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FAQs on Electricity and  Planted Tanks

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GFI Read your article about GFI, or GFCI as Leviton calls the unit I just purchased, on Wet Web Media but on my computer the illustration of the arrangement of a service switch, GFI duplex outlet & time clock did not appear. <Have fixed, placed the graphic on WWM, and attached here.> Would you send it to me via email with the hopes that will duplicate here or can you tell me where to get a like illustration. I have read elsewhere of installing a titanium wire from the tank water to a ground such as a water pipe as additional protection to a GFI. To your knowledge is this true or is it overkill due to a thought surge? <Such grounds are a good idea if/when working with much amperage... The GFI/GFCI should provide sufficient protection in your case. Bob Fenner> Alan

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