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FAQs on Olde Tanks for Freshwater Systems

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Fishtank from Lincoln NE      10/6/14
At the gas store. Didn't see any fish but cool idea.
Ahh, a classic. This actually WAS how gas was dispensed...
it was pumped up into the glass cylinder, then delivered via gravity to the car.
A few folks have fish tanks made of these old glass gas tanks... and there have been attempts at acrylics.
Thank you for sharing. BobF

Questions about second hand tank. FW Use      6/15/12
Ola folks!
I recently purchased a second hand 20-gallon extra tall.  Even though I can't have as many fish due to surface area, I fell in love with the appearance.
<As many do. Tall tanks are lovely for aquascaping, and if you have sufficiently strong lighting, provide plenty of scope for a nice "jungly" arrangement of plants.>
I have a few questions to make sure I can turn this into a healthy home for my future fish. First and foremost, are there any recommendations for making sure the tank is sanitary for use in case the previous residents had a disease?
<You can sterilise with a bleach solution diluted until barely smelling of bleach. Wipe down, then rinse thoroughly, and then rinse even more. Fill with water, leave overnight to soak out any little bits hidden in the crevices, then empty. Rinse again. Should be fine.>
I have read mixed reviews about undergravel filters. I will most likely not use it, unless it will truly be a boon to the fish.
<Undergravels can work extremely well. But they are very limiting in terms of aquascaping, so if you want terraced gravel, lots of plants, and piles of rocks, skip undergravels.>
Also included was a 4 way gang valve, an Aquaclear 200 power filter (sponge included). I don't see them sold in my area anymore, so I may have to purchase carbon pouches online.
<Skip the carbon. Don't need it. Get as much biological media in there as you can, stuffing any empty compartments with filter floss if you want.>
There is a clam shell bubbler, which I suspect may provide bonus aeration due to the depth. Even if not needed it looks cool.
<Mostly a toy, but yes, adds a little extra water movement.>
I am considering buying sand for substrate, which leads me to a few questions about the advantages and disadvantages of it. I intend to have a single species tank, leaning towards lemon tetras or neons. Since there is less surface area and more depth, I am wondering if I should follow the stocking rules of a 10 gallon tank. I would rather be understocked than overstocked.
<If you stick with small tetras, the standard rules will be fine. For this sort of tank, something like 6-8 Lemon Tetras, half a dozen Corydoras, and a single specimen "personality" fish like a Dwarf Gourami or Angelfish would work just fine.>
Is fish food in women's pantyhose a good cycling method?
<Can be. Or simply add flake daily as if there were fish there, and do you usual 25% water change every weekend. You should find the ammonia level goes up then down quite quickly. The warmer (up to about 28-30 C) and more oxygenated, the faster. Within 3 weeks ammonia should be zero and nitrite close enough to zero (sub-0.5 mg/l) that you could add the first hardy fish, I'd recommend Corydoras aeneus or Corydoras paleatus if either of these appeal, rather than Tetras, Gouramis or Angels.>
Just a few basic questions so I can get on the right foot. I'm really excited (33 acting like 8) and want to have a successful home for my future pets.
Many thanks- Steve
<Glad to help, Neale.>

MetaFrame Aquarium 11/16/09
I just stumbled across your site and have already added it to my bookmarks.
Good stuff!
<Glad you enjoyed.>
I just purchased what was advertised as a "25 year old acquarium" <aquarium> for $20. I unwrapped the box to find a 20 gallon chrome framed aquarium with a slate bottom in near perfect condition, stand, hood and light combo. I did a little Googling and found it to be a Metaframe, but I can't find anyone who sells these vintage tanks.
<Mmm they have been out of business for some time. You are making me realize my age, as I have bought and used these tanks in my early years. Oh James, you have been here longer than you are going to stay.>
Any idea how much this tank would be worth to a collector?
<Whatever someone is willing to pay for it. A two gallon MetaFrame is up for auction on EBay. The high bid right now is $6.51. Don't quit your job, Kathryn.>
I love it and don't plan on parting with the tank anytime soon. I'm a bargain hunter and I'd like to know just how much of a good deal I got.
<Thank you for sharing your find with us. James (Salty Dog)>
-Kathryn, Ashburn, VA

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