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Miracle Mud (EcoSystem) http://www.ecosystemaquarium.com

Kent Marine Biosediment http://www.kentmarine.com/

Marc Weiss FORM http://www.marcweissco.com/

CaribSea Mineral Mud www.caribsea.com

Walt Smith Fiji Mud www.waltsmith.com

GARF Grunge/Mud www.garf.org

Miracle Mud Refugium with a long term fish resident?? PJ Cardinal comp.        5/11/14
Good Evening,
<Yawnnnn; good morrow to you Wendy>
Here are the basics:
165 gallon reef tank
LifeReef custom sump
Aqua C 180 EV skimmer
LifeReef Calcium Reactor
LifeReef Refugium 10 gallon
Orphek LED's and a couple t5's
Eco Tech mp40
Alk 9-11 dKH
Calcium 420
<Magnesium in proportion?>
ph 8.1
Temp 79-80
20% water changes weekly
sps, lps and a few soft coral
3 Banggai Cardinals (father and 2 of his adolescent offspring)
1 Red Sea Sailfin Tang
<Will get very large in time>
2 PJ Cardinal fish (one in display and one in refugium)
hermits, snails, skunk cleaner shrimp and serpent star
food: pellets, flakes, 3 kinds of frozen and live saltwater minnows
<What is eating this last?>
I have a one eyed "grandpa" PJ Cardinal fish (had him 6 years). He was having his fins nipped off by (the younger, larger, probably same sex) PJ Cardinal fish and an orange line Bristletooth (when the Bristletooth was small it got along with the other fish, but then it hit puberty and became super aggressive-I caught it, gave to fish store).
With the one good eye, "Grandpa PJ" takes a little longer to eat. So with his nipped fins and slow eating habits I was afraid a slow death was going to happen. I put "Grandpa PJ" in our refugium. Here no one picks on him and he can eat at his leisure.
However, will he be ok in there long term?
<Likely so; fine in isolation.
His fins have healed and he looks good. But I am concerned the nutrients from the mud might not be good long term...what do you think?
<See WWM re... this product is fine in the short to long term>
The water flow in the refugium is low, but good circulation. The macro algae is doing ok. There are a couple hermits, a snail and a starfish in the refugium, too. The refugium light comes on at night and off during the day.
<Also good>
I don't think he will make it back in the display even if I can catch the aggressive PJ (been trying for a long time).
<You are probably correct>
Thank you,
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re Using nature/Limestone and Mangrove Mud     5/14/13
Thank you for confirming I can use the limestone.
<You're welcome Alyssa.>
I can save lots of money (it does disappear in this hobby fast)!
<That's for sure.>
I had originally planned to make my own rock, but after much reading I ruled it out.
    As to the suggestion of Miracle Mud: May I run a few questions your way? If I were to use that in my two refugiums I’d be spending hundreds of dollars on mud (yikes!), so I am looking for alternatives.
<Walt Smith's Fiji Mud is another good product and I believe less expensive.>
 This is what I got from the company’s website: “Miracle Mud is comprised of up to 80% oceanic mud, harvested from deep waters, and is then dried on land. The remaining 20% is a formulation of minerals and trace elements that make Miracle
Mud a true “MIRACLE.”” It sounds like they essentially do to the mud what you suggested I do with the limestone. Couldn’t I do that too? My take is the mud isn’t “live” but more or less used to replenish the mineral and trace element concentration of the aquarium water.
<Mmm, I'm not 100% sure on that but Walt Smith advertises his Fiji Mud to be "live", teeming with micro organisms that benefit Acropora corals.>
 As long as I remove the “live” aspect of the mud I would collect, wouldn’t this make it safe to use?
<Mmm, too many factors with shore mud for me to say it would be 100% safe.>
Keep in mind that I haven’t even finished filling my tank with RO water yet, so it is in no way an established or cycled system.
For a DSB of aragonite sand, could I use play sand and mix some good (purchased) live sand on top to seed it?
<As long as you are sure the "play sand" has no silicon.  Some play sands contain silicone which can cause problems.
Most play sands will no nothing to help buffer the water.  Best to use aragonite based sand which will help buffer the water as it will slowly dissolve over a long period of time.>
I have read on your site that people do it, but is it just as good in the long run? I was thinking of using the mud in one refugium and putting the DSB in the refugium that has the Mangroves. Is this a good idea, or is having both a DSB and mud redundant?
<I would prefer the mud, DSB's can be a nitrate factory if not teeming with beneficial organisms to consume detritus/waste.  Refugiums with sand/mud are quickly replacing DSBs.>
Perhaps the mud should be with the Mangroves, but I thought they’d prefer more depth to grow in.
<Please search our site for Mangroves.>
I’d very much appreciate the clarification if I am misinterpreting how these substrates work.
<As above and do search our site for DSBs as well.  This information you seek is readily available to you.>
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Refugium Question; mostly (Miracle) Mud     11/24/12
Hi Crew!!
Happy Holidays.  I just have a quick question regarding a refugium.  My main display is 125 gallons with a 30 gallon sump.  Up and running for 4 plus years but have always had nitrate/phosphate issues.  I recently set up a 30 gallon long refugium that is fed from the sump after the protein skimmer and gravity drained back down to the sump next to the return pump
to the main display.  My local LFS came out to help me with this set up. 
Right now the refugium holds a couple pieces of live rock and about 1 inch of Miracle Mud.  That was put in by my LFS, I think they either were doing me a favor or trying to get me to buy enough mud to build it up to 4 inches.  Either way, I would like a DSB in the refugium and different macro algae's.
Question is, should I remove the mud before adding enough sand for a DSB or should I just add the sand on top of the mud?
<A tough question; with plusses to both alternatives... I'd likely cover the present mud base if this were my system. Most all of it will dissolve in time... You can/could place more on top of the new DSB, but again, I would not likely do so. The inch on the bottom will do about as much good as can be done here>
Also, I do have a cleaner shrimp in there as the 30 gallon was holding my fish while I re-aquascaped my rockwork to give the fish more room for swimming.  Couldn't catch the shrimp and was wondering if he would decimate any copepods that grow or is he okay there as long as I feed him? 
<Mmm, to some degree, yes... I would remove the rock if necessary, and move this cleaner to the main/display tank>
Thanks again!!
Best Regards,
<Welcome. Bob Fenner> 

EcoSystem Aquarium site update    9/5/12
Hi Everyone
I’m very excited to announce that, at long last, we have finished revamping our company website www.ecosystemaquarium.com .  We have added some new features, such as:
1) The “Article of the Week,” a section on our home page where we will post general reef (aquarium) related articles that will help you in your endeavors to make your aquariums more successful;
2) An “R & D” section, in which we will regularly post our ongoing research projects and the associated links; and,
3) The “Aquarium Portraits,” where we will feature successful aquariums that use the EcoSystem Method and/or related products
Leng Sy
President/CEO - EcoSystem Aquarium
<Well done Leng! BobF>
Thanks Bob. Will tap on you one day for group diving trip?
<Sounds great Leng. Am hoping to get out and about along w/ May 2013 Aquarama trip. Would you like to be included in corresponding re this trip? BobF>

Miracle Mud    7/18/12
Hello Crew,
I will be adding miracle mud to my medium CPR Aquafuge 2 hob refugium this weekend and was wondering what the best approach would be to adding the mud knowing the mess it could make.
<Leave it in w/ the pump turned off till it settles... put some rubble, live rock pieces atop it, then macroalgae and leave for a day...>
 My thoughts were to rinse the mud with the main tanks water  good  prior in a bucket and then carefully placing it in the refugium with saltwater to cover a couple inches and then let that settle a couple hours prior to turning on any pumps. Then after things have cleared add the pc.s. of live rock and Chaetomorpha and go from there. what do you think. I know a lot of people just pour the mud in and create a mess.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: recurring Ich problem, now Miracle and other Mud use, SW 3/10/11
Hi Bob and Crew,
<Big J>
So I emptied my entire tank out, bleached the sand, live rock is drying in the sun and miracle mud has been soaked in freshwater and is now drying out as well. I will fill up my tank with sea water again on the weekend and start the cycling process.
I have however got a question regarding the miracle mud. I added it to a new sump for the first time a few months ago. My water quality has been pretty fantastic, but I have ever since battled a real bad diatom problem, and I could not figure out where this came from. I now read a lot of articles on the net that the miracle mud is up to 60% silicate based and that a lot of people struggle with diatom problems. Could I have your opinion on that?
<Is a "natural earth" product... of proprietary composition... But does have a good bit of Silica... Usually diatoms are transient, best overcome w/ the culture/allowance of other photosynthates>
If this is so, what could I substitute the mud for that is as effective?
<There are "other mud" products. Look to Fiji Gold for instance>
I was really happy with it regarding my water parameters, but had to scrub rocks, sand, and glass at least twice a week and every other day it would still look horrible.
Many thanks,
Kind regards, Jana
<And you, Bob Fenner>

Mud, Stocking and icky rock SW Filtration and stocking questions 9/6/2010
Mr. Fenner.
<Hi Dave, you have MikeV today.>
Firstly, thanks for the amazing site. I have learned a lot from it and your book TCMA.
<Thank you for the kind words.>
I have just ordered a 200 us gal system and will be using miracle mud in the sump.
I have been informed or maybe misinformed that with the use of miracle mud you don't need a skimmer?
<I disagree. There are very few reasons not to have a skimmer in my opinion. having mud filtration s not one of them.>
I have however just bought a new one for my existing setup V2 400
<Note for readers, a TMC V2 - 400 skimmer, rated for 105 gallons>
but due to the shutdown of this tank I would like to use this on the new tank (I know it's too small but combined with miracle mud?) would this be ok?
<It will 'work' but it will not be the most efficient.>
My next question is in regard to stocking. I have the following in my tank;
1 x Regal tang
1 x Yellow Tang
1 x Scooter blenny
1 x False clownfish
1 x Cleaner shrimp
1 x Dancing shrimp
4 x Hermit crabs (4 Blue legged, 2 Halloween)
These are the reason for the upgrade as their current home is far too small for the size these guys will reach.
I would like to add a red Foxface to this system with all the fish listed above. Am I pushing it or do I have the capacity to stock all of the said fish?
<I would say you are fine to add the Foxface.>
> Third and final question.
I have 60 kilo of live rock ordered with the new tank and have 30-35 kilo which I would like to transfer from my existing tank. Unfortunately and stupidly of me, I did not quarantine the Regal tang (lesson learnt) which introduced marine Ick into my original tank. I was advised to leave the live rock out of the tank for 24 hours to kill the Ick before adding this to my new tank (sounds a bit strange to me). Can I reuse this rock without transferring Ick with it? And if so what would I need to do?
<If the outbreak of Ick was recent, I would not put it in the new tank until it sat fallow (i.e. in a tank with no fish) for at least 4 weeks. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fallowtkfaqs.htm >
Sorry for going on for so long but as a marine beginner, I could do with all the help and advice I can get.
<My pleasure.>

Ecosystem Filtration question... - 7/27/10
I was reading about the Ecosystem filtration method and I was wondering if I could use Chaetomorpha instead of Caulerpa in the refugium tank.
<Ah yes. Of a certainty. Please read here for more input:
Bob Fenner>
Re: Ecosystem Filtration question... - 7/28/10
Thanks! I have also forgot to mention something. Can I use a protein skimmer in conjunction with this?
<Oh yes... there's been quite a bit of discussion re over the years. Leng (Sy, the owner, originator of EcoSystem) was resistant to the idea, I championing it... Now their systems are sold w/ skimmers overseas. I would run one of some "capacity" at least on a punctuated basis>
I have heard that the skimmer will remove elementsand plankton. Thanks again!
<Mmm, well... life is a series of compromises as I'm wont to state... If you'd like more input, please search WWM (via the search tool, "mud and skimmers" and such) or read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/mudfltbrdsf.htm
and the linked files above where you lead yourself. Bob Fenner>

Shelf Life For Mineral Mud/Substrates/Live Sand 8/3/09
To whomever,
<James here, Mike.>
Great site!
<Thank you, glad you enjoy.>
Many a night have I sat and read (after realizing that a successful marine aquarium could not be realized via LFS advice and intuition) until it felt like my eyeballs were on the verge of melting. However, I can't find
anything on the shelf life of mineral mud and live sand.
I ask because I have a five gallon pale 3/4 full with mineral mud, live sand, and non live sugar fine sand with the water level about an inch above the substrate (it is a long and boring story as to how it ended up in the
bucket). It has been sitting in my basement for about 3 months with no pumps, filters, or heaters, attached (basement stays at about 70-72 degrees).
Will I be able to use this as a substrate for my 30 gal refugium (for a 75 gallon, soon to be, reef tank) and if I will be able to, how long do I have (approx) to utilize it?
<If you stir up the sand and cannot detect any noxious odors, i.e. rotten egg smell, then it should be safe to use. I would filter with carbon for a week or so after moving this to your new tank. If odors are detected, you will need to wash/rinse the sand/mud in fresh water before using. There really is no defined shelf life, but the longer it sits, the less live it will become, eventually needing to be re-seeded. Have you read here?
Thanks in advance,
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Miracle Mud And C-Balance Not Balanced 2/16/09 ID Of Critters On Live Rock Hey guys, <Hello Steven> I have a few questions for you and I would also like you to ID something in my tank. Let me give you a tiny bit of background before I get started. I have a 55 gallon reef right now and I would like to upgrade to a 200 gallon reef when I move out :) . I am making some changes in my 55 gallon reef to test out some new things before I implement them on a larger scale. Right now I use the Berlin method of filtration with an AquaC Remora Pro for skimming, RowaPhos to remove the extra phosphates, and C-Balance to keep the calcium and alkalinity in check. In my new tank I would like to try to keep the maintenance cost down so I figured why not try out for Miracle Mud'¦I figured I could save some money on C-balance and maybe not even use a calcium reactor. Here is the problem: I put the Miracle Mud in the Aquafuge with some Chaeto and reduced the amount of C-balance that I added by around half. The calcium level is going up but the alkalinity is going down. My calcium is around 470 and the alkalinity is around 2.8 mEq/L. I called Ecosystem and they said that the mud won't boost the alkalinity as much as the calcium. I called Two Little Fishes and asked them if I could use more of part B to balance things out and they told me never to do that. They told me to always add equal amounts of part A and B. I have been using some reef buffer by Seachem to keep the alkalinity raised instead. Is this a viable long term solution? Will I end up problems down the line using the combination of C-balance, Miracle Mud, and Reef Buffer? <This is one of the reasons I do not like using Part A/B products. I'm for dosing a la carte, supplement individually when required. Your 2.8meq/L reading is just fine.> Next Question... I am using the Aquafuge medium with a 404 mini pump (for additional flow) and the 24 watt light that it comes with. Even with the extra flow from the 404 mini I am still having problems with algae covering the mud and Chaeto. It is getting so annoying that I am thinking of selling the fuge and going back to using C-balance exclusively. <The mud isn't what is causing the algae problem, it is excessive nutrients in the water. I've used the Ecosystem Fuge and I did not have any algae problems due to the Miracle Mud.> I sent you a picture of the Aquafuge so you can get an idea of my setup. Did I put too much Chaeto in the Aquafuge? <I think so, half of that would be good. You may want to read the FAQ's here on Miracle Mud filtration. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/mudfiltrfaqs.htm> Should I add another mini pump to get some more flow? I am not really happy with this setup-up compared to the old method of just adding C-balance. Can you let me know where I went wrong? I don't want to have problems like this in my new setup. <You never mentioned nitrate levels, stocking levels...what are they?> Now I have one more question. I found a website that sells a 3 part Calcium-Alkalinity dosing product that is really really cheap. I could use it in the 200 gallon aquarium without worries that it will get excessively expensive. Can you let me know if it is a reputable brand? I can get 10 gallons of each part for 90 bucks. http://www.tbaquatics.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4&products_id=100 <I've never heard of it. Try posting this on one of the reef forums. On another note, I'm not a big fan of adding calcium and buffer simultaneously. Is better to dose on separate days.> If this is the same as C-balance then it's a great deal. <Can't help you much here, best to post. I prefer to use products like Seachem, Tropic Marin, etc, and buy in the larger sizes which makes it more economical to use.> Last thing I promise. There are two things in my tank I was hoping you could ID for me. I have some sponge looking things that are growing in low light areas of the tank and also little white circles that are appearing my rocks. I have included pictures. <Pictures are too blurry, but I'm thinking they are a sponge of some type.> Thanks!
<You're welcome. James (Salty Steve

- Opinions on Ecosystem filtration? - Hello WWM crew: <Good morning, JasonC here...> I have been searching the web just looking for new information about reef keeping and I came across a link to the Ecosystem's website. I have heard of this system before and seen it implemented on tanks around the internet. I'm wondering if you have any opinions or experience with this system. <Plenty of opinions, not much experience.> I have a terrible hair algae problem in my tank right now and I am looking for anything that would help. <I'm not sure that an Ecosystem filter would help your algae problems.> Also, the site gave many comparisons and stated that much of the dosing and high-tech equipment that is commonly used is not really needed for the application. I would love this if it is true. I don't really have the money to invest in all the fancy equipment I see everyone else with. At least right now. <I think some of the material written about this method is marketing hype, but all in all, the system is quite viable and works well. I think additional equipment like calcium reactors and skimmers would only compliment an Ecosystem filter.> They say this system is pretty much self sufficient. <In some respects.> I'm sure that your familiar with Mr4000 and his awesome tank. He uses this system and nothing else. <That's what he says.> He only doses with a Ca supplement as needed. No skimmer, no other reactors, nothing, and his tank is amazing! Your insight is always appreciated and highly valued by myself and others I'm sure. <Just keep in mind that there are no true miracles...> Thanks for the time you put in! Stephen Baker <Cheers, J -- >

- Considering Ecosystem Filtration - Hi, This message is for PF. <Sorry, he's not around at the moment, perhaps I can help...> I see that you maintain a tank using the ecosystem method. <I know that he does... many people do.> I am contemplating doing this but I am not yet totally convinced. please see here: I'm planning a 150 gal. fish only coldwater cowfish tank. I'm just wondering if it will have enough filtration. please tell me what you think or would change. ~ 150 gal tank no sand or rock <Should have something in there for decoration, places to hide/sleep etc.> ~ this flows to the first sump which is an ecosystem. Should I keep the bioballs? <The ones that are included with the Ecosystem are part of the 'system' and should be left in place - they are not wet/dry but constantly wet - not a nitrate factory.> ~ this flows to the 2nd sump a 6" DSB (since I don't know if ecosystem will handle the load I'm adding this) <Ecosystem is capable of handling tanks of any size - is a factor of how large a sump you put it in. A marine tank of renown, Mr. 4000 had a 4,000 gallon tank running with Ecosystem filters.> ~ this will then flow to a main sump which will house my protein skimmer and pump. As you can see I'm not totally sure how I want to do this so any help would be greatly appreciated. <I think you are on the right track.> Peace Sal <Cheers, J -- >

I Just Wasted My Money - 'Fuge Question Hello I have a refugium that I want to set up to an existing tank. I bought some Mineral mud and macro media that CaribSea sells as a set. Well it says on the package to let sit for 2 days before turning on pumps and then let tank cycle which tells me I just wasted my money. Can I rinse this?? <Probably not.> Will it hurt the tank to let it cloud up and clear up eventually??. <Don't think it will 'hurt' anything but some portion of your substrate will end up in your filters. I'm guessing the stuff is powder-fine.> And if I am outta luck with this stuff what do you recommend for me to use to add a refugium sump to an existing reef tank?? <Just fill the thing and let it sit, as the instructions suggest. Get it running for real in a couple of days and all will be fine.> Joe <Cheers, J -- >

- Mud Selection - Greetings and salutations WWM crew, I have several tanks (FW and SW) and am doing a little research into setting up a Coral/clam tank. I have decided to use a mud filter. From what I have read, the ecosystem mud is merely dirt with a few additives. I was reading on biosediment and mineral muds and happened to look up and see a bag of Onyx Sand under one of the freshwater tanks. Has anyone ever tried this as a mineral component to a mud filter and what would your thoughts on such an attempt be, if you don't mind sharing them? <To my knowledge, no one has yet used this stuff for a mud sump - I don't know enough about this substrate to say whether or not it would make a suitable substrate for a mud sump.> lee <Cheers, J -- >

F.O.R.M. opinion dear crew of WWM, I just have a quick question about a product I purchased called F.O.R.M, Funky Old Reef Mud, from www.marcweissco.com and I was just wondering how much would you suggest that I put in my 8 gallon tank, and if it is possible to OD with it. Thank you very much -Randy >>I wouldn't use it at all. IMO, Marc Weiss products amount to 'snake oil' and usually only part you from money. FORM and other MW products make astounding claims without any data to back them up. Avoid them like the plague. Rich>>

Mixing In Mud (Mud on Top of Aragonite) Hello Bob or Crewmate, <Scott F. at the keyboard tonight!> I have recently set up a reef tank with two refugia. Both the aquarium and refugia have about 4 inches of fine ESV aragonite that I have inoculated with live sand containing invertebrates from 2 different web vendors. I just bought live mud from Reefer's Madness - when they called it "mud", I had no idea they meant "MUD" - and placed it on top of the aragonite in one refugium so that there is about 1 inch of dense, gooey black mud on top of the 4 inches of aragonite. Is there a possibility of creating an oxygen-free or oxygen-depleted zone in the aragonite that will kill the tiny invertebrates in the aragonite? <Always a possibility when you are putting additional substrate on top of existing material. However, if you spread the mud out enough, it may not be too much of a problem at all> I can see tiny red bristleworms in the aragonite and I don't want to kill them. Will the invertebrates in the aragonite avoid the gooey mud? <Some will avoid the mud, others will be happy to mingle into the gooey stuff...Not a really precise answer- but that's the simple truth!> If so, should I make a "mess" and mix the aragonite with the mud? Thank you, Joseph Rouse <Good question. If it were me, I'd be careful about disturbing the sand bed. At this stage of the game, I'd just leave the mud alone and keep an eye on the life in the sandbed for any adverse reactions. Best of luck to you! Regards, Scott F.>

Mud and the refugium Ok I'll pass on the Miracle Mud.. got that. You spoke of Dead Sea Mud as beneficial... What I find is for cosmetic human uses. I am looking for Dead Sea Mud for my refugium. Did I misunderstand the reference? <Mmm, I do think Red Sea (company) is now marketing such a product> The discussion was about refugium mud?? Where do I find a source to buy some for my refugium? What do you think about the benefit of GARF mud? Thank You, Alya <GARF's products are almost uniformly inferior... some of them outright hoaxes. Look for EcoSystem Aquarium IMO... The various etailers, most larger retailers sell this, other mud products... by CaribSea, Kent... Bob Fenner>

Mud 8/15/05 WWM crew- <Chadd> Thanks for all of the help over the years. Your last reply to my question about a suffering Pectinia sp. really helped. It has finished healing and was puffed up really big this morning. <Ah, good> I have read though a lot of pages on Miracle Mud-MM and refugiums. Currently, I have a 35 gal refugium on a 140gal tank, and around 250lbs of live rock and 4-5in DSB which was set up in the beginning of 2004. Most of the live rock is over five years old from my old tank. <A good idea to augment, switch a bit of this out annually> There is mix of 10 lbs of "Mineral Mud" (that's right I said Mineral Mud it's by CaribSea, it was cheaper) and 10-15lbs of live sand (to get it started). There is about an inch of this mix in the refugium, with 20lbs of live rock, Caulerpa, Chaetomorpha, bristle worms, and worms of 'pods and "bugs". My Caulerpa is from Indo Pacific, it has long 12" feather leaves and it is growing pretty well. My refugium is not covered in Caulerpa, but I think that is because of the low nutrient levels. I skim 24/7/365. My skimmer produces a dark waste about 1-2 cups per week. And I do regular 15 gal water changes each week. My question has to do with adding Miracle Mud. I would like to add this to my refugium. A friend runs his tank with no skimmer and Miracle MUD in his refugium. He does not add any calcium based products (like bio calcium or Kalk) to his system and his tank is flourishing. He says that the MM provides all the calcium and mineral supplements he needs. Is this true? It must be since his tank is incredible. <Mmm, maybe for him... I encourage folks to supplement biominerals and use skimmers with Leng's Mud> How would I go about adding MM from the 20lbs of live sand/mineral mud mix? <Could add it right on top, or mix in...> I read that you recommend live sand or MM, but not both. Should I just add MM slowly over a period of a week? <Could> I would like to take advantage of MM if it does replace adding Kalkwasser and bio calcium. <Again... if you have much in the way of biomineralizing life in this system, you should test, will very likely have to supplement...> How can I accomplish this? I was thinking about dividing the bottom of the refugium into two different sections with a piece of Plexiglas. Moving over the substrate that is establish and adding the Miracle Mud to the newly created spot in the refugium. <Sounds like a good approach> One of my major concerns is a Cyano outbreak. What do you think about this process? 1) Remove live rock, algae, as many 'pods as possible into a few buckets. 2) Shift the sand/mud mix over to one side and insert the Plexiglas. 3) Siphon 1/2 the cloudy/detritus water, let things settle and siphon the new bare spot of all remaining detritus down to about one to two inches. 4) Add Miracle Mud to the new bare spot and slowly add water from the main tank and replenishing new water directly to the main tank. 5) Let things settle down again and then add rock, algae, and pods back into the refugium. 6) Do regular water changes over the next few weeks and regular maintenance (clean skimmer, change carbon weekly, and add phosphate remover if necessary). <Okay> As I said, my refugium is teaming with life. Should I just leave things alone? <Up to you> I would like to get about 15lbs of MM added to the refugium. The main reason for wanting to add MM is for the mineral supplements for my tank, which is mainly SPS. And because I want to spend my hard earned money on MUD and battle a Cyano/algae outbreak for a month or two (Hopefully not, but I know that it is very possible). Sorry for the long email, but maybe this will help other people with the process of overhauling their refugiums. <I hope so as well> Thanks, Chadd Elliott <Bob Fenner... who generally is of the opinion, "if it ain't broke...">

Aquatic Eco Systems pump needs assistance - 9/19/05 This may not be the e mail site for assistance but I know it must be a lead. <Hopefully we can help> I purchased a clean stream 1200 filter UV from Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc <This is the manufacturer correct?> and now need parts. They sent me to "England", calling Tropical Marine Center only to be told parts are purchased in the US. They provided the wrong e mail address and searching now found you. <I went to the Aquatic Ecosystems site: http://www.aquaticeco.com/ and right at the top is a place to enter a part number to search for pricing and availability. I had no problems navigating their site at all. There is an online catalog, phone numbers and email links, retailers sites etc. Seems like it can help actually.> Where can I get parts for this filter. <I would imagine from either the manufacturer or an authorized retailer> Right now I am not filtering because I need one locknut and one gasket and one blue hosetail - no one seems to be able to assist me and my pond is stagnating!! <Hmmmm. Do do some water changes and add an airstone or two for now until you can get what you need but I would certainly lean on the Manufacturer of the pump for parts.> I also want a lead on who can I get more filter material, bags and netting for the future. <Again, I say all this is available on their site.> I will take two of each of the above locknut, gasket and hosetail. <Good luck to you. ~Paul> Help Thanks in Advance Howard Hurst FORM - 01/24/06 Hello, I am using the Mark Weiss product called FORM. <Another copy cat Miracle Mud...> Apparently this adds iodine, strontium and magnesium. <...> Is there no need to add these products singularly, or should I be doing both? I was using Kent iodine etc. but in South Africa, we are paying 4 x the price you pay in the US. <Look into Lugol's instead... can be bought from the pharmacist for a fraction> As I have a big tank I am hoping the FORM does replace them. <Not IMO> Also, I have just bought a big leather coral. When I took it out the bag it had a terrible smell. A day later it smells ok, like the sea. He has all his tentacles out and looks fine, but he does have a couple of yellow patches on him. Does he sound ok to you? <Maybe> Bob's booked just arrived in the post. Woohoo! <Am sure you will enjoy, gain by its reading> Kind Regards, James Barclay <And to you. Bob Fenner, who would skip the FORM, all of Weiss' line> Miracle mud Hey there ,Walter Here. Can you Explain to me what this Ecosystem miracle mud thing is all about?? <You can check their website re this, or our site here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/mudfiltrfaqs.htm> I have a hard time swallowing this without using a protein skimmer. <I differ with the owner/manager Leng Sy here as well... most folks do well by using a skimmer in addition to a mud/refugium... at least for a few months...> How well does it work for reef tanks, and does it work??? I have my doubts maybe you can shed some light on the subject <Does "work"... have seen systems with this material, suggested set-up in many places. Bob Fenner> Walter

Miracle Mud vs. Kent Marine Biosediment Dear Bob, I am constructing my own ecosystem style sump and I was curious as to whether the Kent Marine Biosediment was any worse/better than Miracle Mud. The Kent product is about one fifth the price and I would much rather use the less expensive product if there was little difference. -Adam <Have only just heard of this product... another erstwhile copy... Don't know anything about it firsthand, haven't heard others opinions. Would try the chatforums. Bob Fenner>

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