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 Archive 496: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Finescale Trigger, Balistes polylepis Steindachner 1876, comes into the trade out of the tropical eastern Pacific, but it is ugly and grows to two feet. Costa Rica (Pacific side) 2011 

The Blunthead or Stone Triggerfish Pseudobalistes naufragium (Jordan & Starks 1895). Tropical eastern Pacific Ocean, Mexico's Baja to Chile. To, yes, a meter in length. One of about 1.5 foot length in Costa Rica (Pacific side) 2011 
Arothron meleagris (Lacepede 1798), the Guinea Fowl Puffer. This is a "standard" offering in the pet fish trade, in black and white, golden and mottled color morphs. Found throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific. A "normal" colored individual in Costa Rica (Pacific side) 2011 
Canthigaster punctatissima (Gunther 1870), the Spotted Sharpnose Puffer. Eastern Pacific. The Pacific C. punctatissimus and Hawaiian C. jactator are almost copies of each other, white spotted against a brown background. The more eastern species is darker. To about three inches in length. Shown here in the Galapagos in 07.
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