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Archive 1019: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Meoma ventricosa, the Red Heart Urchin. Covered with short reddish-brown spines. Tropical West Atlantic. 4-6 inches in diameter. Upperside bears a pentagonal petal design. Roatan 2017

Dendostea frons, the Frond Oyster. Tropical West Atlantic. To two and a half inches in length. Roatan 2017
Strombus gigas, the Queen Conch. 6-9 inches typically, to 12 in. maximum. Have large shells bearing a short conical spire with blunt spikes. Shells orangish, often covered with algae. Opening rosy pink. Covered by a claw-like operculum. Head gray with long tentacled eyes.  Live in Seagrass beds, cultured for aquariums. A full adult in Roatan 2017 Di pic
Cymatium raderi D’Attilio & Myers, 1984; Triton Snail. To about eight inches long. Predatory. Caribbean to Brazil. Roatan 2017
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