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FAQs about Leopard Shark Identification

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Sharks and Rays in Aquariums
Gaining an understanding of how to keep these fishes in captive saltwater systems   

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Snorkeling in La Jolla Bob, I have recently starting snorkeling at La Jolla Cove about 3x a week. Yesterday I decided to try the shores. I saw 20-30 leopard sharks (3-5 ft) and was wondering if they pose a threat of any sort (to me)?  <Nope... Triakis semifasciata are at times VERY abundant where you were on up to the Sea Lodge (just shy of the Shores)... but don't bother people in the least> I enjoyed watching them, but not enough to put myself in harms way. I also saw many sting rays in 3+ ft. water. <Have seen thousands of Guitarfishes there seasonally...> if one gets spooked could it surface enough to make contact with me or will they stay strictly to the ocean floor? <They do get up, swim about at times... but aren't interested in people> I guess I feel a little out of place/helpless in their beautiful world. It's one thing to look through my aquarium glass, another to swim with them. Is there a good location that I can look to find the means to classify the fish I run across here in S.D.?  <Miller and Lea Bulletin 157 Cal. Fish and Game... go to the S.I.O. (Birch) Aquarium book/gift store (you don't have to pay to just go in the side door there. And ask for this Bulletin... Green cover, you can't miss it... a dichotomous key to all fishes off our coast> For example, I saw a "fish" that was about 3' long and looked like a cross between a ray (round, flat body) and a shark (tail). It remained on the bottom until startled, and then swam away like a shark (as opposed to the swimming motion of the rays). Thanks for the help, Mark <Ah! Likely one of those Guitarfishes... Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/rays.htm Bob Fenner>

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