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FAQs on growing Water Lettuce in Planted Aquariums

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I'll Have a Salad, Thank You  12/5/05 Mr. Fenner,  <This evening you get Catherine.> I found your name in a forum: The Aquarium Gardener Series. I am very interested in growing Water Lettuce. Since I live overseas, the only way I can buy the plant is to ship it to Florida but all the places that sell it, will NOT ship to Florida. <This species is considered an invasive pest in Florida and is illegal. No one can legally ship to Florida, nor may you take it there.> I am trying to find the seeds so I can grow it myself but have been unable to find them.  Do you know where I can purchase the seeds? <I would check with dealers that sell the plant. You should also check regulations in your country to ensure that the plant is allowed in.> I hope you can help me. <We try.> <Catherine>

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