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Archive 1066: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Ophichthus altipennis (Kaup 1856), the Highfin Snake Eel. Seen mostly in the sand by day. Darken with age, size. A younger individual in Mabul, Malaysia.
The Snowflake, Starry, or Diamond-Backed Moray, Echidna nebulosa (Ahl 1789) is a fabulous aquarium species; small, compatible with other fish species and adaptable to captivity. It is certainly the most peaceful, outgoing and desirable moray species. To about thirty inches total length. Base color of silver gray with black and yellow "snowflakes" randomly sprinkled over the lower body. Hawaii pic.

Antennarius striatus, Striated Frogfish. Tropical West Atlantic and Indo-Pacific; South Africa to Japan and New Zealand, in mud or sand bottoms, often associated with sponges. To seven inches. Aquarium and N. Sulawesi photos. Distinguished from the similar appearing A. hispidus by its worm-like esca. Many pseudonyms (28) exist for this species, including A. scaber. Males with more tufts/camouflage than females. 
Antennarius maculatus (Desjardin's 1840), the Clown Anglerfish. Indo-Pacific. To four inches in length. Often seen out in the open, especially when small, apparently mimicking toxic nudibranchs. Most are white with orange or red mottling, but many colors exist. Have prominent illicia ("fishing poles") that resemble small fishes. N. Sulawesi pix.
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