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Archive 1394: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Chaetodon larvatus  Cuvier 1831, the Masked or Orange-Face Butterflyfish. Restricted in range, Red Sea to lower Gulf of Aden. Only eats Acroporid coral polyps... Closely related to C. baronessa, C. triangulum. To five inches long. Red Sea 2019.

Chaetodon lineolatus Cuvier 1831, the Lined Butterflyfish. At a foot long, vying for largest Butterflyfish of the family. Widespread from Hawai'i over to the east coast of Africa, into the Red Sea. A beauty that eats corals, anemones, much of all else, but doesn't live. Here being fed an urchin at Kahalu'u Beach, Kona, HI 2007.

Chaetodon semilarvatus Cuvier 1831, the Golden or Blue-Mask Butterflyfish. Only found in the Red Sea south into the Gulf of Aden. To plate-size, nine inches or so. Omnivore that does eat coral polyps, soft and hard species. Red Sea 2019.

Heniochus intermedius Steindachner 1893, the Red Sea Bannerfish.(1) Eager feeder on all types of meaty foods; feeds on zooplankton and benthic invertebrates in the wild. Only found in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden to the south. To seven inches overall length. Red Sea 2019.
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