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FAQs on Using GFIs with Aquariums

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Electricity Hello Robert: I posted a link to your page and thought that you would want to see what the question was concerning electricity and aquariums. Please help the reader out, although your remarks are all very valid and seem to answer his question. http://www.iaei.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000323.html Joe Tedesco Has anyone had to inspect locations where stand-alone aquariums are installed? Sometimes there a several installed in an office, store or residence. Typically these units have a multitude of cord and plug connected devices (six or more is not uncommon) and a frequent solution is to use a multi-outlet strip of some type (or worse). Problem is that these devices often wind up subject to water ingress, corrosion and subsequent catastrophic failure because they are placed beneath or behind the aquarium. What would be a proper and safe installation? Has anyone seen a Listed product similar to an "in-use" cover for receptacles but with multiple receptacles? Suggestions welcome.  <Thank you for sending this along Joe. There are a few routes to go here... for "just one" stand alone aquarium system requiring/utilizing a handful of outlets, either a multiple outlet fixture wired through an in-line GFI or utilizing a GFCI'ed circuit breaker is the best route to go... along with doing ones best at making connections water tight (e.g. looping cords, mounting outlets horizontally, out of splash's way...). More tanks, many outlets needed calls for use of a channel-type strand wire arrangement, with the same Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter arrangement. Bob Fenner>

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