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FAQs on Iodine/ide/ate and Nutritional Disease

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Valentini Puffer with Lump in Neck Area     7/24/13
I hope you can help me. My Valentini Puffer showed up with this lump on the left side of her neck 2 days ago. She is in a 30 gallon tank with 1 Lawn Mower Blenny. Initially, I thought it might be air or she picked at a snail, but it has not gone away, nor has it increased in size. It is the lump right under her chin.  I tried the burping method (lightly grasping her body with nose up) and was getting ready lightly run my fingers down her torso, but she puffed up and I have never seen her do this, so I released her quickly and then was not able to grab her again without stressing her out.
PH - 8.2
Ammonia- 0
N02 - 0
N03 - 0
30-50% weekly water changes with Kent Reef Crystals and Prime. Tank has been set up 8 months. Some SPS coral frags, frogspawn and a couple of mushroom frags. Live rock & sand. Lots of Nassarius snails.
She still eats great ( homemade mixture of frozen squid, clams, muscles, shrimp, scallops, silver slides, peas, Nori and vita Chem all blended up and frozen). Once a week, I give her a clam or muscle on the half shell to aid her teeth. Poop is normal and she is acting like she always has.
Any help would be most appreciated!
Thank you & Best Regards,
<This looks like a common goiter... of times effectively treated w/ simple iodide/ate addition to foods. I'll mention the SeaChem product here:
And please do search on WWM w/ the simple term: goiter for more. Simply lace/soak foods with a drop or two ahead of offering, and hopefully this cyst will recede in a few weeks. There are other possibilities/causes; but these call for more risky treatments. Bob Fenner> 

Re: Valentini Puffer with Lump in Neck Area     7/25/13
Thank you very much for your quick reply.  That is what I thought it might be, but couldn't find anything solid info to support it.  I will get this iodine
<Note: instead you want an ionic form of Iodine; Iodide... a different oxidation state. Lugol's Solution will do if you can't find, don't want to order the SeaChem or other commercial preparation>
today and try to get rid of it.  Thank you again.
Best Regards,
<Please do report back your further observations, findings. BobF> 

Re: Valentini Puffer with Lump in Neck Area; and add/move to I2 file/nutr. dis F's     7/26/13
I went and purchased the Seachem Reef Iodine and soaked a piece of scallop with 3 drops of the iodine and a few drops of garlic guard.  I gave her the scallop and she did gobble a few bites.  I will continue to do this with her food/feelings in hopes the lump goes away.  Would it be of any benefit to add any to the tank water?
<Not nearly as effective to dose iodine compounds directly to the water; though marine fishes "do drink their environment". Such dosing is a good practice for folks w/ a myriad of invertebrates; particularly Cnidarians>
Thank you again,
<Thank you, BobF>

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