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FAQs about Purple Tang Diseases/Health 3

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Purple tang skin issue       2/12/19
<Howsit Bri?>
I noticed one of my purple tangs has a strange skin thing going on. It almost looks like peeling skin from a sunburn, or maybe mucus?
<So much the former, with a rxn of the latter>
It’s behavior seems unaffected, and it has no white spots. Not other fish impacted at all.
<A good clue>
No introductions to my tank for 6 weeks. Prior to that I introduced snails QTed for a full month. I did treat some Aiptasia with Kalk paste the day I noticed. Maybe it’s a chemical burn?
<Yes; biochemical>
Trying to rule out something infectious. I’ll attach several pictures. Thanks as always.
<I (fully) suspect a glance/exposure to a stinging-celled colony here. Should heal in time... days, weeks. Bob Fenner>


Purple Tang eye problem      12/14/18
<Hello there>
I have recently found your site, I have a purple tang who looked in very good health when I bought him. On the second day in my aquarium I notice a singular eye did not look quite right. The issue is now 3 weeks old and his eye appears to be in the same condition. It looks as though air is trapped under the lens of his eye. The other eye looks normal but the fish I would say is more reclusive and stressed than if his eye were not suffering.
Please see my photo. Is there anything I can do for this <This is a physical trauma caused by the fish hitting something (likely rocks/decorations); or by some tankmate nipping at it, please see/read the
following link and the related ones: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/popeyetrauma.htm
Cheers. Wil. >
Re: Purple Tang eye problem      12/14/18

Thank you for the reply, I have studied the thread you linked and from my understanding the best course of action is likely to do nothing as it seems most like the physical trauma to the vascular network that Bob commented on 12/27/06 with regard to Holocentrid. Is this correct?
<Yes, as Bob stated.>
Should I dose Epsom salt and if so what is your recommended dose rate?
<Just maintain good water quality and be patient, as complete recovery may take several weeks.>
<Cheers. Wil.>
Re: Purple Tang eye problem       12/14/18

Thanks Wil,
<Glad to help >
I´ll maintain water quality and hope for a full recovery.
<Good. Please keep us posted>
Re: Purple Tang eye problem       1/10/19

Hello Wetweb team,
<Hey Lloyd>
I wanted to let you know that my purple tang has made a full recovery with hyposalinity and the use of Sea Chem Paraguard. I was very skeptical until about day 13-15 of treatment as his condition did not appear to be improving. Then one night lights out and the very next morning he was better. I have continued the treatment for the recommended length of time and will be bringing salinity back up in a weeks time but I wanted to thank you for the advice and notify you of the improvement.
<Glad to know everything is fine with your PT.>
Kind regards,
Lloyd Cook
<Greetings. Wil.>

Disease Identification with Photos      5/19/18
Hello Bob and crew!
<Bri! Please re-size and re-send your msg.s WITH MUCH SMALLER files... you've crashed our mail server. Kbytes, not Mbytes. Thx. Bob Fenner>
Disease Identification      5/19/18

Hello Bob and crew!
<Hey Bri!>
It's been years since I've emailed you! I love using your site as a resource. I have a purple tang going through tank transfer (1.5 weeks so far) with recurring white spots. There were no spots for a week, but
yesterday a few appeared again. When I first got the fish, the original spots were concentrated on the ventral side, with only a couple on the rest of the body. There were maybe ten total. Fish breathing rate was (and continues to be) normal. Coloration is good. Appetite is fine. There were no spots for a week, but overnight a few showed up. There were only five spots on the fish this time, all concentrated on the left pectoral fin. I decided to clip a section of the fin and take a look under the microscope.
Attached are photos taken at 10x magnification. I'll try to attach a video as well.
<Please post the video elsewhere; perhaps YouTube, and send the link to it instead. We have limited mail server space>
Any thoughts on what this may be?
<From the size... looks too big to be protozoal... Perhaps just accumulation of body mucus... Happens>
Note in the videos that all movement is created by me changing the focus so you can see the whole cyst.
The organism was not moving at all and I did not see any cilia or flagella.
<Me neither... is this a dry prep.? That is, was there a slide cover over this specimen with water around it, supporting it?>
However, I just started treating with Seachem Paraguard 12 hrs before taking the sample, so maybe these parasites are dead?
<Mmm; maybe, but, could be as stated>
Or eggs of gill/body flukes perhaps?
<Not eggs... would be off the fish's body>
The fish has been treated with PraziPro, but only one round for 2 days. That was a week ago.
Thank you for sharing your ideas! I'd like to get more specific with my treatment protocol and your advice is much appreciated!
Lil Bri
<Do try removing the blobs from the spines, scales, put under a cover slip with a drop of water, and re-shoot and send. Thank you. Bob Fenner>
Re: Disease Identification with Photos      5/19/18

Oops! Sorry! I reformatted/resent the photos, but the video is only 3 seconds and I can't get it condensed to less than 1.8MB. Hopefully the pictures are enough for identification purposes! I thought that the
parasite might be Amyloodinium, but it's way too big!
<Yes; too big for any fish parasite I'm aware of>
The photos are only magnified 10x. Then I thought it might be the beginnings of Lymphocystis from stress?
<Nah; not likely>
It isn't pear shaped like the photos of Cryptocaryon on WetWebMedia, so I'm guessing not that.
<Agreed. BobF>

Re: Disease Identification       5/21/18
Thank you for your input! I did prepare the fin clipping as a wet mount, so the photos are taken with water supporting the body mucus blob.
It dried up within about 20mins of taking the photos and the blob shriveled to about a quarter of its original size. The fish hasn’t shown any more of them, so I’m unable to take another sample for you so far. I’ll send more photos of the issue resurfaces. Thanks again!
<Thank you. B>

Re: Disease Identification    6/16/18
Hello Bob and crew!
<Li'l Bri>
I thought I'd give a follow-up email for our string (see below). My purple tang did not show any further signs of the white spots through quarantine. It is now living happily in my display tank and appears perfectly healthy! It appears to have been environmental, just as Bob predicted, and my guess is that it was due to sub-par water quality while doing the Tank Transfer Method in quarantine.
Thanks for the advice! Add one more happy fish to the list of all those that you have helped!
Lil Bri
<Thank you for your update. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Scar/healing question     6/4/18
Just got a large red sea purple tang and he has a small scrap on his body that healed a while ago but is noticeable. Was curious if fish tend to heal or if the scars permanent? Here's a photo as well, know any plastic surgeons?
James Williams
<Is the scar you're referring to the whitish spot twixt the dorsal and caudal? This may remain or not.
Bob Fenner>

Re: Scar/healing question     6/4/18
That was it, wasn't sure what you all at wet web had seen in your experiences so I figured id ask. Guess I'll wait and see.
<IF not too deep (as in a gouge from a mechanical injury), chromatophores, scales can/do grow back. Bob Fenner>

Please help me ID this as i have been through hell with my Purple tang     1/3/17
Hi guys,
I am sorry to send you an email but i am at my wits end i have a purple tang (Zebrasoma) and he is covered in these white blotches..
<Mmm; see something...>

See attached pictures, i treated for ich with copper and nothing changed despite his tank mate (a PBT) being completely cleared of his spots this made me question whether it was ich, i then kept him in hypo for 8 weeks and got no improvement, so this in my mind is not velvet or Ich, i then treated with malachite green as i thought this was bacterial still no joy, Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, would kill to chat to Bob Fenner personally! My system is 110gal.
Thanks so much in advance!
Kind regards
Nick Richardson
Stressed Tang Owner
<Well; can't tell from looking without sampling, viewing under a microscope... whether this is anything parasitic or not. Might well be just stress marking/s. Need to know data re the history of water quality, nutrition... Let's have you read here fro more background: http://wetwebmedia.com/purptgdisfaqs.htm
DO send along the "history" I've mentioned, better-resolved image... and ask about at your LFS re they have a 'scope, can/will help you sample, look. Bob Fenner>

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