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Employment Opportunities in the Pet-Fish Business

by Bob Fenner

Are you ready?

Email Listing (Fritz offering employment opportunities!) Dear Mr. Fenner, I cannot help but notice what incredible emails you send out. While you manage to make the forwarded emails seem personal, you must be forwarding them to intelligent men and women all over the industry. <You are correct my friend> And here lies my plea... I am desperate to Fritz find a knowledgeable, attentive sales staff. <Hmm, understand, but needs rewriting...> Independent positions and company positions are currently available throughout the country. While we sell internationally to distributors, we also hit large aquatic dealers, research facilities, AZA members, aquaculture facilities, waste water agencies and more. In a single territory, we may have up to 5 distribution channels, all needing a helpful man or woman to pleasantly support our line. We need a salesman for each venue in order to be as successful as possible. Ideally, we need to hire 25+ reps this year. <Yikes... this is a TALL order...> But our industry is still one based on word-of-mouth hire.  <To a very large degree, yes> With increases in production and demand (the chillers and Turbo Start nitrifiers have boosted our backward demand tremendously), Fritz is in dire need of a much larger staff. Seeing that it is now my job to go out and find a valuable sales team, I am at a loss. I simply to not have enough contacts to find these necessary people on my own. <Hmm> At MACNA, we are posting a sign at the registration table. At Backer, we will be displaying at our own booth, the employment postings board and advertising in magazines. Still, I am looking for more ways to get the word out. I feel that we have an excellent product line. While you may not agree wholeheartedly, you have to admit that our cause is a noble one: <Absolutely.>> we support the independent aquatic stores. Unlike other manufacturers and branding companies who are selling their souls to mail-order shops and mass market, Fritz sees the industry-need for the mom and pops. We know that every "Robert Fenner" and every "Martin Moe" starts at a mom and pop. <Mmm, still there> We see the erosion of their profit margin. While it is moral, it is also a capitalist move. It's a niche market being poorly catered to by the other brands. <But "getting better all the time"> I would like to humbly request your help in this. Do you know of anyone who might fit the bill? Even better, could you use your email list to blindly look for men/women looking for sales jobs throughout the country?  <Yes my friend. I will gladly help you, Fritz> You could simply say that you know of a company offering good sales opportunities (good pay, good commission, benefits, expenses, etc) with a quality product line and request emails back from anyone who might be interested. You could then forward the emails back to me, and we would be happy to pay you for your efforts.  <Your friendship is more than sufficient> By forwarding the emails to me, rather than advertising our company name, you can guarantee yourself pay while not truly using your list as an advertising agency. I am sure that you do not want to encourage spam mail; neither do I. I would like to use the industry's best word-of-mouth hiring practices. I simply cannot think of a better way to target knowledgeable marine salespeople. I know that you are a busy, busy man. I appreciate your time. Hopefully you see this as mutually beneficial. Regardless, I sincerely enjoy your emails and look forward to seeing you at MACNA. <Ah! A delight. See you there and will "spread your request about", and post on our sites. Bob Fenner> Humbly yours, Aubrey Fritz Industries, INC.

Re: Email Listing Thank you so much! We are deeply indebted. I'll see you at the show. <Looking forward to it. Bob Fenner> Aubrey 

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