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FAQs about Sea Slugs, the Opisthobranchs 2

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wall street journal query on sea slugs    2/11/13
Mr. Fenner,
<Barry, what happened to proper nouns?>
I'm a reporter for the wall street journal in new York, wondering if you might fill me in on the sea slug market.
I've seen some items on the web that suggest there may be an interesting general interest story to do about their sale and the challenge of keeping them.
<The challenge, yes; but most groups of sea slugs/opisthobranchs are very slow, no sellers in the ornamental trade. Only a few Aplysiids sell nowayears>
if you have a minute, I'd be grateful if you could tell me how i can reach you by phone and when it might be convenient.
many thanks
<Would be better to just write queries, responses. Lest there be misunderstandings. Bob Fenner>
Barry Newman
Re: wall street journal query on sea slugs    2/11/13

I'm a throwback to the days of all-caps wire machines. sorry about that.
I'm just starting on something i know absolutely nothing about, obviously, so it's difficult at this point to ask you narrow questions. but here's one: i see Nudibranchs <No 'e'> for sale on the web, on sites like this:
<They are poor sellers, that rarely live for any period of time... days to a few weeks. See WetWebMedia.com re... need very specialized foods, culture>
if nobody is selling, i wonder what this site is, who runs it, who buys from it etc. etc? if you'd like to help--not for attribution if it's easier--please let me know.
many thanks,
<Keep reading. BobF>
Re: wall street journal query on sea slugs    2/12/13

<Mr. B>
They are "poor" sellers, yet they are still being offered for sale on the internet.
<Yes; "one out of many" species, groups of unsuitable organisms offered in the trade... sorry to state>
That would suggest to me that there are also some "poor" buyers out there.
<Some, not many... the real story if I may, is the unbelievably high turnover (a euphemism for sure) of hobbyists/customers in the aquarium interest (about 100% per year) due to this/these sort/s of poor practices in our industry... Folks "getting bummed out" to the point of quitting due to lack of success, anomalous losses>
 That would be a story, if I could locate anyone uninformed enough to have bought a Nudibranch.
<You have strong intuition. A good quality. B>

Loss of the Sea slug forum?  6/5/10
> I thought you should see this:
> Loss of the Sea slug forum:
> http://www.seaslugforum.net/message/23712
> Any thoughts? Would be a shame to lose such a wonderful resource.
Bill I am saddened, and shocked with the news of the loss of your forum. Is there any chance re redress, or has the decision to terminate cast in concrete? A long-time user of your database and enjoyer of your efforts, Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com
Bob, if this is indeed gone, how about we incorporate the info into WWM? I love and value this forum. I for one will donate my time to do so if this is the case and Bill et al is agreeable.
Scot V.
Mmm, I think there's more to this other than space Scott... Bill mentions code writing, issues, and likely the time commitment to keep the site current, respond to input and queries. As an archive of the "flattened" database, this could be easily sponsored for ten dollars or so a month... BobF

Link for Indian ocean sea slug   2/11/09 South west Indian ocean Seaslug: http://seaslugs.free.fr/index.htm In this website you can found many informations and photos about Seaslugs from south west Indian ocean : Mauritius; reunion islands, Comoro islands Do you agree to add a link for this website <Will place. BobF> Philibert Bidgrain South West Indian Ocean Seaslug

Fuge hitchhiker ID, Green Slug'¦..   1/28/07 Greetings Bob & Crew!! <Hello.> The other evening, I wandered through my fish (laundry) room and stopped to look at the pods crawling around my 40-gal sump from my 125 reef in the next room.  I swear I saw a leaf from one of the algae move....and I realized that it was alive!!!  It looks like a land slug, but all green.  Only about an inch long.  No idea how long it has been in there or when it came in. It seems happy to crawl around the ample macro algae in the tank and just graze. I've done a few searches and can't seem to find anything like it. Any ideas what it is???  Pic attached. <Well, from the photo it does appear to be a Nudibranchia. I will say first off that by photo alone'¦even with the actual specimen in front of you, it is quite difficult to i.d. by exact species.  They are mostly very, very difficult to care for and have notoriously short life-spans in captive environments. However, occasionally, some survive'¦.as appears to be the case with yours.  It likely has a food source, and judging from the color of the animal, (as you eluded to) it appears to negotiate a large sum of vegetable matter, algae, into it's diet.  I would just observe and enjoy.> <<Mmm... likely another Opisthobranch group... a Sacoglossan. RMF>> Thanks <Anytime.> -Ray <Adam_J.> PS  GO BEARS!!!!! <We don't have a football team in SoCal'¦.lol.>

Lettuce Nudibranch or Elysia Crispata Eggs  - 1/18/07 <Hey Michelle, JustinN with you today.>   I just bought one of these magnificent creatures last week and it has laid an egg strip in my tank.  How long does it take before the eggs hatch and should I turn off my protein skimmer and cover the bottom of my filter so that the larvae don't get sucked up?  Any info at this point would help.   Thank You   Michelle Worley, Ohio <I'm sorry, Michelle, but I can't seem to find any solid information on the gestation period of Elysia crispata eggs. Shutting off your protein skimmer will likely increase the chances of survival here. Good luck! -JustinN>

Sea hare sel., comp.  12/30/06 OK, so after moving my tank (150g Berlin, 250lbs live rock, light bio-load) I had a huge outbreak of long green hair algae. Covered everything. Tried cutting back on the light, but I only achieved making it's color less attractive. After reading all I could, I decided I didn't want to go with scraping, chemical, etc....but add a natural solution. When weighing out the pro's & con's of such grazers, I settled on a sea hare, <Mmm, what species?> as it seemed to be the most voracious grazer. I wasn't so worried about it dying, as my tank is quite healthy and there is much for it to eat....... but with such a nocturnal creature, how on earth would you know if something that you rarely (if ever, lately...) see? <Mmm, the results of their night-time foraging?> Also, in a 150g, how much pollution/death could I be facing if I do not find the body? <Could be appreciable depending on the species, size... your filtration, maintenance...> 250lbs of rock is a pretty sizable pile to dig through. Thanks in advance, my briny friends!   -Pat <Do take care to try a tropical species (not a cool/coldwater one), that is, and stays small-ish. You have read here?: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/algaeconMar.htm and the linked files above? There are other "biological means" to consider... Bob Fenner>

Reef safe Nudibranchs   12/18/06 Hello: Another question for the experts as I seem to get conflicting results from my many www searches and the LFS staff. Are there any Nano-reef safe small-size sea slugs ? <Mmm, yes... many Opisthobranchs that could be utilized... depending on your other livestock...> I have a 3 month old 24G Nanocube which is doing well and don't want to repeat earlier mistakes. The information on Nudibranchs seems to vary and this in itself tells me to proceed with caution. <Mmm, yes... by and large I would not use Nudibranchs... look to, read re other Opisthos...> I have seen "lettuce" sea slugs in my LFS's, as well as other more colourful species with a "Ricordea-like" texture on top. Thanks for the help, have been somewhat concerned about the number of species in the marine aquarium trade that really shouldn't be sold to hobbyists.....thanks again. Karl <Mmm, please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/seaslugsopisthobranchs.htm and use the names presented as a starting point in searching further re this question. Bob Fenner>

Sea Hare Splitting? 10/23/06 Hi WWM crew, <Hello Ryan> I have a 35 gallon saltwater tank. There is a Coral Beauty, orange star fish, three crabs, and a Sea Hare. I woke up this morning and I saw my Sea Hare's skin splitting down the middle. There was something that looked like a white larva where the skin split. I took out the Sea Hare and moved it to a quarantine tank, because I heard they can kill your other fish when they die. <Indeed.> It hasn't moved around in the quarantine tank so I think it's dead. Do you have any idea of why it did this, or how I can prevent it in the future? <Most Sea Hares, if not all, are very difficult to keep.  Should only be attempted by expert aquarists.  They do not appreciate bright light and are algae grazers.  I'm quite sure none of these conditions exist in your tank.  Try something a little more easier to keep in the future.> Thanks for your reply! <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Ryan Forsman

Sea Angels... pteropods... opisthobranchs...  - 05/10/2006 Hi, < Hello! > Can you purchase a Clione for  a pet ????
< I have never seen them on any list of availability. >
 Is it legal to have them in the United States .
< I am not sure about that one. >   
I would love to have one, they are so relaxing to watch them swim around
< They may be obtainable through scientific supply houses. I strongly urge you to learn about their feeding habits, and learn how to raise their food first! There is more information to be had at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clione . > Cheryl Chafatelli

Sea hare growth ... no info.   5/4/06 My sea hare has a what I can only describe as a growth on the side of her head, it started off as a little growth but by the evening it has grown really long, part of it is long and thin and the end piece is bulbous and a pale blue green colour she is still alive, any ideas???        Thanks for your help            Ellire <Perhaps a tumor of some sort... I'd be checking your water quality, moving the animal if you have another "clean" system... doing water changes, employing chemical filtrant/s if nothing else. Bob Fenner>

Lettuce Sea Slug/Systems    4/10/06 I have 4 lettuce sea slugs in my 29g reef (yeah, probably 2 if not 3 too many). <Maybe four too many.> I have had them in there for a couple months.  Only one of them explores the entire tank, another explores sometimes, but the other two and the "sometimes" one mostly hang out on the glass at the top of the tank, in the direct flow of my power filter and obviously near the light, and the two don't move hardly at all.  I have a couple of times taken them all and placed them within the rock but they end up back at the tank top. My question is, is this considered "normal"?  I figured they are partially photosynthetic but they are getting little if any solid food, other than what they may be filtering/catching in the water flow.  should I be concerned with their health?  
<Yes, the Lettuce Sea Slugs are photosynthetic but need sufficient green algae to survive.  Without providing this they will soon perish.>
 they so far don't seem to be adversely affected, at least on the outside. Patrick  <James (Salty Dog)> 29g, Prizm skimmer, Marineland bio-wheel 200, 2x65w compact fluorescent, about 30lbs live rock, 1 goby and 1 blenny, several hermits and Astrea snails.

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