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FAQs about Aquariums in Your Work Place

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Reef in the office - 2/11/04 Hi all, What are your thoughts on the viability of a reef aquarium in an office setting? <Quite a popular thing to do, actually. Go for it!> I have a FOWLR (strive for weekly water changes but usually done bi-weekly) <All depends on bio-load and water quality> at home but do not want my hobby to become a work duty, also not experienced with corals as of yet. <well, there is plenty here (on WetWebMedia) on corals>  Monthly water changes performed by a service company is my first thought. <How about bi-weekly or weekly done by a service?>  Is this sufficient or will the demands of tweaking water parameters like strontium and iodine be areas requiring constant attention. <Just water changes, top-off system, and maybe a calcium reactor. If the tank is set-up properly, then water parameters are not an issue> Would having service come every 3 weeks be a significant difference? <Depends on what is in the aquarium> Are there easy to keep (attractive) corals that can flourish in a well designed system (lighting, skimming, DSB, calc reactor/Redox meter, possibly a refugium) <Are you kidding? Of course! You could keep anything with that description> that will not be monitored on weekends and have infrequent water changes? <Anything you want>  I know this is rather open ended but I am having trouble finding a starting point. <Research with a service company you plan to do business with. That way the two of you can plan the ideal environment based on your inhabitants needs and the needs of your pocket book> I guess if there is a way to do a reef tank in the office that is fair to the livestock I would try to steer my boss in that direction,<Of course it can be done> but if maintenance required between service visits is going to amount to much more than feeding, I may suggest a freshwater tank as a more realistic alternative. <Fresh or salt could have the same potential maintenance in between service visits. If the setup is done professionally then service is all you will need along with some education. Go for the reef. ~Paul> Thanks for your insight Andrew

G'day from S.A. Dear sir :-) I wonder if perhaps you could assist me in any way… I am doing my best to persuade the employees in the company I work for to vote for the introduction of a Tropical fish tank into our reception area here at work . Some are not so sure about the idea… I am trying to find some material on the benefits of a tank in the work place…Have you perhaps come across websites that you could recommend ? <Ah, thanks for asking. I likely have just the article/justification you're looking for stored on our site here: http://wetwebmedia.com/ofcaqart.htm

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