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FAQs about Stony Coral, Cnidarian Identification 7

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Can You Please Help Me Identify This Coral? 03/22/08 Dear Sir or Madam, We purchased this beautiful coral from a local merchant and was told by one employee that it was a Blastomussa and by another that it was a Pavona. <Haha, wow, that's quite a difference of opinion! It is not either of these.> Both of which to us it does not look like. Can you please tell us what it is? <It's impossible to accurately ID without a close look at the exposed skeleton, but it looks like a Pectinia sp. to me. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pectiniids.htm> Best regards,
Marc <Best,
Sara M.>

help with coral, ID, lambda....   3/6/08 Hi Crew! Donna here needing help again. A local reefer gave me a frag of this coral about 4 months ago. She told me it was a Pink Birdsnest <... a Poritid? Mmm, no... Looks more like a Hydnophora species; a Merulinid...> and she had it under PC lighting so I thought it would be okay in my tank. A 20L with PC lights. I put it pretty close to the top. It was doing fine all this time and then I decided to change my lights. It was under 130W PC and I just got the Hagen Glo T5 HO 2X29W one actinic one daylight. I did this 4 days ago and now the coral looks like this. Am I correct in assuming the light is too strong? I moved it lower in the tank for now until I receive your response. Thank you in advance! Donna P.S. the pictures are reversed I couldn't figure out how to get them in the proper order...Sorry <Mmm, I would borrow (check with the stores about, or the local marine/reef club) a PAR meter... Too "guessing" to gauge how much useful light/change otherwise here. I would in the meanwhile use a bit of shading material as discussed here: Bob Fenner>

Thanks/ Lighting/ ID 2/29/08 Hello Crew- <Esther...> As I approach the one year anniversary of very first marine tank I would like to thank you for providing so much information on your site; which has led to my success in this hobby! My fish are waving their fins in cheers as well, as they benefit the most I think! <You're all welcome> Setup/ Specs: 75 gallon (48 x 18 x 21), Aqua C Remora Pro with Mag pump, 90 lbs. live rock, 3 power heads for water movement, and Corallife PC 260W lighting fixture. Ammonia: 0, Nitrate: 0, Nitrite: 0, dKH: 11.8, Calcium: 440. Aside from the hitchhiker Zoanthids, (and the ID below) I am just starting into corals and only have a Candy Cane coral right now. But as it is time to change my light bulbs again, I started thinking that at $30 each bulb for 4 bulbs every six months it is, in the long run, not very economical and that there better options out there. I have been looking into T5 lighting (I am not able to do MH) but want to know if you really don't need to change the bulbs as often? <Correct> So I have been looking at the Nova Extreme and the Nova Extreme Pro. The Pro has 6 x 54W, but with individual reflectors, and the other has 8 x 54W but with a single parabolic reflector. After some reading, I think that the individual reflectors are the better choice because of the 'light absorption back into the bulb loss' is less with the individual reflectors. Thoughts on this? <This is also so> My wish list for future corals would be: Blastomussa, Cynarina or Lobophyllia, and a plate Montipora; could these be kept under either of the above lighting? <Yes> Lastly, I have a small colony of hitchhikers I can't seem to identify and hoping you might have a clue. They are about 1/8" in diameter and after I noticed the first one, (about 4 months after getting that piece of rock), they have started multiplying. I've included (for hopes of an easier ID for you) a shot of a grouping of them, as well as the mouth and a skeletal make-up. I would love to know what they are so I can record it in my saltwater log. Thanks again! Esther <Are stony corals... scleractinians... I think a Caryophylliid... testimony to your good care here. Bob Fenner>

Coral ID Please 12/20/07 Hi guys (and Gals) Just wondering if you could please ID this piece of coral. It's white and very hard like bone. <Yikes. It looks like a dead coral skeleton (of what, it's very difficult/impossible to say from the photo-- I would need a clearer, closer picture to even guess well).> Thank you, Michael
Sara M.>


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