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Archive 923: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
(For personal use only: NOT public domain)
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Ogcocephalus parvus, The Roughback Batfish. Tropical West Atlantic, usually 2-3 inches; 4 max. Typically deepwater, this one was found at full size in Cozumel, 2016 in about fifty feet of water.

Sphoeroides spengleri (Bloch 1785), the Bandtail Puffer. Central and western Atlantic. Brackish and marine. To seven inches long. This one about four inches, in  Cozumel, 2016.
Cantherhines macrocerus (Hollard 1854), the Orange Filefish in the pet trade is called the American Whitespotted Filefish in the sciences... unfortunately, in part because it occurs on both coasts of the tropical Atlantic. One of the more common Filefish offerings in the world of aquariums. To twenty-six inches in length. Cozumel, 2016.
Eunicea calyculata, Ellis & Solander 1786, the Warty Eunicea. Cozumel, 2016. A little, "starter" colony
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