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FAQs on Long Tentacle Anemone Trauma

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

LTA Anemone Growth on base of foot      12/22/14
Hello Everyone At WWM,
<Hey Anthony>
Happy Holidays! I hope this email finds everyone well. I am relatively new to LTA's and have had this purple one for about three weeks now. He wont root,
<I see the reason why... the tear on its basal disc>
and upon further inspection I found this growth
<Mmm; not a growth; actual tissue/mesentery leaking/poking through the torn body wall>
on the bottom of his foot (see attached picture please). In the photo there are a couple of pieces of sand, but the main growth almost looks like an egg sack of sorts. Can you please let me know what this is?
<As above>
I have searched everywhere in the land of Google, and cannot find anything on it. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Also, any tips on how to get this sucker to planted would be awesome too!
All the best,
<Mmm... if it's not too late, I'd return this animal (too much chance it will perish from this injury)... if not... possibly triple iodide-ate dosing every three days, feeding with a vitamin et al. prep. applied to the water (e.g. SeaChem's Vitality), small feedings of meaty foods otherwise soaked in the same... and hoping... These tears are VERY common, easily done in the extraction from the wild. See WWM re LTAs period. Bob Fenner>

Re: LTA Anemone Growth on base of foot       12/22/14
Mr. Fenner,
<Mr. Racioppi>
Thank you so much for the quick reply. It is much appreciated and you guys are a such a great resource. Due to my ignorance, and let it be known that I tried to find out on your site before asking this, what is " triple iodide-ate dosing"?
<What hobbyists, lay folk typically call/label "Iodine">
And while I am at it, in my other 29 gallon tank <Hard to keep (alive) large Actinarian species in such small volumes... too
I have this LTA for about a month, and today he was acting weird and how is shriveled up. Should I remove him from the tank or is this a normal thing for these guys to do (I have attached two pics of him. He was buried and rooted just fine until
<... not really normal. Again; the reading>
I really wish I knew about this site before I purchased these guys, as it is an awesome source of information. Thank you all for taking the time to put together such a great site.
<Certainly welcome. It is for future friends as yourself that it is designed>
Again I appreciate all of your knowledge and time,
<Cheers, BobF>

Injured anemone       3/2/13
Last night one of my live rocks shifted and landed on my green long tentacle anemone. I quickly moved the rock once I realized it had happened.
This morning I noticed that the anemone appears to have a tear on its column. Is there any way it can survive this, or is it doomed for death?
<Yes; if it was healthy prior, the water quality is good, stable...>
 Is there anything I can do to help it? Thanks!
<I'd overdose by double a dose of iodide-ate supplement (to the water). See WWM re. Bob Fenner>

LTA foot torn by Clarkii? Reading... 7/24/09
I found this site when trying to look up information on how to handle this situation. The LTA we picked up yesterday
<... Anemones are not easily kept...>

was looking good in the tank we got it from, and ours after acclimating it to our tank. (55 gal. originally in same spot for 9+ years, just moved 2 months ago to different area in house - took only a couple hours to move it all, 2 smaller lights (50/50? - tired so can't remember) and a 175 halide light, parameters: 80F, 1.021-1.022
<Too low...>

salt reading, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 0 Nitrate, 8.2 pH, 400 calcium last check at local fish store - we don't have a calcium test at home yet; fish: 1 Clarkii, 1 yellow tail blue damsel, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 peppermint shrimp, 1 emerald crab, some snails & hermit crabs). The clown took to it immediately after it was put in the tank water. Overnight it moved into the live rock leaving it's tentacles facing out towards the open front. The Clown was still staying all over it. When I came home I noticed some white coming off it's foot and since it wasn't attached to anything carefully moved it to the open to inspect it. that's when I saw the tear - which was not there when we picked it up from the fish store yesterday. I am assuming that possibly the clown beating up on it while it laying in the live rock unattached might of caused the tear?

I can't think of anything else since it wasn't there before. The color is still the same, but it's expelling white stuff out of the foot now where the tear is.
<... this animal is on its way out... as in muerto>

We don't have our quarantine tank anymore (mother- in-law needed it as theirs ended up with a crack in it) so I carefully placed it in a bag to float at the top of the tank so it's still under the light.
<...? A poor idea>
Trying to read online if it is safe to keep it in the tank with the fish since it isn't losing color and not gooey,
<... dying, dead>
or what other action should be taken. I've attached pictures starting with how it was yesterday, up until it was placed into the bag. I'm afraid if I do put it back in the tank (not in the bag) the clown will continue to beat on it, thus not helping the situation. (The Petco bag it's in was an extra bag I had - we did not get the anemone from Petco).
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Amanda M.
<... read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/macrodoreensis.htm
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: LTA foot torn by Clarkii?... still not reading 7/25/09
Thanks for the prompt reply. As far as the bag it was either leave it in the main tank and risk losing other stuff or get it out -
<... this animal should not have been purchased in the first place... You have not shown evidence of "being ready" to take care of a large Actinarian species>
I got it out. I did have a friend call me back shortly after and had a spare running saltwater tank with no fish (their emergency tank) and they put it in there for me.
<... there is almost no likelihood of it reviving>
They lave the tank running 24/7 and make sure its parameters are pristine in that tank They emailed me last night that it started having stuff coming out of it's mouth. So unfortunately it did pass. Everything in our main tank is doing excellent though so I think I caught it in time.
Amanda Moore
<Going forward... please seek qualified input... ahead of purchasing livestock... BobF>

Re: LTA foot torn by Clarkii? 7/25/09
We received it from a friend that sold their tank and the person was turning it into a freshwater one. Unfortunately we don't know the full history on it - and it was free. It was either we took it or the person who took the tank would of probably thrown it away or dumped it in freshwater. Otherwise we would not have ended up with an anemone so quickly. I'd rather buy the fake ones from Foster & Smith and see if the clown plays in those before buying a real anemone personally. I know it'll be well over a year before we even consider buying one, and when we do it'll be through our LFS which are all saltwater guru's.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Amanda M.
<... please read where you were initially referred, don't write... The basal disc of the animal pictured was torn... through removal?... One of your pix shows it was put in with a Plerogyra sp... allelopathy?... Read.

LTA wound pic + bonus, decapod spawn release  6/27/09
Hi Bob,
Once the lights went out I was able to get a shot of the injury I mentioned in my previous email.
<Good pic>
While I was at it I saw this too. Holy Stomatopod banquet Batman! Is that an M. sculptus spawning?
<Appears so>
It was standing there like that for about 10 minutes, shakin' its booty. If so, can I expect lotsa little crabs?
<Mmm, highly doubtful... may not be fertile, and even is so, the young going through instars/developmental phases aren't likely to survive recirculation, the skimmer... and what to eat?>
By the way, the mantis lives in a small hole just below the crab's leftmost foot - it didn't seem interested. There was a note on the hole that read, "out for lunch."
<Me too>
PS - I've got a 6-pack of Tiger here for you the next time you're passing through Kuala Lumpur. Shoot me an email.
<Dang! I was supposed to be there till 6/21... another story, time>
PPS - I hope approx. 200K is not too big a pic for your inbox.
Apologies if so, I wanted to sent fairly resolved images.
<No worries Darryl. G'night mate. BobF>

Re: New LTA question   5/25/07 Thanks for the response Bob!  Yesterday, the Anemone changed from a  ball to a deflated, wrinkled half ball.  Still has it's red coloring <This is normal, natural> and changes shapes slowly.  The clown fish are trying to get inside of it most of the time. <You might do well to cover this animal for now, to keep the Clowns away... they may well be damaging this organism>   This morning it looked virtually the same but had greenish tentacles coming out of the bottom area. <? Is this anemone upside down?>   (Well, it look like it was coming out of the bottom but I'm not sure). I took pictures of it yesterday and brought them with to the store I bought it.  The owner just smiled and said, "That's what Anemone's do. <... no> He's just getting acclimated to the new environment. Just leave him alone."  I picked up some silversides and hope to someday have use for them. I am interested in your comment about a possible conflict with the corals I have.  Currently, I have the Anemone placed about six inches away from a bubble coral <I see this... and this is WAY too close for an anemone to be near a Plerogyra> and, since the Anemone was blowing around, I moved a piece of live rock in front of him that has some green mushroom corals on it. <And these too...>   This changed the flow so he's not being blown around anymore.  It was the next day, however, that he changed into a ball....so perhaps the rock with mushroom coral is part of the reason? <My friend... please read, investigate before you buy anything live... Your mis-steps here may cause your system to crash... Really> I've also re-started two of the four power heads to keep the tank flowing.  They do not place added flow on the Anemone, so it's been pretty stable.  It seems to be a good compromise for the fish until the Anemone situation is rectified.  After only 1 day with the power heads off I was surprised to wake up to a half dozen 1/4 inch bristle worms on my front glass.  (I've only seen a couple of 1 inchers in my refugium in the past).  My Copper banded Butterfly was eager to pick them off for me.  Anything I need to know/do about the Bristle worms?  I've placed a couple of the traps in the water, but didn't catch anything with the bait they sent with the trap.   I've sent two pictures along.  One show's it's placement in back of the bubble and mushroom coral.  The other is just of the Anemone. (Sorry...Not the best pictures. Darn cell phone cameras!) Thanks again, and in advance of your next response. Thanks, Gregory E. <Read re the compatibility of the Stinging-celled life you have here... and soon Greg. Bob Fenner>

Re: New LTA question  - 05/26/07 Will do, Thanks.  You know what?  I think you are right...it must be upside down as the bottom of the Anemone was red and that's what's on top now.  I think I'll take this opportunity to move it very far away from the corals.  I'll do the reading you suggested right away. <Ah, good. RMF> Thanks, Gregory
Re: New LTA question  - 05/26/07
     Thanks for your help Bob, but it appears the bad advice I got yesterday from my fish store proved to be costly.  I rushed home from work to find that, as you guessed, the Anemone was upside down.  The red underside began disintegrating as I started turning it over.  More of the same when I got it right side up and let a small amount of current pass over it.  I then called the fish store and they told me to "leave it in my tank for a day to see what happens <What? No!> and they couldn't tell me more unless they saw it."  Umm, I brought a picture of it in yesterday and they didn't even notice it was upside down.  After giving it a half hour to move, I finally removed it from the tank to avoid an ammonia problem. <This and worse> It was already dead.  I'm upset that I didn't notice that it was upside down.  Even a little more that they didn't as this is the premier fish store in my area of Park Ridge, IL....and I was speaking with the owner.             I bought the clown fish and Anemone as I wanted that fish/anemone activity in my tank.  I would not have purchased the clown fish on their own.  Is it probable that a new anemone would attract the clown fish or am I out of luck? <Please... read> Currently, they seem to be hanging around my bubble and elegance corals. Thanks again, Greg E <RMF>

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