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FAQs about: Collecting Aquarium Literature

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Aquarium Plants Bibliography/Further Reading


by Bob Fenner


Is there a "substitute for experience?", No, not really; however there are at least two types of experience, first hand and otherwise. The printed (and electronic) word are your best avenue for sharing the knowledge and fun of aquarium gardening with others.

Herein is my annotated list of the best in the west of hydrophyte bibliographia.


Baensch, Hans A. & Rudiger Riehl. 1993. Aquarium Atlas, v. 2. BAENSCH, Germany. 1212 pp.

Brunner, Gerhard. 1973. Aquarium Plants. T.F.H. Publications, NJ. 159 pp.

Jacobs, Don L. Undated. Know Your Aquarium Plants. Pet Library, London (reissued through T.F.H. Publications, NJ) 64 pp.

Jacobsen, Niels. 1979. Aquarium Plants. Blandford, Great Britain. 160 pp.

James, Barry. 1986. A Fishkeeper's Guide To Aquarium Plants. Salamander Books, U.K. pp. 117.

Prescott, G.W. 1969. How To Know The Aquatic Plants. Ws. C. Brown Co., Iowa.

Rataj, Karel & Thomas J. Horeman. 1977. Aquarium Plants, Their Identification, Cultivation and Ecology. T.F.H. Publications, NJ. 448 pp.

Riehl, Rudiger & Hans A. Baensch. 1987. Aquarium Atlas, v. 1. MERGUS, Germany. 992 pp.

Riehl, Rudiger & Hans A. Baensch, 1996. Aquarium Atlas, v. 3. MERGUS, Germany. 1103 pp.

Roe, Colin D. 1967. A Manual of Aquarium Plants. Shirley Aquatics, England. 111 pp.

Stemmermann, Lani. 1981. A Guide to Pacific Wetland Plants. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu. pp. 118.

Stodola, Jiri. 1967. Encyclopedia of Water Plants. T.F.H. Publications, NJ. 368 pp.


General Aquarium Topics with Plant Articles:

Aquarium Digest International. Tetra Press, 201 Tabor Rd., Morris Plains, NJ 07950.

Freshwater and Marine Aquarium

Foreign Magazines:

Do you read French, German, Italian, Japanese...?

Hobby Groups:

Aquatic Gardener's Association,  The Krib (see Links pages)

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Osborne, Kevin. 1983. Reading about aquarium plants and planted aquariums. FAMA 12/83.


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