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Archive 1195: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Rapharia gorgonia, Solitary Gorgonian Hydroid. Size: 1/4-1 in. diameter. Singular polyps with thin, clearish tentacles. Usually found attached to sea fans, particularly Sea Plumes (Pseudopterogorgia  (now Antillogorgia)). Roatan pic by TiffB.
Clavularia sp. N. Sulawesi

Clavularia sp. Red Sea.
Genus Clavularia (et al. Clavulariids): Individual polyps are encased in calyces (sing., calyx) of half to two inches in length. Tentacle enclosed by feathery pinnules, often side-branched. Occur in pinks, blues, white to cream, brown to yellow colors, at times with contrasting centers. Unlike pulsing soft corals (Family Xeniidae), Clavulariids can withdraw their tentacles completely. 
Acabaria splendens, Splendid Knotted Fan Coral. Deeper water species that is planktivorous. Gorgeous close-ups showing the flexible "knots" at the anastomoses of a colony. Red Sea pic by DiF. 
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