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FAQs on Algae for Aquatic Gardens 

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Japanese Moss balls 2/7/11
<Hi there John>
I was wondering about Japanese Moss balls. I have noticed them in the fish stores and find them interesting. I bought one and was thinking about getting more, but at $7.99 each they are a little pricy. I was wondering if it is possible to grow them??
<Oh yes... Cladophora... can even be found, cultured in the wild...>
I heard they are slow growers, but I wonder how slow??
I read they are found in Iceland, Japanese and the state of Iowa. I would think if they were found in Iowa, they would be all over the US. I wonder if there are any moss ball "breeders" out there. Thank You!!
<There are. My fave SOP re can be found here:

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