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FAQs on Long Tentacle Anemone Reproduction

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Re:  LTA/Health/Systems  - 06/07/2006 The link above has a title but no information. <Mmm, hasn't been penned yet, correct, Bob?  Other articles <<linked above...>> on anemones will steer you right since they share similar requirements/needs.  James (Salty Dog)> <<Correct James... there are many such articles/topics to be written... Not just by me! You may likely have more accurate, complete information re actinarians use in captivity than moi... RMF>>

Anemone question    Hi I need some help please ,  my long tentacle anemone is growing a bubble on its base. It looks like it strangled it self, but it feels hard. Could it be ill or is it splitting?. Thank you. <most likely splitting
Best, Chris>

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