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FAQs on Cyrtocara (moorii et al.)

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Blue Dolphin Fish seems scared     6/10/17
Hi team,
I recently added a pair of blue dolphin fish to my fish tank a couple of days back.
<I'll take it you mean Cyrtocara moorii... not the Frontosa here>
I noticed that the Blue Dolphin seems to be behaving as if he is scared of the other fish in the tank and doesn’t kind of let any other fish come near him.
<What are the other fishes? And they need room... uncrowded 75 gallon, five foot long system or larger; and decor to hide amongst>
In fact he even tries to chase the id shark
<The Pangasiodon catfish? You know this fish gets huge, HUGE? Read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/pangasiids.htm
which is pretty peaceful by nature. There seems to pretty much conflict between the blood parrot fish and the blue dolphin. Sometimes even the Tinfoil Barb pair also seems to play\nag the blue dolphin.
Please advise what can be done to reduce aggression.
<Likely will have to separate, trade in the African Cichlids... likely misplaced here period. Needs to live in a polygamous setting... one male, a few females (three is best)... Bob Fenner>

Electric blue girl has no eyes.   7/6/11
Hi, I'm from Australia so excuse my metric measurements. I have a 225litre tank (4 foot x 1.5 x 1.5) all Malawi cichlids communal breeding tank.
<Mmm, not much room really; and will cross-breed>
Water quality perfect, great tank for the last 4 years. Then I introduced a breeding pair of Moorii,
<Not w/ Mbunas I hope/trust>
I must not have quarantined for long enough or they were too stressed and got Ich from my existing stock, either way, I lost my big male but treated in time to save the rest. I have 4 venustus (not malawis I know but they like it in that tank) that all started exceeding mucous to stave off infection and they all came out in perfect health but my electric blue girl has issues with here eyes now. It's almost as if here eyes are rotting.
<Likely first attacked...>
It started as a cloudy haze over the eyes, not fluffy or anything, but then as the cloudy layer slowly fell off there is no eye behind it any more on her left side. The eye is still visible on the other side but it is receded into the head and too small for the socket and she is completely blind now.
I have put her back in the holding tank ( same size) but may have to move her to a small fry tank so she can eat as she can't really move around where she wants to she just swims in all directions and runs into everything.
<... sad>
Clearly this isn't a curable condition but Amy idea what it is or how to treat it if I ever encounter it again.
<Stock compatible species in suitable settings... plenty of cover, not over-stocked>
I will send a second email with pics as for some reason I can't attach them to this email.
<Bob Fenner>
Electric blue girl photo   7/6/11
There is no eye here just an empty socket. Just a big gaping hole, no swelling, no recognizable infection or fungus remaining, the other side is almost as bad but is not improving.
<... BobF>

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