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FAQs on the Sparkling, Pygmy Gouramis, Genus Trichopsis

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12 gallon eclipse, T pumila tankmates, narrow temperature range...       6/2/15
Hello crew!
I was planning a heavily planted eclipse 12 (12 gallon, 14" tall) around Trichopsis pumila, and I had been thinking it would be nice to add 1-2 more species (lowering the number of T. pumila as needed). I did a ton of research, using Seriously Fish as my resource to make sure I wouldn't be considering anything that required more than 45 x 30 cm (so, about ten gallons).
Anyway, the problem I've been running into is that Seriously Fish lists almost all of the potential tankmates I've chosen so far as having an upper temperature range/limit of 26 degrees Celsius. I'll need to keep the tank in a room that tends to fluctuate in temperature.
<Use a heater>
Though I have a heater, am I wrong in thinking that in such a small tank, the water temperatures would change too quickly and make these fish incompatible?
<You will be fine if this heater is about the appropriate wattage (50 or 75) and of good quality>
(Are they incompatible in general?
<What are they?>
They all fit every other water parameter I have perfectly.)
Thanks for your help.
<Welcome. B.F.>
Re: 12 gallon eclipse, T pumila tankmates, narrow temperature range... Do-able?       5/3/15

Well, in regards to what they are...
<You didn't list...>
I was wondering if I could get a little advice on stocking, to make sure I don't go over the bioload or etc. I'm having trouble calculating it all on my own.
Stocking list:
-3-6 sparkling gouramis, number dependent on other tankmates/bioload (this is my only "must have" fish
, more are probably better here so long as it isn't too many)
One or two of the following:
- 3 kuhli loaches (P malayana, could ask the LFS if they could get something smaller)
<These will go fine>
-five Norman's Lampeyes (due to various sources claiming different things (especially regarding tank size) and nothing on them on SF, I don't know if they're appropriate or not... I'm leaning towards "not", but putting them in here just in case. I can't really think of a schooling activity fish I'd rather have, not a huge fan of neons or Boraras from what I've seen of
them... Not much personality. Don't know if something else would suit me/the tank better.)
<I'd skip the Neons, small Characins period... am a giant fan of the genus Boraras. These will get along w/ the pumilas very well>
1 Apistogramma hongsloi OR 1 female Apistogramma borellii (or a pair? This one seems a little big... Maybe with A hongsloi...)
<Mmm; this tank is really too small for co-stocking dwarf cichlids. Trouble should they mate>

-1 pair peacock gudgeons (would add last or second-to-last)
<These are fine>
(I don't think the peacock gudgeons would get on so well with an Apisto? I put them separately just in case it would work, but it was originally Apisto(s) OR peacock gudgeons. And I think those Apistos are the only dwarf cichlids that might fit here, correct?)
NOTE: I'm writing a proposal for the 2016-17 housing legislation at my college regarding upping the gallon limit from ten to twenty, and also considering moving out. It isn't a sure thing, but I might be able to upgrade my tank... This adds to the indecision regarding the third and fourth "groups" of fish listed, as I might prefer a different cichlid in a larger tank and don't know if they'd be compatible as tankmates... This isn't so much of an issue with gudgeons because empire gudgeons are
cost-prohibitive anyway (and based on YouTube... Seem to have the same amount of personality?).
Just in case, though, do they also display conspecific aggression? Seems like they would...
PPS: Do you have any ideas or links (especially to scientific literature) that you'd suggest using for my proposal?
<Would have to make a trip to the college library for such a search>
I was already going to use Neale's article on stocking small tanks, but I think it would be best to use more than one or two websites/pages. Thanks!
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: 12 gallon eclipse, T pumila tankmates, narrow temperature range... Do-able?

Thanks. Hmmm... So what would the stocking levels be for 4 sparkling gouramis, 3 P malayana, and 2 peacock gudgeons (mf-pair)?
<The 12 gallon....>

Did you mean Boraras would get along with the pumilas, or that Norman's Lampeyes would?
<Both would, but the Dwarf Rasboras would be my choice; better fit>
The way Boraras move is actually sort of stressful to watch, so I don't think I want to keep any...
<? To each their own... I like their movement; graceful... and your tank will not have much activity otherwise>
Would there be any room left a SINGLE Apisto,
<Not really suitable; behaviorally or water quality wise>
AND/OR (assuming you meant Norman's Lampeyes wouldn't work) a Boraras alternative (something like Trichilocharax ornatus if I can find a hardier similar species or some that have been locally bred, or maybe a Microdevario species if that wouldn't work?)
<About the same...>
AND/OR two more sparkling gouramis, or is this tank at the stocking limit already?
<... I would stick with the four>
(I hope I'm writing clearly...)
I was a little unclear on this: The Norman's Lampeyes wouldn't work, right?
Regarding dwarf cichlids... Wouldn't the trouble only come if I decided to keep a pair? Bit confused...
Again, thanks!
<Re-read the prev. corr...... Bob Fenner>
Re: 12 gallon eclipse, T pumila tankmates, narrow temperature range... Do-able?     6/4/15

Erm, maybe I'm being dense here, but I'm not sure what "The twelve gallon..." means... What do you mean?
<... the twelve gallon system you have, correct?>
Though I sort of suspect the three I listed would bring me to or above my stocking limit, given that the tank is so tiny... Again, not really sure, hence why I'm double checking... Would rather prevent problems to begin with, but if left to my own devices I can be too cautious and indecisive, too...
<... best to be sure. B>
Re: 12 gallon eclipse, T pumila tankmates, narrow temperature range... Do-able?     6/4/15

Yes, I have a twelve gallon... Still a little confused about your meaning... Sorry... So it's above stocking limit or...?
<... are you... pulling olde Bob the fishman's fins here? Do re-read all coming/going. B>
Re: 12 gallon eclipse, T pumila tankmates, narrow temperature range... Do-able?     6/4/15

Well... I tried... I... Think I get it?
But no, I wasn't trying to give you a hard time or anything... Sorry if it seemed that way... I have trouble understanding things that are worded in certain ways (especially in writing... You can't tell tone in writing), so I wind up having to clarify... That's all that's going on here, really...
<I see; DO write out your proposed stkg list here if you're still confused as to my input. B>
Re: 12 gallon eclipse, T pumila tankmates, narrow temperature range... Do-able?     6/4/15

Ah, okay... Sorry for the confusion...
<Clarity is pleasurable>
Right now it's
-4 Trichopsis pumila
-2 (1 pair) Tateurndina ocellicauda (will do a singleton or take out altogether if a pair would be a bad idea... Would like to keep them in, otherwise)
-3 Pangio malayana
<These will work out admirably>

Would prefer to stay slightly below the stocking limit... But I'm not sure what it is with live plants, filtration (150 GPH, unless I switch to a sponge filter, which I am considering due to the fact that the current filter (came with the tank) jams more often than I'd like, creates some water current, and isn't kuhli-proof... I don't know how many gallons of filtration I'll get if I switch, though. A forty gallon sponge filter takes up a lot of space, so I'd probably go with the twenty, and maybe a ten gallon filter in the opposite corner if needed.)
Anyway, if it's above the limit, I'd probably remove the Kuhlis or one of the gouramis. Not sure which... I guess it depends on how many fish I have to take out and which one has the higher bioload.
If it's below limit (which I seriously doubt and am really only mentioning for the sake of completion), I'd like to know, but I won't add any fish unless it's under 80%. I might add some RCS, though (before everything else to get a good population going).
<I'd go with what you list, the numbers are fine. Bob Fenner>
Re: 12 gallon eclipse, T pumila tankmates, narrow temperature range... Do-able?      6/5/15

Got it. Thank you so much for your time and advice. I really appreciate it.
<Welcome. B>

Sparkling Gourami temps.   12/22/11
Dear sirs,
First I would like to thank all of you for such a great resource and for your time in providing same.
<You are most welcome.>
Conflicting info leads me to ask the question regarding acceptable temp for the sparkling gourami.
I have an 80 U.S. gallon heavily planted tank currently housing Neon tetra's,
<A species that prefers coolish conditions, somewhere between 22-25 C/72-77 F.>
<Harlequins? Similar.>
<Apart from Corydoras sterbai, the commonly traded species also prefer coolish conditions.>
Five LDA-25,
<Parotocinclus jumbo? Again, not too warm!>
and Amano shrimp.
<Yet again, not too warm.>
Temp is steady 75 degrees F and I am wondering if Gourami would work with this temp?
<Some, but not all. Gouramis mostly come from warm swamps rather than cooler streams, whereas your other fish are stream-dwellers that generally inhabit cool or shady rainforest streams, so aren't adapted to hot, muggy conditions. If you think about, that makes sense. Why would Gouramis evolve the ability to breathe air if they lived somewhere cooler where oxygen was plentiful? The warmer the water, the less oxygen it contains, hence Gouramis and Bettas evolving their air-breathing skill. Sparkling Gouramis, for example, should be kept between 25-28 C/77-82 F, and they despise flowing water, so wouldn't be good companions for the Parotocinclus or Corydoras, in particular, both of which need a decent current to be happy.>
If not ,would the afore mentioned current resident's be o.k. at 77 degrees F?
<It would be the absolute upper end of their tolerance, so really, not a good idea. The Parotocinclus jumbo in particular would be stressed, and Neons kept in warm water are clearly shorter-lived than otherwise (one reason they have a reputation for being delicate, I believe).>
Have not had much luck keeping the current resident's much warmer and if gourami would not work I shall consider perhaps Beckford's Pencilfish.
<Ah, a much better idea. Or else one of the low-end tropical Dwarf Cichlids -- two excellent species spring to mind, Laetacara curviceps and Cleithracara maronii, both of which will thrive at around 23-24 C/73-75 F, which would be ideal for the fish you already have. Neither of these are aggressive and nor do they uproot plants, and in 80 gallons, you have lots of space for even a pair to settle down without causing problems should they decide to spawn.>
Many thanks in advance, and happy holiday's
<Likewise. Cheers, Neale.>
Re: Sparkling Gourami temps. 12/22/11

Thanks for the quick reply regarding the Sparkling Gourami. Keyholes it shall be.
<Good choice. A lovely species with subtle but attractive colours. Cheers, Neale.>

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