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Archive 1197: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Muricea laxa, Delicate Spiny Sea Rod. Tall colonies that are bushy, branched in many planes, with hard calyces (protuberances, spines...) that extend out and upward with branches. Whitish, yellowish. Aquarium photo.
Muricella sp. Large, intricately inter-branched species (up to more than a meter across). Many polyps, form distinct bumps on branches, contrast in color (red/pink against grey to white branches. West Pacific; Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea. N. Sulawesi pix. 

Muriceopsis flavida, Rough Sea Plume. Bushy colonies made up of tall branches or many small branchlets that extend in all directions (not uni-planar). St. Lucia pic.
Plexaura homomalla, Black Sea Rod. Bushy, planar colonies. Usually branch laterally (versus dichotomously). Have light brown to yellow polyps against dark brown/black stalks/rinds. Bahamas pic. 
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