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Kawarimono Koi Varieties

by Robert Fenner 

A Kumonryu

This is the "left-overs" category of koi classification. These are non-metallic colored koi that just don't fit into the other varieties (with the exception of Goshiki). In most cases, for lack of many entries, this "generic" grouping of Kawarimono typically compete against each other in shows.

Aka Muji (aka Benigoi): All orange to red koi.


Aka Matsuba: All orange koi with darkening behind dorsal scales.


Kigoi: All gold koi.


Shiro Muji: All white koi.


Chagoi: All yellow koi.


Magoi: All brown koi.


Saragoi: All blue koi.


Ochibasugure: Blue koi with gold islands of color pattern.


Hajiro: Black koi with white pectoral, dorsal and tail fins.


Hageshiro: Like the Hajiro, but with a white head.


Kumonryu: Like the Hageshiro, but with a white meandering pattern on the back.

Karasu: All black koi.

Midorigoi. All yellow doitsu koi.


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by Robert (Bob) Fenner
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