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Question for Bob Fenner... Eleocharis use... immersed continuously   06/09/09
I've been looking to purchase some Eleocharis acicularis for my aquarium and I have some conflicting info about it. It seems like from the aqua suppliers it is short and completely submergible (and expensive like $300 for 18'x48'),
but from American wholesale nurseries they say it can grow up to 12 in,
<Mmm, more like half this max... 15 cm.>
grows slow, and will possibly die if completely submerged.
<Spikebrush is an annual for the most part...>
Are there different varieties of this plant and if so how are you supposed to name the different varieties?
<Mmm, for the one species, more like individual "results" given different conditions>
Or is this all the same thing?
<Is the same for the one species...>
I hope you can help.
Kind regards,
This is the look I'm going for
This is the site that names the plant
This is an aquarium place selling. Seems expensive though compared to the nurseries.
<Agreed... Oh, and a fave: Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleocharis_acicularis

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