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Archive 1192: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Canthigaster bennetti (Bleeker 1854), Bennett's Sharpnose Puffer. Indo-Pacific, Africa's eastern coast. To four inches in length. Eats filamentous and coralline algae, as well as benthic invertebrates. A pair in Bali.

Canthigaster compressa (Marion de Proce 1822), the Compressed Toby. Western Pacific. To four inches in length. Lembeh, N. Sulawesi (Lembeh Strait).  

Canthigaster coronata (Vaillant & Sauvage 1875), the Crowned Puffer. Another regular offering from this genus/subfamily. Indo-west Pacific, Red Sea out to Hawai'i. To five inches in the wild. This image made off of Kona, Hawai'i's Big Island. 
Canthigaster jactator (Jenkins 1901), Hawaiian Sharpnose Puffer. Hawaiian endemic. To three inches in length. This one in the 50th State's waters.
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