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FAQs on CO2 Canopies for Planted Tanks

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New CO2 Setup for Planted Tank Hi Guys <Ted> I need a little help deciding on what CO2 system to go with on my offices 150 gal Planted aquarium. I have been looking at the Sera fertilization system as well as the system from Drs Foster and Smith. <Mmm, I see Drs.F&S have both the carbon block fizzy system and Eheim's CO2 gas infusion kit: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Product/NavResults.cfm?N=2004&Np=1&Ntt=carbon%20dioxide&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&Ntk=All&Nty=1 much the same as the Sera unit> The Sera system looks great but the price tag as well as the difficulty in finding it in the US make it a hard sell. The Drs F&S system is easy to come by but I do not like the method of adding the Co2 to the tank. I would rather have the trickle type reactor of the Sera system. <Me too> What are your thoughts? Is there another system out there that I should be looking at? Also this is for an Office tank not a home system so DIY is out of the question.  Thanks Ted <There are a few ways to go here... if this system is going to have LOTS of plant material, you may well be better off putting your own tank (can be bought/leased from a "gas shop" like for welding, five or ten pound size), regulator, needle valve, diffuser, tubing... a few places (etailers mainly... like CustomAquatic.com... maybe MarineDepot.com)... Rather than buying a puny/small (this is what the ones we're chatting about are) undersized pre-made rig on this system. This is what I would do. Bob Fenner> To inject or not to inject Co2 into aquarium Will injecting Co2 into my 45 gallon aquarium with DIY yeast setup benefit my java fern, java moss and wisteria taking into account that I have only 1 two-foot fluorescent light?  In other words, is injecting Co2 only effective for systems with more lights than mine?   Thanks, Paul <It may not make much of a difference without more full spectrum lighting and fertilizer.  You want to find a balance between the 3, the more light you have the more CO2 and fertilizer your plants need, and the more CO2 you inject, the more fertilizer and light your plants need, and so on.  That being said... go for it!  Its cheap to set up, you've really got nothing to lose, except maybe a soda bottle. -Gage http://wetwebmedia.com/PlantedTksSubWebIndex/co2agfaqs.htm>

FW: Construction of a CO2 Canopy for Plant Tanks-FAMA MAG Dear Bob, I had a surprise today. FAMA MAG is going to publish my article on CO2 Canopy for Plant tanks. <Ah! Congratulations> All credit to you for encouraging and supporting me to produce that article and most of all giving it an exposure at your fantastic web site. Though I have not corresponded with you for some time, I make it a point to visit your site regularly to read FAQs. Thanks and regards Lalith Atugoda <Be chatting... and writing! Bob Fenner>

My Plant Tank Dear Bob, Its some weeks since I last corresponded with you. The plant tank with the CO2 Canopy seems to work fine. <Looks very good> Still my plant tank is one month old. I have four fish in the tank. Though it is not as beautiful as the photos I often see in the web, it gives me great satisfaction to have all that beautifulliving green plants by the side of my PC and the work table. As still I am learning on the subject, gaining firsthand experience from my plant tank, I hope in future, I will be able to have a larger and a better Plant tank. The fish are very active and seems to be happy in the environment. I am sending a photo of the Plant tank too. Several of my friends saw my article at your site and said it is great ! ( Hope so :-) <Very nice> Also I have downloaded many interesting articles from your web. Thanks for keeping up the good work. Regards-Lalith <Thank you for sharing my friend. Bob Fenner>

Re: CO2 Canopy article with better sketches Dear Bob, Thanks for the suggestions and will do those changes and forward it. I forgot to tell you earlier, I saw my article in your web site yesterday night and didn't it give me a real satisfaction ? That was my first something in the web !!!!! <Ah, not your last though! And have re-posted with your new graphics. Bob Fenner> Regards Lalith

Document with US words (CO2 Canopy, Planted Tanks) Dear Bob, I have changed the words you mentioned and also sketch measurements were indicated in Metric units. I also received your mail and saw the edited article in your web site. Bob, the sketches were not that much clear and one sketch was [ measurements of Plexiglas] not showing the whole picture. Could you please check on that if you don't mind. Thanks again. Lalith <The latest version: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PlantedTksSubWebIndex/co2canopyart.htm Bob Fenner>

Re: Document with US words Dear Bob, Now the CO2 Canopy Document in your web looks exactly as the original!. I once again want to tell you my gratitude for directing me how to improve my document and without any hesitation, offering to display it in your great site. Everyone will not do what you have done - I am sure. Thanks Bob. <Thank you my friend. For your acknowledgement and work. Bob Fenner> Lalith

CO2 Canopy article with better sketches Dear Bob, I received your mail and thanks for it. As suggested by you, I have done those sketches in CAD and I have some new developments noticed in the CO2 unit. I have edited the text of the document to include that also. Please send me your comments on the latest document.  <Very nice. About the only suggestion I have is to make some parts more "western"; change "Perspex" to "Plexiglas", make litre into liter or even (shudder) quarts...> I will also forward this to Sue Steele. I got a mail from famamag for receiving the earlier document. Regards Lalith <Real good, looking forward to seeing it in print. Have posted the draft to WWM here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PlantedTksSubWebIndex/co2canopyart.htm Bob Fenner>

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