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FAQs on Freshwater Ozone Use

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Ozone for Freshwater? (RMF, second opinion?)   11/18/11
Hi Guys,
I have an established 75g freshwater system with an undergravel filter/powerheads & a Magnum 350 canister with UV. I also have an unused ozonizer left over from a marine set up. I couldn't find anything on the site regarding the use of ozone in a freshwater aquarium. What's your take on using it? Pros & cons?
<Ozone is neither a cure-all nor 100% foolproof in terms of safety. Marine fish wholesalers certainly find ozone worth using, the risks being offset by the benefits for them through reduced transmission of disease. But marine hobbyists will likely find other methods safer and just as effective, e.g., UV, and freshwater aquarists will be even less likely to find any value to ozone. For a start, large-scale water changes are easier to do with freshwater tanks, and the fish themselves are generally easier to treat and/or less likely to be stressed by captivity. If you must have some sort of "disinfectant" system, use UV instead. Cheers, Neale.><<Agreed as not as useful/desirable for FW.>>

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