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Archive 1188: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Arothron caeruleopunctatus (Matsuura 1994). Indo-west Pacific. To thirty two inches in length in the wild. Here is a two footer in Fiji.
Arothron hispidus (Linnaeus 1758), the White-Spotted Puffer. Indo-Pacific, Red Sea, east African coast, tropical east Pacific coast. To twenty inches in length in the wild. Cute when small, and very hardy... just big eaters and mess makers. Here in the Galapagos.  

Arothron immaculatus (Bloch & Schneider 1801), the Immaculate Puffer. Indo-west Pacific, Red Sea and east African coast. To twelve inches. Sipadan, Saba, Malaysia pic.  
Arothron manilensis (de Proce 1822), the Narrow-Lined Puffer. Western Pacific. To a foot in length in the wild, about half that in captivity. Infrequently offered out of the Philippines and parts of Indonesia. TiffB pic in Bali.
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