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A good-sized aquarium specimen, "Where's my crab?"

Zebra Moray Hi, first of all thanks for being here for clueless people like me! Also, this is going to be a long email.... First of all, I have a zebra moray (a few inches under 2 ft). I bought him from  my LFS who had had him for about 1 year. I was not sure what he was eating, but they told me to feed him crawdads/crayfish. Well, I did much research on your site before purchasing, so I knew better. On the third day I had him I offered him a cube of Mysis and he took it. Two days later, he ate a cube of krill. I am feeding him with tongs by the way. Two days after that, I offered him a cube of squid (I didn't know that Hikari made squid cubes!) but he did not eat it. Anyways, what should I be feeding him (will he be find on the Mysis / krill diet?), how often, and how much? <I would feed this fish every other to every three days... a "cube" or equivalent... it will let you know> Next, my dog faced puffer - pretty much same questions, what should I be feeding him, how much, and how often? <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pufferfdgfaqs.htm and the related links above...> He is very mellow. Is there any special foods for puffers to help keep their teeth worn down? Right now I feed the tank 1 cube of either Mysis/krill per day. I'll also throw in some flakes for the clown & tang who is learning what they are (came straight from Hawaii). There's plenty of micro algae for him and I occasionally throw in some fresh Caulerpa. Tank Parameters- 72 gallon pH - 8.2 Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 10 (Ideas how to lower?) <See WWM...> About 40 lbs LR PVC and a fake "Castle" for the eel  to get his body completely hidden, including his head if he wants, although, he has never ventured into the PVC at all. Luckily, the castle is hollow and he live up there. Tank mates- 1 zebra moray (20" ish) 1 maroon clown (2 1/2") 1 yellow tang (5") 1 Dog face puffer (7") Do you see any future problems with my stocking load? <Yes... you need a larger tank... at least twice this size> Right now I am running an Emperor 400 and a Prizm skimmer which I am still trying to tweak with. I am thinking about adding a hang on refugium - dimensions approx 18" x 6" x 4". I have a spare 32 watt PC 10,000K / actinic, is this too strong or should I go with a 13 watt 10,000K bulb. All that would be in there is calupra (sp?) - do you have any recommendations for this fuge? Flow rate? <See WWM re...> Thank you so much for reading this whole email, you help is greatly appreciated! -Alex <As is your time, effort in reviewing the mass of materials that will answer these and your next likely strings of queries... posted on... http://www.wetwebmedia.com Bob Fenner> Compatibility Hi, <Hi Alex, MacL here with you today.> I was wondering if I could house a Zebra Moray and Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish together in a 100 gal comfortably for their whole lives? <I know people who have done it, but their tank was larger than yours. I would think the secret would be to keep the Moray fed.> Thank you! -Alex

Zebra Moray Eel I have two Zebra Moray Eels and one is black with white stripes and the other is white with black stripes. How Do I determine the male from the female is there a specific marking or etc. <I have never heard of Zebra morays being sexually dichromatic.  Are they different sizes?  Usually juveniles have thicker white stripes compared to the adults.  Full grown ones will have very thin white stripes on a dark brown base.> Sick banded moray eel/red sores I have a 3 1/2 ft. I believe a Banded Moray eel. <Gymnothorax zebra?> I recently did not add enough salt to his tank and burned him w/ the fresh water? <Not likely> He now has red bloody spots around his face & neck approx 4 of them, also very white around the face as well. I have since corrected the problem w/his salinity and ph is ok as well. It has been about a week since this has happened. Have you ever heard of this before? Thank you for your response. Stacey Swanson <Have seen moray eels with burns from poor water chemistry, physical damage from scratches on decor, jumping out... if yours is still alive after a week it will likely cure up. Bob Fenner> He's a tough guy, and is still alive and kicking! <Ah, good> Thanks for the quick response! <Welcome. Bob Fenner> Stacey Swanson :)

Zebra Moray Not Eating Hello Friends, <Hi Dan, I'm in KY here so nice to meet a neighbor.> I just bought myself a new Zebra Moray 3 days ago to go in my 180 gallon. <I'm so jealous, Zebras are so very nice and that's a good size for one.> I have 8 other small fish in there, with a chainlink eel also. The Zebra is 18 inches, the Chainlink is 15 inches.  Both of them are getting along just fine, moving about the tank occasionally, and checking out the different caves and coves I aquascaped for them. <Sounds like they are settling in fine.>  My question is, what is the longest I can expect my Zebra to starve herself? <That's a hard one to judge because you don't know how long it had been since she's eaten.  They can go quite a while without food.> I was told by my local saltwater store that to offer crayfish, and fiddler crabs and krill. I have done this and she still does not want anything. I get nervous when my fish don't eat, and I'll probably go into a joyous spasm when I see her eat. <I used to feed mine with something on a stick. Their eyesight isn't very good.> My Chainlink eats frozen shrimp, and mussels, these are the foods that have no preservatives, they are taken out of the ocean and flash frozen. I am just wondering if there is anything else I can try to get her to eat. She is such a beautiful chocolate brown, and I would seriously go into despair if I lost her. Please help me to  understand these beautiful creatures. <The biggest thing is to let her settle and find a home them tempt her with food that smells pretty strong. I think once she settles that things will be fine. Since she can't see well she'll need foods that tempt her with smells.> Dan In Ohio

Seriously Concerned about Zebra Moray 8/3/04 <Dear Anxious in Ohio, (oooohh, I feel like "Dear Abbey"!<g>> Okay, now I am seriously concerned about my Zebra Moray. It has been 6 days, and she has not eaten. I was told by the guys at the fish store to feed her live crayfish, but she does not have a clue as to what to do with them. And I asked the question, since crayfish are freshwater, then how the hell do the saltwater eels get to them?  I was told it did not matter. It sounds like to me I have run into some real incompetence.<Not really.  Although freshwater crustaceans are not good long term food options for marine predators, they do resemble their natural prey, and the fact that they are alive often helps stimulate feeding.> I have even tried stick feeding her fresh shrimp, and mussels, but that does not work either. Her color is beautiful, and she acts normal in every other way, it just bugs the bejesus out of me to try what I was told, and it does not work. I'm going tomorrow to try and find some live fiddler crabs, maybe that will work. Any ideas?  Anxious in Ohio  <First of all, relax!  Hunger strikes of weeks are not uncommon on the part of morays and many other large predators.  Live but maimed ghost or grass shrimp may be better first food choices.  Once the eel is eating, it should be easily weaned to frozen meaty foods.  Best Regards!  AdamC.> Zebra Moray Ills? Hello Bob, <Hi, MikeD here today> I have two Zebra Moray Eels in a 125 UK Gallon tank. One eel which is of 2.5ft which I have had for 18mths, the other is of 18inch and was recently introduced in to the tank just over 3weeks ago. The only other tank mate is a six inch snowflake eel.<Shouldn't be a problem here with the combination> The tank is well filtered with a large prism protein skimmer. All chemical levels are okay. Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrite 0ppm, Nitrate 20ppm, ph 8.o<OK> I have a cave made of gutter piping imbedded in the coral sand with four outlets for the eels to live.<Fine as long as they will use it. Keep in mind the zebra morays get quite large!> The larger zebra moray eel has not fed for 5days, paying no interest in food at all, and for most of today laying upside down with his head out of the cave.<This isn't unusual, and actually normal for morays being fed quite heavily> After the lights went off tonight he/she swam out of his cave and I noticed his girth was swollen to nearly twice its normal size, from behind his/her head to his rectum. I had noticed over the last week or two his girth was slightly larger but not to the concerning extent of the above). His respiration is also slightly more erratic.<THIS is sign for concern. You may want to consider quarantining this fish for treatment> The two zebra eels seem to get on very well, swimming and laying together most of the time. Could this be a pregnancy!<Possible, but not likely, given their small size.> surely not in such a short time?<LOL! Even fish can react strongly if one is a "10" **grin** I have tried to look up on the internet but have not found any information on this subject.<IF it's pregnancy, they may well spawn for you, but rearing has not yet been accomplished on a home level due to the long planktonic elver stage. My suggestion would be to wait for a day or two, and if the larger fish doesn't show signs of improvement, remove it to a quarantine/hospital tank and treat for constipation, possibly a bacterial infection> Your prompt help would be most appreciated in this hour of need. <Hope this helps a little> Many Thanks Darren Adams

Sick Zebra Moray Eel <Hi, MikeD here> I have a 2 ft eel that up to very recently was doing well. I found him today breathing rapidly with his head leaning on a rock (left side) and with only his right gill pouch protruding out more than I ever noticed before.<That's not good> My first thought was that he has something caught in his throat as he usually breathes evenly through both pouches.  When he tried to move positions, I noticed that his body quivered and like one would with a chill or seizure. I fed him 4 days ago 3-4 silver slides but not interested in eating now.<This is part of your problem....I'm surprised it ate them at all. These are specialized crustacean predators, requiring a diet of shrimp, lobster, squid and crabs> I had him for about a month or so and his diet consists of these fish (silver sides).<OK...this is part of the problem. These are an oily, fatty fish not normally suggested for these> That was the store told me to feed him.<Ouch! So much for stores. God only knows how long they were feeding it these. He lives in a 120 gallon aquarium with 2 angels 1 squirrel fish and a clownfish.<Good combination.> Occasionally the small black angel fish (about 2-3 inches) has tried to peck at him but otherwise there is no stress from other tank mates.<Do you have enough LR so that he can stay completely hidden, with just his head exposed?> He was well until recently and the only change I made before his condition changed was to do a water change and I expected that this would improve the environment not make things worse.<Likewise> The PH is 7.9-8.0 . Ammonia and nitrites is zero and nitrates is 5   Could this be due to some bacterial infection from  bad fish food, bad chemistry or diet issues?<All three is possible and likely. My only suggestion would be try a good antibiotic regimen in a quarantine tank and make a trip to the supermarket for a diet change. Raw shrimp ought to be eagerly welcomed if it can be tempted to eat.> What can I do to help him?<Keep your fingers crossed too.> I appreciate any help that you could offer. Linda.

Sick Zebra Moray <Hi, Mike D here> Thanks for your speedy response. I wish I had received the instructions from the store on the crustacean diet at the outset.<me too> I tried to give some raw shrimp to give to the eel but he unfortunately was not interested in eating.<That's not good> I have a lot of live rock creating hiding places but nothing enclosed like a cave where there is only one way in and out.<Many people bury PVC pipe in the substrate so that the eel can use it like a tunnel with just the head protruding, the normal position for them.> I did take notice that the little black angel is very aggressive towards the eel and took every opportunity to nip at his body. I did not think that this was so much a problem.<It isn't. Many fish will "mob" a moray whenever they see them out, much like crows with a hawk.> The eel still moves around the tank but not swimming as before but rather on the gravel dragging his body (body appears stiff).<Swimming wasn't a good sign either, but it sounds to have gotten worse>  I wonder if  he has sustained a bunch of wounds from this fish?<Doubtful...they make wallets from this tough hide, plus they secrete a very heavy slime coat> I did remove the aggressive fish from the tank.<put the angel back and remove the eel for treatment> Can you tell me what kind of antibiotic product I should obtain for the tank? Should I be adding anything else to the tank?<I suggest NEVER treat you fish in your main tank. It can destroy the bacterial balance, causing the whole tank to cycle at times, create a bacterial bloom that's often fatal, and/or some products, like copper will actually chemically bond to the LR and substrate. I suggest keeping a 10 or 20 gal. tank around to press into service as a hospital tank (do a search under "hospital tank" and you should find a wealth of information on filters and such. A good antibiotic is Nitrofurazone and Furazolidone>  like that stress coat product?< Probably not necessary as eels secrete a copious amount of slime already.> Thanks so very much for your help!!<The very best of luck to you> Linda

Zebra Moray Eel together Hi <Hello Darren> I have 150 UK gallon marine tank with 2 large canister filter a 300 gallon Prizm protein skimmer and 4x power heads, I also carry out a 20 gallon a water change. at present I have a 2.5 ft Zebra moray eel & 5inch snow flake. I have tried to house the zebra with numerous different tank mates over the last 18 months with not real success, such as tangs, triggers, damsels and a puffer who has just been sent back to the shop due to eating part of the Zebra's tail. My question is due to my favourite fish being eels I would like to add a second much smaller Zebra moray to the tank maybe 1ft in length from your experience would they get on, given enough caves etc (maybe 4 or 5 places to live). <I would be amazed if you can find a one foot zebra moray honesty but yes I think they should be fine.> If not could you suggest another eel that would? <As long as you keep them fed on a strict schedule and provide lots of nooks and cranny's. I think you might be able to mix him with most kinds of eels. I just recently saw one with a small wolf eel. However you should be aware that Bob Fenner in the wetwebmedia discussion of morays says "Different species of morays are rarely found together in the wild and do not generally mix well in captivity. Territoriality within species is not heard of either. Provide mucho space, nooks and crannies and carefully observe your charges." http://www.wetwebmedia.com/morays.htm> As always you help would be much appreciated. Regards Darren <Good luck Darren, MacL>

Zebra eel Hi, Please kindly advise me what kind of Zebra eel that i am having. I have seen quite a lot of them at my local shops. Most of them have more brown than white. My is the opposite. Look at the attached photos and you will know what i mean. Thank You. Best regards. Desmond.  Singapore. <Neat... an unusual color variant of Gymnomuraena zebra I think. Bob Fenner>

Zebra Eel Problem (2/2/04)  Hi. <Howdy> So I'll try to make this short. First off I did look on your site to try and find the problem myself <thanks> but since I am still fairly new to salt water I couldn't really find much. I have a 1.25 ft zebra eel in a 55 gallon tank. <I disagree with Scott Michael's assertion that a 55G tank is big enough for an eel that can exceed 4 feet in length. 120G is better.>  As you can see in the picture he's starting to turn pink (not white) in his black stripes. <Do you mean the white stripes in between?> At first this didn't concern me cause I figured it was just cause he only ate krill for a year (bad info from store) so if you can suggest something else for him to eat (besides silver sides)<why not silversides?> I would appreciate it.  <sand eels, squid, octopus tentacles, mussels--a variety of marine meats. I feed mind a seafood gumbo mix I get at Albertson's for $3 per lb.>  Anyway, this concerns me now because my 1.5 in Sailfin tang (only other fish in tank besides some signature coral) has some pink forming above one of his eyes and the eel has started acting strange. <Suspicious for HLLE, look this up on WWM.> Sometimes it looks as though he's trying to breathe without opening his mouth at all, and then he'll thrash around like he's having a seizure. <Almost sounds like maybe he's got something stuck in his throat. Don't know what to do for that if it were the case.> Other times (I saw that other people on the site had this problem too but I didn't see what it was) he'll lay on his side or up against something like he's dead for half the day. <Possibly toxic water conditions or malnutrition.>  I know you would like specific numbers on water quality but sadly enough the store said that they can't give me exact numbers they just say that "your water is fine, nothing's off" and oxygen should be fine cause I have the powerhead from the Fluval 304 breaking the surface and creating bubbles. <I'm no longer a fan of canisters in marine aquariums. Frequent (at least weekly) cleaning is required.> Anything that you could suggest would be great help, thank you so much for you time. <Buy some test kits of your own so you can have real numbers for the most important parameters. Salifert, Hatch and LaMotte kits are well-regarded. I've been reasonably satisfied with Hagen. Feed the fish a better variety of foods and soak these in Selcon & vitamins before feeding. Get the Tang some live algae to eat (e.g. Tang Heaven from www.ipsf.com) that you might want to grow yourself. Maintain excellent water quality & see if this causes improvement.>  Sincerely, Shaun Welsh <Hope this helps. Steve Allen>

Zebra Moray and Ich Hi, I have a case of Ick, in one of my tanks. I've moved all the fish to a hospital tank. The only thing left in the main tank is my Zebra moray. I'm thinking I should set up another tank for him. Is this necessary, and would the meds be the same as for the fish?<NO!!! I would recommend a simple freshwater dip for this species with the usual three to four week quarantine for new specimens. Avoid copper compounds, dye and organophosphate-containing remedies as these are deadly to true eels. ( http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramor.htm)> I would like to move a few of the fish from the first hospital tank to the second to reduce crowding, especially for the length of time they will be there.<ok> I will NEVER add a fish that hasn't been in a Q tank again. Any help or Ideas will be appreciated. Eric <Do read more about your Zebra moray at this link http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramor.htm, Good luck with everything, IanB>

Zebra Moray and Ich I've already taken care of it. I separated the eel and medicated the fish. I managed to save all but 1 fish. Meds are done and I'm going to wait a month then put them back in the main tank gradually. Thanks for your quick response. Eric <glad to hear that my friend, Good luck, IanB>

- Sick Zebra Eel - I wrote a few days ago about my sick zebra eel.  I thought for some reason that you would reply to me and post it on the site but that was my mistake. <Well... my most humble apologies - your mail did not come through my email box, but sometimes things get lost in the shuffle - we get hundreds of emails a day... or at least it seems that way.> So today when I went to look for the reply on the site I found the picture that I attached to the email but I was unable to find the reply. <It does sound like we never got to it, except for the picture - very odd.> The picture looked like it was attached to someone elses email about ich so does that mean that's what he has? <I couldn't say for certain, except to say that eels don't generally get Cryptocaryon - if you don't mind resending the image along with your original email to my attention, I'll be happy to give things another look.> I know its hard to say but is there anyway that i can search for the reply or anything. <My feeling is that there is no reply to find - something got mixed up. Again, I apologize for the confusion.> I really appreciate all your help and patience.  If you could just reply to me here so I'm sure to get it that would be great, thanks. <Please tell me again what's up with your eel - I've no way to give you any useful information at this point.> Sincerely, Shaun p.s. the picture is of mostly just his head, pointed to the right out of what looks like the entrance to a cave. i don't know if you needed to know that but just in case, thanks again. <Look forward to hearing from you with that image and original email. Cheers, J -- >

- Sick Zebra Eel, Follow-up - i appreciate you writing me back but someone already replied to me... <Ok.> found out that he has HLLE but they didn't say how to fix it.  I know that its supposed to be mainly vitamin deficiency but i can't get him to eat even his krill soaked in vitamin sup or this garlic stuff i got and I've haven't fed him in two weeks so he should be hungry. <Yup, getting it to eat will be a good start.> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks again for replying to me though. <Cheers, J -- >

6 Week old Banded Bamboo Shark Accident Hi, I hope you can help I do not know what to do? Last night my Zebra moray eel mistook my shark for a peace of squid at feeding time (they have never acted aggressively towards each other before) the eel grabbed the sharks by the head and pulled him into his cave. I think he let go of him straight away and I managed to recover the shark about 1 minute later. The shark appears to have been injured quite badly, one of his eyes is slightly out of socket and although he is moving round the tank he is always on his side and cannot bottom himself, his breathing is about twice as fast as normal and he has a small cut to his head, when the lights are off he tries to swim around as he would of before, Also the eye shutters still open up at night. Please help! <Well I am sorry to say there is really nothing that you can do to save this fish. First of all I believe its a mistake to house bamboo sharks with eels which have very poor vision and usually mistake their tankmates for food> What should I do, I do not think I could bring myself to put him out of his misery!<If it gets worse I would remove the shark from the aquarium and place him in a Ziploc bag and freeze him...a fast and painless death. Its the humane thing to do. :( > In your opinion will he ever recover from this ?<I highly doubt it> Should I try to keep feeding him?<I wouldn't even bother...From what you tell me he seems like he is in very bad shape> Your prompt help would be much appreciated I have reared this shark from its egg and grown quite attached to it. Regards Darren<I am very sorry this occurred...but life is about lessons. and this one was a bad one. "Don't kick yourself, everyone makes mistakes. But I do advise you to either keep the eel or shark. and NOT BOTH. Good luck, IanB>

Help.......... I have a 75 gallon tank..... I plan to put in it: *Zebra Moray Eel <nice eel> *live rock *a valentini puffer or one of the smaller puffers (5" max) and a *butterfly fish maybe a raccoon or Copperbanded Would the 75 gallon be big enough for the eel to live its whole life? Also would the other fish be able to co-exist in a 75 gallon with the zebra for their whole life? And would the Puffer fish eat and kill the live rock? <the pufferfish would not eat the rock itself.. he would eat the shrimp and other larger organisms that live on/within the LR, I would not get a B/F for this aquarium (especially not a copperband) and I would purchase at least a 125 gallon aquarium for the Zebra moray> Thanks for your time   <good luck with the eel, IanB>  

- Livestock Questions - I have a 75 gallon tank..... I plan to put in it: *Zebra Moray Eel *live rock *a valentini puffer or one of the smaller puffers (5" max) and a *butterfly fish maybe a raccoon or Copperbanded Would the 75 gallon be big enough for the eel to live its whole life? <No.> Also would the other fish be able to co-exist in a 75 gallon with the zebra for their whole life? <No... need more space.> And would the Puffer fish eat and kill the live rock? <Puffers don't eat live rock, but would possibly snack on some of the fauna that grows in/on the rock. I wouldn't worry about this.> Thanks for your time                                 <Cheers, J -- >

-Planning for growth- Hi, I am interested in purchasing a Zebra Moray Eel from my LFS, I have also just purchased and just set up my 75 gallon SW tank I plan to put live rock in there too. I am interested in putting the zebra along with a valentini puffer or one of the smaller puffers (5" max) and a butterfly fish maybe a raccoon or Copperbanded, and a Tang (Big enough not to fit inside the Morays mouth) Would the 75 gallon be big enough for the eel to live its whole life? <Let me start of by saying that I'm incredibly happy that you're asking before you buy, so many don't!!! If we're talking about the same zebra moray (Gymnomuraena zebra), then with adequate filtration, I think it could be happy in that tank indefinitely provided ample filtration and hiding places exist. It will max out likely just short of 3' long and they're actually quite pleasant tank companions (won't even bite the hand that feeds!). A puffer like a valentini would be a good choice, and just to be safe, it should be larger than the eel's mouth although it probably won't bother it. As for a tang, most will get too large and will ultimately have to be removed to larger quarters.> Also would the other fish be able to co-exist in a 75 gallon with the zebra for their whole life? <The moray shouldn't be a problem.> Thanks for your time, I appreciate what you and the other crew do to help us out. <Excellent, good luck! -Kevin> Thanks once again,  Gerard Walsh

Missing the Point... Zebra Moray and a Ramrod - 9/21/03 Hi, thanks so much for you answering my question I appreciate it but I don't know if you specialize in eels or maybe you got you info mixed up <neither> but I have done a tremendous amount of research on this eel and have found that they only get max 40 inches in a aquarium and basically 5 feet out in the wild, <Hmmm... was your research field studies? If so... do you need an assistant in Hawaii? <G>. How about a peek at the authoritative fishbase.org: http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?genusname=Gymnomuraena&speciesname=zebra 150cm = 5 feet> the reason I asked you because I wanted a pro's opinion to see if a 3 foot eel would be fine. Hey, for once I think I'm giving information and help to you guys, LOL, I think you have it on   your site too that its 3' in aquarium maybe I'm wrong, <correct... most do not get much larger than 36-40" (Michael 2000)> so what so you think now? 3' still too small for 75? Thanks for the help on the other fish too :) -Jerry <I think you are missing the whole point here, mate: even with the low end stats... that still leaves a 36-40" animal in a tank 24" wide. Or... 40" in a 48" long aquarium. By analogy, how comfortable would you feel being 5 foot tall living in a box 3' wide by 6' high. If you only grew to 4.5 foot tall... the box is still too small to thrive in... you would merely survive at best. Admittedly this eel, like most, is not terribly active... 'tis also not known for roaming. These are facts. But you still can't get me to bless/recommend the keeping of a fish in an aquarium half its adult width and barely longer than its own length. I'm not sure why anyone that admires such creatures would even try. Wishing you the best... Anthony>

-Zebra moray not eating- Hello, I recently purchased a Zebra for my 400 gallon tank, at first I put fiddler crabs for him to eat and he scarfed them all up, I have been trying to feed him tiger prawns (fresh/frozen) but have had no luck, he turns his nose up at them. he actually attacked my feeding stick when I put it in front of him, but he wanted nothing to do with the shrimp.  I have asked some LFS for any ideas and all they can say is keep trying... <That's why it's best to make sure the LFS you bought the eel from has already dealt with this> when he gets hungry... he will eat what is available. <It rarely works out that way, you really need to keep trying. Try different foods, and it's all about jiggling!> I think this to be a little cruel (starvation), what if he never wants to try the shrimp. Any suggestions? <They can go for a pretty long time without food, so avoid any live stuff for as long as possible. You could try putting a fiddler crab on the feeding stick so the eel might make the connection. Good luck! -Kevin>

Zebra Moray Eels - 8/23/03 I have a zebra moray that is now in a 75 gallon tank after living in a 10 and or 20 gallon for 3-4 years <good heavens... is this the WWM week for shoehorning fish into aquaria? A 20 gallon tank?! Er... never mind> what I would like to ask is "do they lay eggs?"   <yes> "how do you tell male from female?"   <yours is a male. All singly kept specimens are male. They are protogynous hermaphrodites> after being in the 75 gallon tank for only 2 months, my zebra let me know it's name is not king George the 2nd, but queen Georgina, as it laid an egg. <I believe it passed an orb... but that was no egg, bubba. Just a remarkably artistic turd I suspect> I only have 3 small damsels and a 4 inch pinfish in the tank  so it had to be my eel. <OK> now if it is that happy in the tank I would love to find it a mate. Wallace <Hmmm... do be sure to pick a freshly imported one from a group for your best chance at a female. Singles turn to male before too long. Best of luck. Anthony>

Zebra Moray Gender/Egg-laying - 8/24/03 I always did have crazy pets ...   they are just like me lol <<Ha! Its in the fishkeeper's blood... we are all a bit daft <G>>> <good heavens... is this the WWM week for shoehorning fish into aquaria? A 20 gallon tank?! Er... never mind> ROFL well at least I have him/her in a 75 gallon now, with lots of Fiji rock, and sand from my beach (largo Florida near Tampa). <<much better indeed >> and the funny thing is he never tried to escape the 20 <<that's because he had Charlie-horses and was to cramped to make a run for it... heehee>> and would hand feed quite readily, he just didn't grow very much. now he is growing as fast as he can eat hehehe <<get it while the gettin's good, as they say>> <yours is a male. All singly kept specimens are male. They are protogynous hermaphrodites> well that would explain the egg and it not happening before :-} after being in the 75 gallon tank for only 2 months, ::::snip:::::: it laid an egg. well I took it out and it has the shape and shell very similar to a snake or lizard egg I almost cut it open to see for sure  (we know it won't be fertilized there is only one eel LOL) seen too much fish, and snake, and bird turds, over the years, amongst other forms of scat to think I could mistake an egg for a turd hehehe. <<understood... very interesting>> I have just recently purchased a small wet/dry filter setup but I still need an overfill box and a water pump to put the water back in the tank from the wet/dry. <<the wet/dry will be a very nice upgrade as the eel and bio-load grows>> I did learn about feeding eels and fish and cleaning rocks for people who believe in a sparkling white tank (oy vey) and I immediately did the opposite. Now I have a nice tank with rock and algae and  clear as a bell water the eel and the pinfish took to it like a flash. (I rescued the pinfish from my uncles bait bucket) I am glad you took the time to answer my questions as lame as they might be and I figured I should learn something besides what it eats when it laid that crazy egg. Wallace <very cool happenings... much thanks for sharing. Best of luck. Anthony>

Zebra Moray - 8/20/03 I currently have a 55 gallon hexagonal aquarium and a 29 gallon rectangular aquarium. (Both are separate.) Can either of these tanks support a zebra moray eel?   <the 55 could just barely IMO if it only housed the moray (no other fishes). This is a very thick and hefty species... not the smallest either growing to over two feet long> If not is there any other species of moray eel that would be better suited for the aquariums? <a snowflake moray would be much much better... hardy, handsome and generally a more slight adult than the zebra. Fine for your 55 gall> Thanks for your time <best regards, Anthony>

Zebra eel I read on one website that these animals are "difficult to keep".  Is this true? <Not the Gymnomuraena zebra eel... it's amongst the hardiest, easiest to keep morays. Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramor.htm >  I have a 125 and a 55 gallon tank.  I was thinking about getting an eel and putting it in the 125 but I do have 2 angels 4 tangs and a lion.  I did the plumbing so that my 55 and 125 are linked to a 75 gallon aquarium that is my lighted sump and filter system( I have plants growing in the sump for natural filtration and to dissuade algae growth).   In essence I have a 250 gallon setup.  What do you think?  I had a snowflake eel in this tank.  He actually got pretty large (until I went on vacation and my brother left the top hood open). <A very good choice for your set-up and other livestock.> Thanks for any info!  Joe <Thank you for writing. Bob Fenner>

Zebra Moray Jumping Prevention I am interested in buying a zebra moray for my 150 gallon tank and I have a couple of questions.  1.) Compatible with large Volitans lion fish? <Yes, should be fine> 2.) How much of a lid should be placed on the tank?  Will 1/4" glass be acceptable or larger? <This will work. Most important that there are not holes large enough for the animal to leave the system by>   3.) Is a 150 large enough? <Yes, for these two fishes> 4.)  I can't remember if you mentioned this in your web page, but are they compatible with crabs and snails? <Not crabs... will gladly consume them, but snails will likely be ignored.> Thank you for your time and effort, C. Joslin <You're welcome. Thank you for writing. Bob Fenner>

Zebra Moray (6-11-03)  I have a 17-18" Gymnomuraena zebra living in a 55 tank Who has developed white specks along his body. Is this disease? <If they look like little grains of sugar on him it is most likely disease. Look here and see if you can find anything helpful: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/parasiti.htm .> History: Tank: Been cycled for nearly a year. 25-30lbs. Live rock. W/D SUMP. And Canister filter. Feeding. Recently switched from small daily feeding to twice weekly medium/large feeding. Additions. Only 5-6lbs live rock. <Some thing may have come in on the rock.> Tank Mates. No new additions, 4 small predatory fish. Any ideas? Thanks for your help And as I've stated in a previous email, Great book. Jake Dean <Hope this helps, Cody.> Dallas. I was the author of the above post http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramfa.htm and wanted to follow up. As I watched him daily the white spots, in a sort of ameba shape, covered 99% of his body and within days became recessed bruised and bloody sores. I took him to the LFS to which they said "This is bad" (comments of a belt or a wrist watch band didn't sit well with me) "but try this" - Kanacyn, "If that does not work let me know and we will switch meds." I treated him in a hospital tank for 25-30 min.s. at a time, every other day, and cutting the dosage in half then returning him to his tank. It didn't work. Triggers waiting for a meal started nipping at his rotting and bloody tail. I researched to next Med. and decided on Triple Sulfa. Once daily in the hospice tank, 1-1.5 hours, three rounds. Within two days his activity was back to normal and he was eating. That was nearly three weeks ago, he is doing great. He has barely visible scars and his tail is slowly retaking it's original shape and color. thanks -Jake

Sick Zebra Moray (8-6-03) As I watched him daily the white spots, in a sort of ameba shape, covered 99% of his body and within days became recessed bruised and bloody sores. I took him to the LFS to which they said "This is bad" (comments of a belt or a wrist watch band didn't sit well with me) "but try this" - Kanacyn, "If that does not work let me know and we will switch meds." I treated him in a hospital tank for 25-30 min.s. at a time, every other day, and cutting the dosage in half then returning him to his tank. It didn't work. Triggers waiting for a meal started nipping at his rotting and bloody tail. I researched to next Med. and decided on Triple Sulfa. Once daily in the hospice tank, 1-1.5 hours, three rounds. Within two days his activity was back to normal and he was eating. That was nearly three weeks ago, he is doing great. He has barely visible scars and his tail is slowly retaking it's original shape and color.<Thank you for the follow up, it is always nice to hear what happened.  Good to hear of success!  You will love this guy, I have 1 myself and he is my favorite.  Mine is very tame and will wrap around my arm and take food from my hand at feeding time.  He would appreciate a bigger tank in the near future though.  Cody> thanks -Jake

Eels Thank you for your response Cody. That is well needed information concerning the decision of the what type of eel to purchase. I researched a lot about the Zebra and Snowflake as well and I think I would rather go for a Zebra because of the personality and aggression levels it has but was wondering two things.<This is a great choice, I have one myself that will eat out of my hand!  They become very tame after a while, mine even lets me "pet" it.> One web site I found said they were difficult to keep compared to other eels and I want to know if this is true and if so what makes them difficult compared to others?<They are a very hardy choice, although they can sometimes have problems with blindness.> Next question would be could I keep a large sea cucumber with this eel? <Yes> I pride myself on researching and making informed decisions especially when it comes to the life of a living creature. Also, if you don't mind will a Zebra work well in a 125g tank or should I just get a snowflake? <He should be fine, just keep the tank under crowded with a protein skimmer to clean up after their messy meals.  Cody> Please advise, Thanks, JB

Zebra Moray Eel Looking ill help required Hi I am quite concerned about my 2.5ft Zebra moray eel over the last couple of days he has been spending a lot of time laying with his whole body upside down with his head flat on the floor of his cave. <Not a good behavior> He seems to be eating fine on his present menu of tiger prawns and the water tests, aeration and circulation are all good. <Real values please> One thing I have noticed is that his breathing is a little much shorter but more rapid, I may be worrying about nothing but could you just confirm if this seems normal. <Moray breathing rates can/do vary> His tank mates are a sail fin tang and a French angel in an 85 UK gallon tank. <A bit crowded... I would check on the alkalinity (aka alkaline reserve) of the water. Easy for small volumes with large bioloads to lose such in short order> As always your help would be much appreciated Kind Regards Darren Adams <Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: Zebra Morey Eel Looking ill help required Thanks for your reply, the water readings are ammonia 0, nitrate 40ppm, <Would like to see the nitrates kept below 10 ppm> nitrite 0, and ph 8.4, I always us RO water and do a water change of 7-10 UK gallons a week, would there still be alkaline in the water. <Likely so, gauging from your high, constant pH.> The eel is still swimming round at night, but again today he was laying upside down. The tang is just 3 inches and the angel 5 inches. If you think I should test for alkaline it will get a kit tomorrow but if that is fine do you have any other suggestions. <Perhaps to try changing the diet a bit (to other crustaceans) and maybe augmenting this with a HUFA, vitamin and iodide mix (available through TMC in the UK... by Tropic Marin, Microvert. Bob Fenner> Kind Regards Darren

Zebra Morays Hi Guys I was just wondering if I could put 2 zebra morays in the same tank.  The tank is a 75 gallon with sufficient filtration and the only other tankmate is a dwarf lion.  They will be moved within a year when I get my 180!  Thank you for all the help, you have a great website! <Compatibility-wise they should be fine... but I do hope we're talking small specimens, and not much other livestock in this size system. Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramor.htm for our coverage of the species, and the FAQs beyond (linked, in blue at top). Bob Fenner>

Unwell Zebra Moray Hi, I have a 2.5ft Zebra Moray eel in a fish only tank, I have had him now for about 8 weeks He lives with a 3 inch porcupine puffer and a Picasso trigger of about 4 inches. When first purchased the eel was eating between 3 and 5 mussels every 2-3 days. Since buying the Puffer feeding and trigger he seems to be less interesting in food and does not readily (it is also harder to feed him with as the others are always hungry)  come out of his cave for it, but never the less he is still feeding, about 2 mussels every 10 days. The water checks are all perfect and the water is being aerated with a 10-15% water change weekly. Over the last week the eel seems to be jerking his head a little more regular and laying his head flat on the gravel rather than the usual arching his head up looking happy. He is about as active at night as normal but I am getting extremely worried about what to do now or how to treat him. Could it be that he is being pestered buy the other fish and would he benefit by me placing them in another tank for while (I have not seen any evidence of this). Also this may be insignificant but the puffer was also inflated this morning for the first time. Your help would be much appreciated as I feel I do need it. Sorry for such along e-mail but I wanted you to have all the information possible. Kind Regards, Darren Adams <Hi Darren, sounds like it could be related to his environment, tank size, water quality, diet, tank mates.  What size tank are we dealing with, filtration, and what are the water parameters?  You will also want to feed a varied diet.  The links below have more information on the Zebra Moray.  -Gage http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramor.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/morayfdgfaqs.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/morays.htm  >

Unwell Zebra Moray Hello Again thanks for your reply, The tank is 380ltr and I have 2x Eheim 70 gallon external canister filers with full media one of these has a wave system etc, I also have 3 power heads. <skimmer?> The Ammonia is zero and so is the Nitrite, the Ph is 8.4 and the Nitrate 20. The shop I bought him from had him for 10 months and said they could only ever get him to feed on mussels. Should I maybe put the puffer in my spare tank and see if the eels feeding mood gets better as the trigger and puffer are just getting more aggressive at feeding time. Kind regards Darren Adams <Evenin' Darren, that nitrate reading is pretty darn high, I would focus my attention on getting that down.  The puffer and trigger could be pestering him, removing them could not hurt.  A feeding stick would work well to direct food down to him.  You will need to offer him a variety of foods for long term success (cut fish, squid, crustaceans). -Gage http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramor.htm >

Zebra Moray Looking ill I have come home from work today to fine my 2.5ft Zebra moray lent against a rock with only one of his breathing pouches working he seemed to feed okay last night and I have never noticed this before. Is this normal and if not how should I treat it <Likely nothing... Do what you do to check water quality, assure that there is adequate aeration, circulation... Otherwise, I would not treat this fish. Morays, and other eels sometimes just seem to "breath from one side". Bob Fenner> Your help would be much appreciated Darren  

Re: Zebra Moray Looking ill Thanks for your reply I have checked the water and its all okay except .25 on the nitrite test, <This is a little troubling... is your biological filtration sufficient? I would slow down to stopping feeding till this reads zero> ph 8.4, ammonia 0 and nitrate 20, the tank also has good aeration. I can not remember whether I have ever seen him breath though the right hand air pocket is it usual that they are some times made redundant and should I do anything if he does not start to use this again, he seems slightly agitated and not his normal self. <I'd chalk that up to the nitrites... or rather, the source of the nitrites> I am very worried as I have only had him a couple of week and everything seemed okay till today. <Do boost your biological filtration. Please read here re: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/setup/filtration/biological/biofiltr.htm Bob Fenner> Your help again would be much appreciated, Darren

Could I get some help Hello, my name is Rachel Budelier and I was wondering if you knew weather Zebra eels have predators? <yes... tropical fish collectors> Well that's all I wanted to know. thanks bye, Rachel <there are in fact many other predators that would eat them just the same from sharks on down... no fish swims without looking over its ...er, fin... er, shoulder. Kindly, Anthony>

Re: ill zebra eel Zebra Eel Follow up I just checked the quality of the water. The specific gravity is 1.019. The pH is between 7.8-8.0 , the nitrites are 0, the Nitrates are between 10-20 and the ammonia is 0. I have been feeding the zebra moray eel about twice a week. I feed him krill and occasionally crab. I have been constantly monitoring his condition and he seems to be breathing less and less. It does not seem as if he has moved today. Although this could be the case, he is still breathing and moves occasionally. <Your pH is pretty low. You mentioned doing a water change in your previous email. I would suggest another as soon as possible. You nitrates are not high, but your pH should be higher, 8.2-8.4 being optimal. Feeding and other parameters are ok. -Steven Pro> Please help. Thanks. Anny & Brian

Zebra Eel <greetings, Anny> Recently, he has been inactive for long periods. During this period, he will lay part of his body upside down (mostly resting it on a rock). Could it be something he has eaten (yellow damsel currently MIA)? <nope... captive artifact/anomaly or water quality issue most likely. Else it may be an expression of poor health from inappropriate diet. What have you been feeding an how often?> I recently did a water change so the water quality is ok. <what were the specific water quality readings?> Is there any illness associated with zebra eels that I should know about? Thank you for your help! -Anny <Anny, please follow up with the chemistry and feeding info so that we may help you promptly. Anthony>

Zebra Moray Eel Problems Hi Robert, just a quick question regarding an eel. He has developed small egg-looking sacks on the inside of his mouth. It seems to be hindering his eating behavior. Please let me know if you have any knowledge of what this might be and how I might treat it. Thanks <Could be symptomatic of a genetic, developmental, nutritional, environmental, infectious or parasitic disease... or "natural"... about the only thing to do at this point is to check water quality, improve, make consistent... possibly supplement foods, water with vitamins, iodide... and evaluate your current set-up and maintenance procedures for possible trouble/s. Bob Fenner>

Smallest zebra moray Hi again, I think I've seen the smallest zebra offered so far, about 6". <Good gosh, that IS tiny!> Aqua Serene in Eugene has him in the acrylic display case in a fishbowl covered with cheese cloth. he has a place to hide, but it's got to be the tiniest eel I've ever seen, no bigger around than one of those fat pencils they saddle elementary school kids with. Mike <Hope this specimen is eating... Bob Fenner>

Re: smallest zebra moray, expensive Harlequin Shrimp meals So do I, he seemed to be in good shape, but we know how deceptive that can be. While I consider them a somewhat high price wise, they do have excellent livestock. No dead or sick animals in the tanks, everybody bright eyed and bushy tailed.  <Commendable> I didn't have the time to check up on him though. If the condo sale goes through (I have someone interested!) I might get back and reserve him, as long as he's healthy. I'm not sure if the next one was intentional or not, but they had a harlequin shrimp (a lovely blue) in with a "scarlet" starfish, the harlequin was going to town on it. since they were asking $27 for the starfish, I'm not sure if they set it up as a feeder or if someone just didn't know better. <Suspect the latter. Bob Fenner>

Zebra Moray Hi Bob, PF again. I've just read through your article on Zebra's and you've got me sold! I was wondering as to the size of system for a species tank for one of these, I know bigger is better and all, but would a 125 gallon be a good size for it? <Yes, a good size for a few years, medium size specimen> Talking the wife into another 300g is an iffy proposition at best. Should be no problems having a new Sarcophytons w/ clownfish, correct? <No problem directly... the eel won't eat them... just mount all attached invertebrates up off the bottom area> BTW, if you ever get to Denver, be sure to check out the local aquarium, Ocean Journey. They have two main exhibits, an Indonesian river setup, freshwater to mangrove to reef to ocean, and the Colorado river (high mountain streams, to canyon river, to brack water, to Sea of Cortez. <Wow, neat> Plus a few oddballs out on their own, sea otters in a tank with a massive surge setup, a giant pacific octopus, and a few others. The trip got my wife excited about getting the tank setup (have to wait till next year to get the Florida rock at it's best), so it turned out great from my end. <Great to hear> The large green moray's were very impressive, and I must admit it was fun educating one of the volunteers about the Stomatopod. They can't find theirs, and nobody's willing to go digging through the live rock to look for it, I don't blame them either. <Time for a large, strong, porous net... Bob Fenner> Thanks as always! Mike

Re: Zebra Moray Robert Fenner wrote: > I know bigger is better and all, but would a 125 gallon be > a good size for it? > <Yes, a good size for a few years, medium size specimen> would a snowflake be better at that size setup then? just how large should a dedicated zebra be? <A Snowflake would be better (typically start smaller, stay so). And about eighteen inches if you can find one... recently encountered a barely eight inch one in NJ... tiny. Bob Fenner>

Re: Zebra Moray All right then, I'll stick with the snowflake, saw one for sale here about the same size, around 8" - 9", hopefully I'll be able to acquire one that size when I finally get the setup going. Thanks for all the advice! Mike, aka Pinkie Finger. <Make sure the specimen is feeding ahead of purchasing it. Bob Fenner>

Zebra moray Hi, Thanks for the very useful information on the zebra moray at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramor.htm <Ah, yes. You're welcome> I recently saw one of these amazing creatures in a fish store and am considering setting up a large (6ft) tank for one of these beauties. <Am visiting in PA, and just saw one that was a mere 6-8 inches at a fish store> I have maintained fresh-water aquariums for many years, but never a marine tank. I was wondering if you thought it was a good idea to have a zebra moray eel in my first marine tank? You mention their tolerance on the webpage. <Not a terrible choice... a pretty tough species. Specimens just tend to run large... but tolerant of wide ranges of chemical, physical conditions... and hardy crab eater. > Thank you, Andrew Bayliss <Bob Fenner>

Zebra Moray Bob, I have had my eye on a Zebra Moray at my LFS for about a month. They say they haven't seen it eat yet. The moray is about 18 inches long. Should I avoid this specimen, or should I give it a go? Thanks, Kelly <Have them offer it fresh, or live shrimp, a crab... and don't buy this specimen or any other unless it's eating... what you will be offering. Please review the selecting livestock sections of the website: www.wetwebmedia.com for much more. Bob Fenner>

Zebra Moray Bob, I am intrigued by this species. I have a 120 gallon diamond shaped tank made by Clarity-Plus. My current stock is as follows: 1-Lion 3" 1-Emperor Angel 6" 1-Naso 4" 1-Powder Blue Tang 4" 3-Yellow Tangs 3"each 1-Flame Angel 2" 1-Arc Hawk 2" 1-Tomato Clown 2" 3-Damsels 2" First, would a zebra moray be compatible? <Yes, mainly eat crustaceans> Second, is my tank large enough? <For now, yes> Third, am I maxed out with fish <Yes, tank would already be crowded with growth of current inhabitants> Thank you, Doug <Please read over the stocking and Zebra Moray materials stored on the www.WetWebMedia.com site. Bob Fenner>

I'm sorry just 5 more questions (zebra moray) 1. My 55 gallon tank is part undergravel filter. If I put the carpet anemone in that tank and he goes to stick himself through the crushed coral looking for the glass will he get messed up. <Maybe... if it were mine, I'd place this anemone in a glass dish of fine substrate of its own and place this whole structure on top of the undergravel filter> 2. Can a carpet anemone be happy in a crushed coral bottom tank. Should I try to stick him on top of some rocks even though he is bigger than any rock <Only the organism itself can "answer" this by its behavior... give it the chance to "decide" on its own... by placing it as stated above... maybe with a piece of rock above, under the fine substrate in "its" dish> I have just about. 3.Should I wait a little while before I try to move the Zebra moray eel so he doesn't get way stressed out. <Not probably a big deal... these are animals of habit... move its surroundings to the new system, provide the same feeding, care routines... and it won't "notice" the move... do scoop the fish out in a sturdy (doubled) plastic bag... rather than netting it> 4.Should I try to feed him before I move him <No> 5.You think he would eat my cleaner shrimp. My lion fish wont and neither did my scorpion fish <Without a doubt, yes... only a matter of (short) time.> <Bob Fenner>

Re: Am sorry just 5 more questions (zebra moray) excellent! Thanks for all the tips. I am really hesitant about this swap but I know in the long run it will all be worth it. I got my eel to eat for the first time today. I was so happy I fed him a big ol piece of shrimp on a stick. he really liked it. Again thanks and I will let you know how it goes. thanks, David Myers <Ah, good to hear, and I do agree with your sentiments. Bob Fenner>

Zebra moray eel question? Dear Robert, I have just purchased a zebra moray eel. He is a very handsome fish at 24 inches long give or take. I have only had him for three days so I know I cant tell you to much about him yet as far as his attitude and eating habits. I bought him for my 55 gallon tank because he was sitting in a 20 or 25 gallon pet store tank for a good price I think. The guy at the store told me he would do fine. <This person should be housed in a cardboard box for a good while> So I took him home and built him his own little cave setup. He doesn't like my cave because he is on the opposite side of the tank. Is there a certain way I should build it?  <Yes, for now, just place a 1 1/2 or 2" diameter PVC pipe of a good foot or more long and place (carefully) rocks around it> I know it has to be dark but that's about all I know. My tank is kind of bright is that a problem? Now that I have him in my tank I feel he needs a tank much bigger! Can he be happy in my 55 gallon tank? I am using a undergravel filter and crushed coral for a bottom. Would he prefer sand? I have a 80 gallon as well, I consider it to be done because the community all gets along and seems to have a perfect balance. I thought about putting him in there but that would require removing a lot of rock a huge carpet anemone the clownfish and my soft crustaceans into the 55 and putting the anemone and clownfish from the other tank into the 80. My 55 gallon tank is fairly new compared to the 80 and seems to be doing fine. I Hope I gave you enough descriptions and I hope you understand my questions and thank you for taking the time to read this. very concerned, David Myers <This tank is too small for the Eel, and you may want/need to move the animal for now to the 80, moving the anemone in advance...and any/all crabs and shrimps... lest they become eel meals. Bob Fenner>

Re: zebra moray eel question? do you think the 80 gallon is big enough? Its not longer but it is wider and it is probably 97 percent eel escape proof.  <Should be big enough... and fix that other 3%> I really would like to move him into the other tank. I am a little afraid of trying to the carpet anemone because he is so huge and is probably stuck himself all the way through the sand and onto the glass.  Any tips on how to move him.  <Scoot most of the sand away, or vacuum/siphon it out and edge the anemone off the bottom with a plastic credit card... gingerly> Should I take all the fish out of both tank and do a massive water change, and put them all back in at the same time in their new tanks?  <Not necessary... do move a good deal of the water between the two in moving the animals though> I'm sorry I have so many questions for you but I am very appreciate of you time and I am only bugging you because I care a lot for these fish. Any tips and information you can give me would be great. <Never too many questions. No worries. Bob Fenner> Sincerely, David Myers

Zebra moray eel Hi Bob, I have read both your article on WetWebMedia, and the chapter in your book concerning moray eels, namely zebra moray's. I understand I should expect an approximate length of 30" for this species in captivity. You mention that so long as tankmates aren't "bite size" that they should be safe. Would you consider a flame angel "bite size" ? <Should be fine... they rarely eat fishes anyhow... and a Flame is too big and smart to get mistakenly eaten as a crustacean> I am considering adding this species to my FO community tank. Failing suitability, I am considering setting up a tank for one of these eels. What size tank would you consider minimum ? I have a tank, 30"x24"highx18"wide in storage. Would this be suitable ??? I might add that he will be the only occupant in the tank. I might possibly add a single other tankmate, a dwarf lion, or something large enough to avoid predation. <Maybe for a small specimen for a few years... Our old service company had some Zebra Morays in accounts for more than a dozen years...> If I am to add him to my main display tank, could you please give me your views. I am currently reducing, and rehousing some of my stock, as well as preparing to upgrade to a larger tank in a few months. The new tank will be 86"x18"x27"high. Inhabitants and their present size are: Queen Angel 5" Emperor angel 5" Clown OR Picasso trigger each 2" Yellow tang 3" Regal tang 5" Flame angel **do not have yet*** Would a zebra be a suitable addition to this system ??? Or would you advise against it ??? <The Moray should be fine... I do hope your two angels will peacefully coexist> Thanks for your time in reading this email. Regards Matthew Co. Cork, Ireland >> <Anytime my friend, Bob Fenner, just back from the Cook Islands>

Re: zebra moray eel Hi Bob, Thanks for the reply. I would so much love to go on those trips that you do !!! <You're welcome to haul out with me/us most anytime... get dive certified, your passport in order, save up, and keep in good health... and keep asking where off to in near future...>  Might I ask, is that to with work, or is it off your own back ??? <Most all on my own dime... but do write, take pix that sell, do consulting/PR work on most jaunts which pays... eventually> I presume diving was the point in going to the cook islands? <That and visiting with Chip Boyle and wife Claire re the industry, and running with the HHH and "just" getting away... recharging batteries, clearing registers... but diving/snorkeling and photography/videography were the principal "meaningful" activities.> Anyway, thanks again for the reply. About my angels. I hope they get on too. But they have been together for about a year now, and as time goes by, they seem to get on better. :-) But I am prepared for the possibility that one day I will have to choose. But hopefully that day won't come. I put them together before I understood that compatibility is not only about fish tolerating each other, and not fighting to the death. Given my time again, I would not have put them together, and would not ever have to make the hard decision of who to ditch !!! <Ah, good> Again, thanks for your reply. Regards Matt. <who really wants to go diving on a reef :-)> PS. from my original email, which scenario would you consider wiser ? The moray in the main tank, or in a tank of his own ?? Would the larger (community) tank be sufficient for him long term ? Cheers >> <In the main tank... easy to feed, and more attention, interest there. Bob Fenner>

Reef tank Hi Bob, you got a nice setup with this Q&A. It has been very educational  for me. My question is could I put an eel in a 40 gallon setup with a very  good protein skimmer? With eel would be good? How about a Zebra moray? And  how large do they get? Thanx for your answer. >> Thank you for being part of this forum. A smaller Zebra (Gymnomuraena zebra) would be fine to start... they do get a good four feet or so in the wild... but grow quite slowly in captivity... Our old service company had some for over ten years.... Another good choice for smaller marine systems is the Snowflake (Echidna nebulosa) which tops out at about 3 feet... both are good animals for captive use.... that eat most all types of meaty foods (they prefer crustaceans), and leave most marine fishes alone (unlike most of their kin of the moray eel family, Muraenidae).... Just take care to keep a tight cover over all openings of your tank top.... as they are escape artists par excellence. Bob Fenner

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