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Archive 1198: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Plexaura nutans, Giant Slit-Pore Sea Rod. Tall colonies with thick stalks, not much branching. When closed, polyp openings like small open, raised slits. Tobago image. 
Pseudoplexaura sp. Porous Sea Rods. Definitive genus detail are small openings in rind when polyps are retracted. Variable in appearance, color. Mostly dichotomous asymmetrical branch division. Brown, grey, tan to light purplish in color. DiF pic in Bonaire.

Pseudopterygorgia (now Antillogorgia) bipinnata, Bipinnate Sea Plume. Colonies as single planes of bilaterally arranged branchlets. Usually purple, sometimes yellow to white. One of the most popular aquarium Sea Fans due to its beauty, small size (to two feet tall in the wild) and relative hardiness (when collected, held, shipped properly). Key Largo of colonies open and closed. 
Subergorgia appressa Nutting 1911. Laterally branches with medial groove that are somewhat flattened. Red to brownish in color. N. Sulawesi pic. 
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