spots on it. Not many. I do not know what to do. I think it might be shell rot, but I am not sure because I am new at this.
<It doesn't look like shell rot - certainly not an advanced case if it is.
Does it have any kind of odor associated with it?>
I have the baby in a 55 gallon tank with two males. One is 4.25 inches and the other is 4.75 inches in length.
<That's a scary thing to do, Adam. While Sliders are not typically aggressive, they certainly can be nippy toward one another and a tint little hatchling like that would stand no chance. I doubt you can provide him optimal care when he is so out-sized and out classed>
The two males have nothing wrong with them other then bad attitudes.
<Even more reason to get the little one away from them while you still can>
I have a filter with a pump that moves 30 gallons of water an hour. I also have a 75 watt heat lamp covering a surface of just under 70 square inches.
There water is kept at room temp due to the fact that the males kept destroying the environment to get to the heater I had in it.
<That's fine - no heater is needed for turtles unless you live north of the Arctic Circle>
No matter how good I buried it under heavy rocks they found a way. I also have two 24 inch 10% uva uvb bulbs. All lighting is adjusted with the season. I am sending pictures also. Please help me get my baby healthy again.
<Adam - the first thing to do is get his isolated. Read here:
An important thing to note here - is that treatment for almost ALL conditions is essentially the same: Keep him warm & dry, swap the shell with a disinfectant, get him plenty of UV-B and allow him to recover>
<In your case, I'm not sure that the white spots aren't just water spots, but it never hurts to treat anyway. The antifungal creams don't have a negative impact on healthy shells.>
<What IS important is that the little guy have his own home, away from the two bigger males, until their sizes re roughly the same>

Re: RES   7/20/11
Hello Darrel:
I have a 1 gal fish bowl I can keep her in to stay dry and warm.
<that's OK>
What do I do about her drinking though?
<If you actually READ the article I went to the trouble of linking to you - not to mention the trouble to write as well you'll see that you PLACE her in a shallow bowl of water for a few minutes every day so that she can poop and drink. Then add a few sticks of food in case she decides to eat then back to dry-dock>
<Trust me - it's all in the article>
I also have a 20gal tank I can setup for her alone. That's where she was the first 6 weeks she was home.
<Even better>
There is no odor that I can smell. And the white spots come off with the shell piece.
<That's even more evidence that they're just water spots or other innocuous stuff>
Thank you very much with the help. I am very worried for my baby right now.
<No problem. Keep her warm & dry for a few weeks, make sure she eats and drinks and poops and then when you put her in her new home (the 20 gallon tank) -- as long as she is active - swims, eats, poops & basks you can relax>

RES hatchlings  11/15/09
<Hello Samantha,>
I've acquired two RES hatchlings. I have an African clawed frog as well, he's about two years old. My question is, can hatchlings swim well in deep water period?
<No; risk of drowning.>
Because I was thinking about combining my AFC and RES in the same tank, with of course a place for basking.
<Bad, bad idea. Terrapins likely to physically damage the frog. Frogs sensitive to poor water quality (see: Red Leg) while terrapins are notoriously filthy animals that put a huge stress on filtration systems.>
But my AFC needs deeper water to swim around in. Is this a bad idea?
<Yes, very bad. These animals are not compatible.>
Samantha R.
<Cheers, Neale.>

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