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Archive 1118: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Anisotremus taeniatus Gill 1861, the Panamic Porkfish, is found in the southernmost part of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California to you oldsters) south to Ecuador. It is very similar (sympatric?) to the Atlantic Porkfish, A. virginicus Linnaeus. Adults are colored with gorgeous iridescent blue stripes on a golden yellow background with two black bars one oblique over the eye, the other vertically from the start of the dorsal fin to the start of the pectoral. To twelve inches long. Cabo 2016.

Haemulon carbonarium Poey 1860, the Caesar Grunt. Tropical W. Atlantic to Brazil. To 36 cm. Here in Cozumel.

Haemulon flaviguttatum Gill 1863, the Cortez Grunt. E. Pacific; Sea of Cortez to Panama. To 41 cm. Costa Rica (Pacific side) 2011
Haemulon melanurum Linnaeus 1758, the Cottonwick Grunt. Tropical West Atlantic. To thirteen inches in length. An image of a school of Cottonwick Grunts in Tobago.
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